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  1. I thought PMs were called Private Messages for a reason ...
  2. Try these sites: http://www.mugenguild.com/guild/ http://www.streetmugen.com/
  3. You should try DOSMugen first: http://www.mugenguild.com/guild/ But some XP users have problems running DOSMugen. If it doesn't work with you either, you should try Winmugen: http://www.attic7.com/unofficial/ Not all characters work with this version, though :-\
  4. No, you can't play 'this game'. You can, though, download a game engine called Mugen, and install this screenpack (= title, select and VS screen) on it . (And with some extra characters and stages, it will be a game)
  5. I don't think games should be turned into movies, unless the story is better than the game itself. I don't mind the other way around, though. When a movie is made into a game, you're able to see everything from a different position. I think it's great to be able to actually take part in a movie.
  6. Something went wrong when submitting your post there, Magnis, it shows up twice Anyway, welcome, EmanX
  7. Morrigan, Bishamon or that green Mexican MVC fella (he's just funny ).
  8. Hey, didn't I see you at Mugen Fighters Guild as well? Nice stage, anyway
  9. Every Dutch channel was raising money on television today, and supporting found raising events. I believe those actions have already paid off, literaly.
  10. Would you like Burger King fries and Kaneda's bike with that?
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