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  1. I probably couldn't tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps. I've heard you can only recognize about 28 fps anyway.
  2. No, I can't be bothered to keep track of all of my victims. Partners. Did I say victims? I meant partners. Good ol' consensual sex, hehe.
  3. I got The World Ends with You yesterday, so I've been playing that. It has amazing art and sound, a great story backed up by really good gameplay, and then the controls overutilize the stylus. I hate the stylus. I'm putting up with it though, for this game. That's how good it is. Coincidentally, the music reminded me of Persona 3, which is already on topic. I personally hated the SNES SMT. Felt like I was running into a wall for the couple hours I was attempting to play it. I hated Demikids, too. Not because it was childish, but because it seemed like the game had little to no depth. There was a lot of levelling done to perform a lot of fusion, which usually results in higher stats for a game that was already too easy to begin with. Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga, however, are two of my favorite games (If you count both DDS' as one game). I haven't tried out FES yet, but Persona 3 was really good. The music is definitely top notch, I'm listening to it now. My suggestion on order would be Persona 3, Digital Devil Saga one and two, and then Nocturne. I haven't played Persona 2 yet, though I have played the first one, which was only mediocre, but if you find yourself really enjoying Persona, you might want to take a look at it.
  4. He probably has terrible bones. He's a pretty active guy, but his diet is pretty much Taco Bell and bags of chips. And even though he's active, he's usually in a gym, not outside.
  5. My guess is no, but I'm no expert. They aren't too expensive anyway, right? Why not just open it and try it out?
  6. I gave up on Circle of the Moon, I've beaten it in the past before anyway, and moved on to Harmony of Dissonance, which is better on many levels. I might play Aria of Sorrow again after that, which I can already tell you is amazing.
  7. I have a lot of trouble with my throat and lungs as it is, I don't need someone's cig messing me up further.
  8. I've really been meaning to post this for a while, but I'm kinda lazy. A few weeks ago, my brother walks in with a cast on his arm, and I'm all "Wtf is this crap?", so he tells me what happened. One of his friends was sitting in some chair or something, and he got all pissed about it and went to punch him in the balls. Not a nice thing to do to a guy, and certainly not to a friend. That's not even the best part, though. What actually happens, is he misses, punches him in the knee, and shatters his hand. It's permanently disfigured. It was the most epic failure I've ever heard. Just thought I'd share.
  9. Yeah, it's amusing, because he's stealing a game about stealing things.
  10. This poetic interlude is too deep for my mind to understand.
  11. So I go to Arby's, order a large beef sandwhich combo, and then get a medium drink and fries. What went wrong here?
  12. It's always the fault of video games. Everything is the fault of video games. I dunno, though, maybe I'll go start a thread.
  13. NOOO! THIS IS: http://youtube.com/watch?v=LJXiKDHTnVo nyaaaaaaaaa~ That game is the gayest thing that ever gayed gay since gay was invented. This 50 Cent game is going to be awesome, because it's going to be terrible. We're talking 40 cakes terrible here. Really bad.
  14. Both Knights of the Old Republic games were great. I've played through 'em a couple times each. I almost want to again. I've been firing up some Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and Super Robot Taisen Original Generations. CotM has me dieing a lot, the bosses just seem genuinely difficult to me, and while attempting to get some rare mecha in SRT I kinda flocked up and now I have this big pile of crap to work with. At least I'm only on normal mode.
  15. I thought RLS was some kind of blood vessel contraction or something, not a mental problem.
  16. I don't remember too well. I was pretty sick Friday, so I was after work I was on the computer until later. Then after work Saturday I was feeling better so I was on the computer all day. Wait, thinking that over, that was Saturday that I was sick. What happened Friday? What day is it?
  17. That sort of is cheating, but it has some awesome remixes in it. Easton Kingdom and Airship Fortress are a couple of my favorites. Zelda, Kirby, and Wario have some nice remixes attached to them as well. EDIT: Thought that said Brawl. Too with the times for my own good I suppose.
  18. Isn't Clannad an H-Game? What kind of music do you listen to, man?
  19. I only knew because I was replying to a thread when he was still Devia Eleven or whatever, and after I replied, I saw Movento.
  20. There are a lot of things I find wrong with the Final Fantasy series, but the music is not one of them. The music is great, and I listen to it fairly often. Everyone's going to be listing that, though, I'm going to list other things instead. Advance Wars - Sturm's Theme (Some other good ones in there, too) B.O.B. - Title theme, Stage 1 Theme, Stage 2 Theme Battle Hunter - Eyes in Mind, Saboten, 80's Memory Cave Story - Main Theme, Balrog's Theme, On To Grasstown (Has a lot of good ones, but those are my favorites) Clock Tower - Don't Cry Jennifer, Kerosene(Very similar tracks, but I love them both a ton) Command and Conquer - Pretty much the entire "album". Donkey Kong Country 1&2 - Again, most of the album. Earthbound - Zombies! Faceball - Level 1 Theme Gradius 3 - The Moai, Inferno Lawnmower Man - Suburbia A Zelda 3 - Dark World Theme Megaman 8 - Great all around soundtrack. Not going to list my favorites here. Megaman X - Flame Mammoth, Boomer Kuwanger, and Chill Penguin's themes. Megaman X2 - Energen Crystal Stage, Desert Base Stage Metroid - Deep Brinstar (Not sure of actual title) Metroid 2 - Number three on the track? Don't even remember exactly what area that was, just love the theme. I think it was for the generic main area. Mr. Driller Ace - Pacteria BGM C and D. (Contains other good tracks as well) Paper Mario 2 - Glitz Pit, Rawk Hawk Rock, Grubba's Secret, MACHO GRUBBA!!!(Exactly as written in title) Pokemon TCG - Tracks four and five. (That's just how I have some of these stored) Saga Frontier - Alone, Despair, and Hell (Sounds really depressing when they're all together like that. Lot's of other great tracks here, too many to list) Shadowrun SNES - "Daley" (Short for Dark Alley?), Ghouls, Walking Smash TV - Circuit One Sonic the Hedgehog 1 - Marble Zone, Scrap Brain Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Plant, Oil Ocean Soul Blazer - Light Shrine, Leo's Lab Splatterhouse 2 - Opening Theme Starcraft - Terran 2&3 Street Fighter 2 - Dhalsim's Theme, Blanka's Theme Super Buster Brothers - Panic Mode Super Mario RPG - Beware the Forest Mushrooms, And My Name's Booster, The Fight Against Smithy Super Metroid - Brinstar 1&2, Norfair 2 Tetris Attack - Blaze Stage Turtles in Time - Pirate, Train Xenogears - Dazil City of Burning Sands, Tams the Man of the Sea Yoshi's Island - Theme 2 Zombies Ate my Neighbors - Whole album. That's my list. If you want the tracks, probably got them all at Zophar's.
  21. Then you haven't played Guild Wars . I have played Guild Wars, I just forgot about it. That could be considered to have some difficulty, too. Remembering that sort of makes me want to play it again.
  22. City of Villains/Heroes is the only MMO I've found thus far that actually includes things that are difficult for reasons other than your level or equipment. It gets some bonus points for that.
  23. I dunno, I enjoyed the last season, which I heard was filler, though it seemed really on topic, as it were. I'm also enjoying this season. All one episode's worth.
  24. Meh, I only post content on /d/. I just lurk in /b/ and /f/.
  25. All of the raid bosses in WoW are an absolute joke. If you actually lost a fight because you did something wrong, cancel your account and go play something more in tune with your skills, like Dr. Sudoku on Very Easy. I can understand maybe screwing up on something every once in a while, but those fights are 90% equipment and 10% getting 25 people together at the same time. Anyway, for a while I couldn't think of any really hard bosses, as my memory is sorta bad. But the Mega Man thing reminded me of the green devil from MMX5. Same thing, but green, and in X5. Always caused me problems. I think he had a few more abilities by that point, too, but the hard part for me was still dodging the little globby pieces of his body.
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