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  1. I don't really understand it either. It seems like out of all the groups to be racist/discriminatory about, the Jews are about as random as you can get.
  2. I get that there are all these people/organizations against it. It supposedly violates first amendment rights. All these websites are making it out to be this huge terrible deal rallying support and whatnot and its going to the supreme court soon if I understand correctly. Of course there are some people for the bill as well. Basically everything I've read about it makes it out to be a huge fucking deal. At the same time, all these sites seem to be remaining deliberately vague. It comes off as shady. The best explanation of the law I have read so far is "It criminalizes the sale of violent games to minors without enough proof to show it does any real harm. If video game sales to minors are regulated other mediums may be regulated as well." Is that really all there is to it? If it is... Who gives a fuck? Isn't that a good thing? Less kids in my M rated games right? If a parent buys the game for their kid, they get in trouble. Hopefully there will be a report minor button or something. Maybe I'm just being insensitive because i'm over 18 and I can buy all the M rated games I want. (This sure would piss me off if I was under 18, but really, I think I would get over it, especially if I was one of those kids who was never exposed to it in the first place. As we all know M rated does not equal good game) About it leading to other mediums being regulated....So some minors can't watch R rated movies anymore? Who cares? how does this effect anything? Is this really a serious issue? What I have read says it bans violent games for MINORS not EVERYONE so no one is really being censored at all. It's not like they can't be made anymore, minors just can't play/watch it. It seems like it doesn't violate the first amendment at all, except for minors maybe. Minors don't have any fucking rights anyway though, so its like what else is new? I even agree with the fact that it doesn't cause any serious harm, I really do. But really, unless someone can open my eyes to something I'm not seeing here, I basically see this as all run by publishing companies/developers. They are just pissed off that sales are going to go down because of it. I also see that people are pissed because the government will basically be doing the parents job. Well apparently parents HAVEN'T been doing their fucking job. I'm tired of all this anti-game shit in the news. Maybe now people will yell LAW BREAKING SHITTY PARENTS! instead of THE GAME MADE THEM DO IT! INNOCENT PARENTS! (Never mind the fact that even IF the game did made them do it, who bought the kid the game? Oh shit! The parents!) Kid shoots up his school, Parents go to fucking jail. Good. They probably deserve it for being such shitty parents that their kid ended up shooting up a school. (I just didn't realize my kid was making pipe bombs in the garage! durr hurr! Seriously, there is no fucking excuse for that shit) I mean maybe this will help justify this anti-game crusade because people will say "Well lookie here there is a law behind this now!" but let's face facts, No one is going to take violent games/movies/any kind of content like this away from grown adults ever. It will never work. Minors are the only ones getting screwed here. If anyone is old enough to remember, this has basically happened with every entertainment medium there is in the past. It happened with TV, it happened with Movies, It happened with music, and this even happened with books! Guess what? They are ALL STILL AROUND and in fact are much MORE violent/inappropriate for children than they where when this was a big deal for those mediums. It seems like both sides win to me. Adults still get whatever they want, and the people who think its bad for kids, well kids supposedly won't get it anymore, so maybe IF they are right, it will help some. It will at least ease some of their endless bitching about it because they got something they wanted. Hell, maybe some kid will shoot up a school anyway and they will see they are wrong. One more thing, It seems like with all these developers/publishers/related organizations/etc. so heavily backing the effort to block this, they are basically admitting they rely on the sales of their M-Rated/R-Rated content to minors. Just saying.
  3. Ha, well I guess the problem is that he said it out loud on air then. Maybe he WAS right!
  4. Man fuck the console version along with every other console FPS. I like consoles but they are not for FPSs. I actually don't have a job right now. Still working on that. I'm probably going to have to sell my car/buy a new one too because I can't figure out what the hell is wrong with it and I don't want to get stuck places/miss work. Sucks because I love that car
  5. Damn I didn't even know they where still around. Then again I've really only been paying attention to a few people/bands for awhile now. I saw the GZA
  6. You could download the full ISOs. If I remember right they weighed in around 13-14GB though
  7. wooooooo who's playing? PC/360? (Is it on PS3?) Thoughts? Its on sale on PC BTW right now, You can get either L4D or L4D2 for 6.79 each or both in a bundle for 10.19 and that comes with all the DLC.
  8. wow so many good games being added. Keep up the good work guys! I'll finally be able to play UMK3 on my TV without digging out my Saturn
  9. He was an idiot, but he fucked up pretty bad you can't just say that stuff and not expect to be fired. I don't even get why he attacked john stewart in the first place, he's clearly for entertainment, what he said about jews running CNN was bad enough alone though.
  10. They might also be talking about this version of XBMC that was supposed to come out that was all rewritten in linux or something like that and it never came out
  11. Anyone played Darksiders yet? I downloaded it but haven't installed yet. Waiting on that new L4D DLC. Comes out October 5th I believe. Free as usual for PC bitches!
  12. They are doing another beta, this time you don't need a key or anything to get in. BigDownload has a pretty fast link for it. Will anyone else be playing? I wish I had some money for the full game when its out but I probably won't I guess I'm still debating between buying this and the Vietnam expansion for Bad Company 2 anyway.
  13. I tried to figure it out for you but couldn't remember what I did. I was digging around in control panel. Good to see you fixed it though.
  14. I just watched predators a bit ago. It was surprisingly good. (If your into aliens/predators, I don't know what it would be like for someone who hasn't seen all that stuff) So happy they decided to throw away all that AVP garbage.
  15. well here are my suggestions As far as what games to add, you should probably start a new thread that is kept clean. One of those threads where the only thing that should really be posted is suggested game additions and keep the discussion to this thread. This way it will be easier for you to look through. Maybe do the same for features/etc. or keep that in this thread as well. For people who are upgrading/downloading when it is all finished you should probably do what you did last time. Release a FULL and a LITE. In addition to this an UPGRADE where it is all the new files/games and people who already have Showroom can simply drag this over the showroom directory and it will overwrite everything that has changed/add everything that has been added for a simple upgrade. I guess depending on how this is done there might have to be an UPGRADE FULL and an UPGRADE LITE. It's a lot of stuff to upload true, but it makes upgrading so easy that anyone could do it. Then for those that don't have the original they can just download the full packages. OR since the full/lite packages are already uploaded in a bunch of places for showroom (It really isn't hard to find at all, coinops has exploded in popularity, very impressive and congratulations), you could even ONLY release the upgrades, requiring the user to first download showroom full or lite, then download the corresponding gameroom full/lite upgrade pack to get gameroom. This would cut down on uploading significantly. This shouldn't be too hard for people to figure out either. Please let me know if I have been unclear on anything here. Its a long story but I've had quite a rough day and quite a bit to drink. Probably why I was so confused about this earlier, that and initial excitement
  16. so if I understand correctly there will eventually be a coinops gamesroom all in one package? This is going to be nuts! Since I already have the full showroom though I just download the new files and overwrite/follow instructions in post though correct? Will there be something like this when the final gamesroom comes out so people dont have to download the first 14 or so GB all over again? sort of like a Showroom to Gamesroom update patch? PM me for links BTW
  17. there are a lot of "best of yahoo answers" type sites that post screenshots of ridiculous ones every so often. It is obviously trolls but some of them are pretty funny.
  18. I have it on PC, I don't have a 360 anymore :/ I wish more people would play survival online. Its fucking crazy.
  19. Turning off IGR in the IND Config did the trick. I don't have IGR now of course but its not going to kill me to get up off the couch and reset the xbox when I'm playing an xbox game. Emulators all have some sort of reset xbox command so I can exit that way.
  20. Honestly I don't really care if it's not that great. I just want to play it. It would just be awesome to have another game with Duke in it. Plus I have been waiting for a long ass time Also I predict that people aren't going to like it because it will be a straightforward shoot get key shoot keep running straight shoot some more classic gameplay type deal, but that is exactly what I want. Sometimes that is exactly what I'm in the mood for. Its why I still play Quake/Quake2/Doom/etc. and its why I play Serious Sam all the time
  21. Sorry man, I haven't been on the forums in over a year, maybe two years. Any discussion about it was missed. I tried searching for it but came up with nothing, I really didn't know what to search for though so maybe I was just looking in the wrong places. I thought maybe there was a config file somewhere I could edit. I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Could you maybe help me out and tell me what this alternative IND BIOS is called so I can try it out? It must have come out somewhat recently though because when I flashed my Xbox I had the latest version and there where already a few out. I am also fairly limited to what I can flash my BIOS with because I am running a TSOP flash with no chip so maybe I skipped over it as well. This is why I was hesitant to flash my BIOS again. A config edit would be much easier though because I haven't flashed my BIOS in so long I would have to look up how to do it all over again. I didn't think Xbox BIOSes where even being updated anymore. EDIT: By alternative IND BIOS did you mean just disabling the IGR in the IND Config? That seems like it would work. I couldn't find any version of IND BIOS newer than what I have, Unless you are talking about some custom edited version someone made.
  22. I can get into TNG and DS9 but as far as I'm concerned the rest is shit. I don't even like TOS. Maybe just because I fucking hate shatner. I didn't like the Boondock Saints either. Its one of those bro movies. It sits on the shelf in between Donnie Darko and American History X and the brosef will ramble on about how deep and well directed these masterpieces are while pounding keystones.
  23. I liked it. He is right though, I played through it once and I have no intention of playing it again. It wasn't as good as the first one. I never played the expansion pack though, maybe that adds something cool? The storyline gets pretty lame I thought.
  24. yeah there isn't anything wrong with it, I just like all the extras. It's nice being able to have ipfiltering built into the client for example so I don't have peerguardian messing with all my other apps like steam. Having a separate port for uploads/downloads is also nice so I can add it to my super complicated QOS rule set the way I want to.
  25. So I guess I'm shit out of luck then? That sucks. I'm not gonna flash my BIOS just for one emulator heh.
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