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  1. Try food. It's ironic that Americans would need food, but there are those of us starving to death somewhere, and it's sort of obscure so it would make a good radio question.
  2. C'mon guys, this is serious. What do exactly whatever% of Americans need? Maybe Ritalin?
  3. crap pisses me off. And three million dollars? Seriously? They're only doing to this to squeeze money out of pirates, not because they're actually losing that much money.
  4. Gurren Lagan is the most amazing super robot anime I've seen. Not that it has much competition these days, but still.
  5. I remember this one game, I forgot what it is so I suppose I don't remember it, but, there were three teams, two of them were pretty standard, but the third was just this giant dude that kicked so much ass his team only got one of him. It was some sort of TPS or something, don't exactly remember again. It was fun, though, is the point.
  6. Now wait, this is what I'm worried about. When did Resident Evil get DMC style movement? Do I just have memory that poor?
  7. I still need to redownload last.fm after my recent reformat. I didn't use it a whole lot, really, but I'm all for crap that runs in my system tray and collects numbers.
  8. It's like that time I was stacking used plates up at the Pizza Ranch, and there was like some drumsticks stickin' out of it. I was all, "This means something. This is important." It was some bitchin' art, I'm tellin' ya.
  9. It's really common to find short films of characters from an FPS or MMO doing stuff while the players overlay their voices. I'm terrible with names, so I can't actually name all 20 some series I'm thinking of, but there's a lot, and they're usually pretty good.
  10. Come again? In his next game Sonic is going to be some sort of werewolf, which everyone is bitching about but doesn't really seem so terrible to me.
  11. I rather like the art style, reminds me of the recent Musashi game. I don't remember how good that was, but I liked the art.
  12. I didn't think the movement changed from Resident Evil: Vintage to Resident Evil 4. Aiming changed, but not movement.
  13. I heard on the news recently that video games reduce the risk of violent crimes such as school shootings because video games help form social relationships that delinquent gunmen normally lack. There was more to it than that, but I can't be expected to remember it all.
  14. I can't reach anything from either link, are they trying to change it to an FPS? I was worried with the gameplay changes between three and four already, even though they turned out okay. I'm not sure if it could survive a switch into a different genre, though.
  15. I haven't really been disappointed with Bleach yet. I enjoyed Death Note up to episode 26, too, I haven' watched the rest yet. I guess it really depends on your taste whether long ass series with a bunch of repeating content is enjoyable or not. I think there's a place for shows that do the same thing over and over again and shows that only do it once and then end the series. Both are certainly released, though the latter half doesn't normally make it stateside as far as I know.
  16. Eiken was hot. Should've been more nudity and less fake nudity, though.
  17. This is clear sailing if they add in the Samurai Pizza Cats.
  18. Y'know what would have kept Sony in the market? Not releasing the PS3. Could've kept the PS2 as a cheap low-cost system for indie developers or something. Cheap systems with cheap games are something people want right now.
  19. I see bland generic FPS games, a bland generic racing game, Generic Basketball Game version 20+, a trivia game, a singing game, and Little Big Planet. That's not really something I would consider to be an impressive lineup. I'm still expecting the PS3 to die out, though, so whatever.
  20. Enemy teammate spotted! Kerpow! I totally saw a banner ad for this game, but it didn't make any sense at all, so I ignored it. That's all I've seen or heard of Haze.
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