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  1. I mean they live in the middle of nowhere, what do you expect.
  2. Happy new years, anybody still log on here?
  3. My Christmas was hot, im used to it being some kinda cold.
  4. How do i get rid of the bootmii loder, its like the homescreen when i turn on the wii, its kind of annoying,
  5. Hey you have any GC games you want to sell me?
  6. I used to sell dc games on ebay, didnt make any profit really but got most my money back.
  7. I never beat ff7 so this is news to me.
  8. I just got it up and running but i need help with the wads and apps, anybody know anything?
  9. That really sucks bro, he was a shibainu or something of that nature if I can recall correcrly.
  10. Army AIT junk...a whole lot of school and being bored most of the time...the food sucks, and all the surrounding cities suck but the women are nice.
  11. Actually its 3GB, ask me how i know. No it's 4GB, minus address space for hardware. Could be ~3.6GB, could be below 3GB. Any hardware sitting on the system bus uses up address space in the 4GB range, from sound to video(Onboard or off) or anything else for that matter. The more expansion hardware you have installed, the more address space is reserved. 4GB is shit these days, I regard 8GB as minimum and I run 16GB in my main desktop. DDR3 is so cheap compared to everything before it, 8GB doesn't set you back much. I was running 32GB in it, until I upgraded my server and opted to steal 16GB out of it for the server rather than buy more. 32GB WAS overkill... I mean though you may install 4GBs only 3GBs will show up, it's limited by the 32bit bios.
  12. Actually its 3GB, ask me how i know.
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