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  1. Hi guys. Long time no talk. I saw the movie last week and I loved it to death. I was't expecting great, all I wanted was a good story. And George Lucas provided that for me. I think that the prequels get an unfair treatment by fans. We put too much high expectations on the movies to make us feel like kids again. When in reality we are all growing up (or grown up) so of course I'll taste will change. Anyway, Ep3 was fantastic, the acting was solid, the plot intrests me, and finally the battle scenes kicked major butt.
  2. Hi everybody. I know that you don't remember me cause I hardly post so I won't go through the whole "long time no post". Anyway, I am currently in winter break (a great 5 week long break) from college. I thought great opportunity to do alot of gaming. Well things were less of stellar. I had both my playstation 2 and gamecube. I was going to complete all the video games that I could have the stamina for. I only got through one out of the five weeks that I am here. Pretty sad I know. Little things just seem to pop up that made things frustrating. Both my playstation 2 and gamecube memory cards erased for no apparent reason, I found out that Super Smash Bros is very boring if you are the only one playing, X-Men Legends is a great game but due to the random erasing had to go back to the beginning three times, and I just didn't feel excited to play the rest of my games. Then I wondered maybe I should give up gaming for awhile. Have any of you guys done that. Just stop for awhile. I did that during high school for like 3 years and I was fine. I recently got back into gaming this last summer, but this present winter break makes me want to throw my game systems out of the window. What do you guys think? Good idea to detox myself and not play for like three or four weeks. Or maybe just stick with playing classic short games on emulation? I know that this is freakin long but I'm typing as I'm thinking so sorry. Anyway, hope you guys had a good X-mas, Hanaukah (sp?), New Year's, etc etc etc.
  3. Christmas for me sucked this year. A snowstorm basically took over the city and caused the electiricity and heat to turn off. We had to move to a hotel and spend Christmas Day there. And we are still here!!! God I just want to be in my room and play my video games. Oh well Merry Christmas.
  4. Of course the SNES. I had both systems but I always played the SNES more. I had more memorable childhood moments as a kid with the system (I was homebody )
  5. Wow I can't believe that Christopher Reeves died. I mean he was Superman. I respected how he didn't let his handicap get him down and he continued to act. I remembered him in an epidsode on "The Practice" and he acted great in it. He was also great in the Superman movies. He made Superman cool and noble (and I'm a Batman Fan). He will be missed. R.I.P. Mr. Reeves
  6. I guess I should be happy with the happy and horny american tag. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. thanks gryphon klaw. You have always been a big help. What has been going in this place. I know that the rules have changed. I'm ok with that I rather have you guys here than shut down by the MAN.
  8. Hey guys I just wanted to say hi. I know I'm not a regular user. I've been very busy with college and everything (trying to get that college edgemacation ) Anyway, I just got an paypal account and you know what that means (ebay baby!!!). I just saw this gamecube for 9.99 and I"m thinking to myself too good to be true. I wondered if this is one of those link auction scams some people do. I'm currently watching it out of curiousity but I still smell a scam. I e-mailed the guy asking what was the deal. So after all that spill I just wanted to know do you think I should give it a bid? Gamecube ebay item Oh btw, is the raido show still going on. I missed the first show and I felt bad about that. Is there a link I can go to. Alright guys peace.
  9. Street Figter 2 (any version) Soul Calibur 2 (first game I got for PS2)
  10. OMG you're right. Thanks. It was the You think I"m funny line by Pesci. I got my movies mixed up.
  11. It's about time that Family Guy is returning. Though I am a die hard Simpson's fan. It is starting to steal its thunder. I guess Family Guy is my generation's Simpsons. (Please don't stone me)
  12. Goodfellas is the first mob movie I have been able to see through out. It is really good, and I usually don't like mob movies. Rob Liotta, Robert DeNiro, and Joe Pesci are great together.
  13. Would destroying the entire American political system and its politicians sound abit too rash??? Also I would destory MTV, VH1, and BET. Now you are thinking to yourself music channels? Why? Well I'm a young 18 year old black guy. The perfect demographic for these channels (maybe except for VH1) but I hate those channels. Didn't they use to be about music. Now all they show reality shows and the hosts are such cookie cutter dolls it makes me barf. I would also destroy reality shows, because every damn channel has one. I can't wait till sitcoms come back to popularity. It is getting to a point that they aren't even trying to be remotley believeable. We are like whores vying for the spotlight. I would also destroy racism, sexism, homophobia. I say why hate each other when we are going to face the same ultimate fate. (This is sarcasm by the way) Also, I would do away with annoying comic and star wars fan boys. (Stop nitpicking and enjoy them for goodness sakes.) Stuipd people who have the resources of our way of life at their fingertips would be a good thing to get rid of (i.e. Republican party) I could go on and on, but I stop right now. Wooh that was a good outlet.
  14. Since it is summertime and I dont' have a job. (Damn the job system of the U.S. I have too much free time in my hands.) So I'm ashamed to admit it is 5-8 hours.
  15. Thanks GryphonKlaw and Fatal Rose for actually reading the post. (Note: I already have kingdom hearts and soul calibur 2. Both great games). From the way you guys are talking I should just get Jak 2. Hope it is still there. Thanks guys. Especially Gryphon and Fatal.
  16. Hi guys I need your opinion again. Everyone knows that blockbuster sells pre-previewed movies and games cheap. On my way of dropping my sister to a music camp I saw that max payne 2, l.a. true crimes, jak 2, and enter the matrix were on the bin. Now I go and get my sister 2 days later. My cousin already agreed to take me back when we get her. So the real question is which games to get. I heard that max payne 2, l.a. true crimes, and enter the matrix are poor in translation for the ps2. Plus, I was going to get GTA vice city/3 bundle. Should I wait to get that or do those three games forementioned are entertaining as well. (Note: I know I'm getting the Jak 2. I heard too much good things about it. Also since I stop buying Nintendo products. I need a mario-like fix.) Hope to hear your opinions. You guys haven't dissapointed me yet.
  17. thanks. you guys really know how to help a brother out.
  18. Ok for quite sometime now I've seen/heard abiut this sega master system. How it is one of the old sega consoles. How come I never heard of it? I thought I new most of the consoles that came out during my childhood. Can anyone tell me (or better yet give a link) about this console. I just want to know the gist nothing specific. Things like was it a good system, was it popular, blah blah blah.
  19. Memphis, TN. Basically the mid-south region of the United States. Now living in Columbus, OH
  20. oh crap. guess I have to go buy that too. thanks man (or girl)
  21. I'm going to buy a playstation 2 (yeah a few years late huh?) and I was going to see use the swapping method to play burned PS2 games. I was just wondering if a burned GameShark cd would work on a PS2 first. Though I would buy it I'm already going to buy 3 games and the memory card so I don't want to be broke. OH yeah plus the blank cds. So if I burn a Gameshark ISO will it work in a PS2? Really appreciate if you can help. bye.
  22. 3 songs from The Betles - Revolver: 1. Taxman (who knew George was a such a good writer?) 2. She Said She Said (song only gets better if you smoke a little) 3. Tomorrow Never Knows (one of my favorites of all time.)
  23. I saw the American version of The Ring and it wasn't that scary. Yeah there were a few parts that gave me a jump but I didn't feel the suspensful feel of it. Maybe because it took me awhile to grasp the plot. Oh well, is the new movie going to have the same actress from the previous one.
  24. Hey guys. This is just question I'm going to throw out there. I just got back to being addicted to vidoe games. I though I kiced the habit after 10th grade. I was like no more I gotta concentrate on my studies and so forth. Let's say those years were the most boring and busy periods of my life. But since this summer started I got hooked again. The addiction started slowly but surely. First I was just d/l nintendo games, then super nintendo then I thought aww this is fun how about sega genesis games. Before you know I'm d/l 700mb iso for Playstation one. ARGHH!!! God I'm like a freaking video game whore now. But anyway, the reason for this post is do you guys find it that you can't get work done when video games are part of your routine or do you find it that it doesn't bother you at all. I find it to be a mix bag. But wanted to know what you guys thought. bye.
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