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  1. I bought a PS4 and have spent a decent amount of time with it. Great interface, wish it was backwards compatible though with at least PSOne games to hold me over until some new AAA PS4 game comes out. I was looking around my man cave and realized every Sony system I have in there can play Final Fantasy VII-IX except the PS4. Shame really.
  2. You should really take that with a huge grain of salt. Sony has poured a tremendous amount of resources into Home, so they aren't just going to pull the plug all the sudden. The date in itself is suspicious already. Hmm, I guess Home didn't close after all. Games these days are allowing you to unlock Home items the further you get in them too. Looks like things are picking up.
  3. Tell me about it! (5:44:23 PM) Lisa: i know ruby is as pissed as hell right now (5:44:34 PM) Lisa: if she's going to get her friends to rate me poorly oh well (5:44:37 PM) Lisa: lol (5:44:53 PM) Joe: omg... (5:44:58 PM) Joe: She's at it again! (5:45:03 PM) Lisa: ? (5:45:11 PM) Lisa: i told you this chick is a bitch (5:45:17 PM) Lisa: and she is really pissed that i am winning (5:45:50 PM) Joe: No worries, I have back-up. ^^ This means WAR!
  4. She does, I'll get some high rez ones to you soon! Ok people, new developement. This girl that doesn't like Lisa went on a 0 star voting spree. We have to get her back! Her name is Ruby Von Vanity. Vote 0 stars on all her photos! I'll post some links... http://www.retrolovely.com/usergalleries/d...age.php?pos=-35 http://www.retrolovely.com/usergalleries/d...age.php?pos=-32 And please, vote 5 stars for Bella Ciao! Thank you all!
  5. Gamer Horrible movie, really puts us in a bad light. The direction was near seizure inducing and nearly all the actors were just 'there'. I perked up when John Leguizamo made an appearance, but they didn't give him much screen time at all. I give it... 4/10
  6. I totally agree with what you're saying. It's like you need to dumb yourself down to have a conversation with some people. She has new photos up now! Remember to vote 5 stars, it seems the stats are a bit strange, so only the ONLY 5 star photos are shown first. She has one at the top, but we'd like more considering she has so many on there. She's really happy I was able to get so many votes for her, looks like someone is nearly out of the dog house!
  7. where the fuck did that come from? C'mon man... you know this type of unethical behavior for the sake of just acting like jackasses for the hell of it is reflective of American youth nowadays. No offense to you, i'm American too, but I see kids acting this way, behaving like that show Jackass and watching MTV like its a religion and its disappointing. I'm disgusted in my own culture at times is what i'm saying. Anyway good luck to Bella Ciao on her career. Is Bella her real name? No, just her model name. She is my Lisa.
  8. Thank you everyone for voting! This is definitely the best forum I've been to ever.
  9. http://forums.gametrailers.com/thread/i-ne...-/970174?page=1 Wow, GameTrailers people are assholes!
  10. My girlfriend is an aspiring model and I want to do everything I can to help her. She needs votes on this photo in order to be selected to be in the calendar and if she gets enough, the magazine! No registration required, just click on the 5 stars button underneath! http://www.retrolovely.com/usergalleries/r...c=63&rate=5 Rate it 5 stars please, it's for a good cause! Edit: Massive, she only needs one photo to rule them all.
  11. Yes, all PS3 games are region free. I upgraded my HDD so I can load up all my movies. I still have over 150GB free for content. I just like having everything on the system, as opposed to hooking up an external. Besides, now I can say I have a 500GB PS3 Slim for only $320!
  12. Did you open up your PS3 and swap in the new drive or did you buy an external HDD? I'm not that worried about HDD space though, I think I would be ok with just the 120GB model. We'll see. Yes, it's an internal HDD, and no, it does not void the warranty if you do it. Sony encourages it actually.
  13. Don't even bother getting the 250GB model. I bought the 120GB model and upgraded the HDD to 500GB for only $80. Ordered the HDD from Newegg, really great site!
  14. I like the part where they talk about the Blu-ray. That's exactly what I was talking about earlier. You'd have to change quite a bit, and take out a lot as well just to port this game over. Me thinks it would cost too much. Hell, a second edition was never even done for this game it was so complete when it first came out. M$ would have to pay a lot of money to both Sony and Apple to get this game over to the 360.
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