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  1. Yeah what the fuck haha. It's not THAT hard to get the gas out.
  2. That's good to know, I didn't think boosting would even work if the donor car wasn't running unless it had some sort of monster sized battery. Even then I would be nervous it would drain it. I guess not though. I'll give it a shot, It might have circuitry like that because everything in this car seems to be computerized though.
  3. Ha for real. I look forward to Cinder's posts. They are straight down to business with no fucking around. I was hoping he knew something about cars when I made this.
  4. alright cool. It seems like I'll have to add some stuff to the gas/get some carb cleaner but other than that I'll be okay. It hasn't been THAT long so I doubt the seals are fucked. I would start it but I need to get a new battery (still under warranty though) and then I have to get it to the shop for a new crankshaft position sensor. I would try jumping it but my other car is probably much too small to jump this car heh. (2.2 I4 Vs 3.8 V6)
  5. My car has been sitting in the driveway with about 12+ gallons of gas in it (18 gallon tank heh) for quite awhile. I'm just wondering if I'm going to have to syphon it out or some shit when I finally get to fix it.
  6. yeah it is. Of course we figured out a way to turn it into "buy more shit" as well. Oh well. I don't have to cook anything this year, and afterwords I'm getting drunk. I'm also not buying anything because I'm broke as fuck. So you fuck you thanksgiving I win. Although there is another holiday steam sale going on. Sucks ass something I want will probably show up.
  7. fuck emu-lmao. It would have been awesome if they where actually funny. Then it would be like an honor to be made fun of by them. Instead it was written by angsty teens trying to imitate maddox or something.
  8. Ha I wish, been too broke for weed. I think for some reason I just find Finnish people hilarious. Both of these guys have more videos that are probably funnier but if you didn't like those they are probably just weirder. Some of them I probably shouldn't post either. In one of them he is talking about how he finds old dildos in the trash and stuffs them/puts a blade in them to make a knife out of them. He is making a sandwich with this dildo knife and he is like yeah its perfect for a knife, you will never slip, the grip is so familiar since you are used to it from fapping! He keeps sausage next to his toilet and he is eating it off the toilet in one video too. I just think its funny seeing this guys strange habits/lifestyle I guess. You really should check out Everything Is Terrible though. It has a lot more variety. It's like TV Carnage if you have ever heard of that. Basically everything on there is just weird stuff they found on public access/old VHS tapes. Some of it is fucking crazy.
  9. Yeah but there are plenty of movies like that and the difference is that they are made well. This movie feels like it was churned out to cater to these people without much effort. The characters are fucking awful and the dialogue is painful to listen to. It's already unwatchable after that, but then you see all the nonsense going on/the plot. I think your reading into it wrong as well. I think its actually encouraging people to be like that by saying fuck this stereotype, be like this one! It's that whole I'm too good/above/elitist for all this shit attitude these people have. I'm cool enough to be different by being the same. Screw everyone who can't do this as well. This hipster/emo/hot topic fad shit whatever you want to call it is the new Insane Clown Posse. Older people don't like it because they outgrow it and realize its fucking retarded.
  10. So yes or no? I don't get what your response means. Or where you not talking to me?
  11. These are the only type of people I have met in real life who like this movie. That and people who just like anything new and popular. Okay maybe the artfag video was going a bit far.
  12. All of his videos are fucking awesome. You can't make anything better. He has over 1000 videos like this. I don't need to browse anything else on Youtube ever again. Everything Is Terrible is cool too, but not all of their stuff is on youtube. http://www.everythingisterrible.com/ So much ridiculous shit on there I don't even know where to begin.
  13. Fuck that hipster bullshit. Check out the official scott pilgrim fansite: http://www.latfh.com/ Here is the premiere after party:
  14. Damn, good thing you don't use the same password for everything
  15. So are you leaving the forum after this? It sounded like you said something like that in the other thread. Looking forward to getting this though. I'm going to have to delete some stuff to make room! I'm sure there are some Xbox games on there I will never play I can delete though.
  16. See no offense man but I can barely understand what you are talking about. I dont want any more to do with your guys problems....with your guys politics....with your guys bitterness... (What? Are you talking about trolls? They are the only ones with any of this) I truely for me dont think your solutions are what I want..... (What solutions? What was offered? Solutions for what?) to me personally you guys are so bitter you try and ruin it for everyone one and from what I seen actually do...but nothing for people I know is ruined and my goals are my goals and are strong.... (Again, no one is trying to ruin anything except supposedly trolls, First you say things are getting ruined and then you say you know it isn't ruined. So is it ruined or not? What is being ruined anyway?) I do what I beleive in and if you have issues with it....use whatever im not here at this point to tell you guys how you should act or what you should use..... (Okay fair enough, but it seems like most people want to use CoinOps!) I am sad for people as ive seen the skills involved and the misinformation about how hard or easy stuff is....the design choices that led to many questions that dont happen with CoinOPS due to its design choices......but I must go forward as I always do with or without you guys and I warned you enough you would end up with the trolls and it was up to you guys to do something....Im the only one that thinks this way but I stand by it and move on....ive seen the most basic features being discussed and told they are really hard....when they are simple....to me its more about where do they fit in CoinOPS than the coding....its more to do with human dynamics than coding and thats my goal....features are bloat without thought IMO....ill leave you with that.....its been said many times in many ways.... (This I don't understand at all. Basically what you are saying I think is that you are upset that people do not understand what is hard to do and what is easy to do and often get them mixed up. Also things must be done differently because of how CoinOps is made. You anticipated trolls and you feel like not enough is being done. Well no offense but it seems like your really the only one egging them on. Just ignore them and don't respond to their posts. A moderator will eventually get there. You have to understand not a lot of moderators are on at a time on this site. Even if it never gets deleted just continue ignoring it! It's just posts! It's not like they are coming into your house and destroying your code making you start over. Then I guess you are saying you are the only one who feels there are trolls, which is definitely not true, and then how the coding isn't whats hard it's decided how to change coinops for the better that is hard. I don't really get what you mean by features are bloat without thought. Are you saying CoinOps has bloat? You want to remove some features? You don't like features being suggested? It's your emu, do what you want!) correct me if I'm wrong. You have a very strange form of English that for some reason I can't follow. I've never had this problem before but for some reason whenever I try to read your posts I end up re-reading sentences tons of times over and my head just starts spinning trying to make sense of it. It's like you are inducing dyslexia for me or something. ANYWAY. It seems to have been clearly demonstrated in this very thread that people are interested in this emu, and people are interested in getting it out. You seem to feel like people aren't interested and they are. You are letting the opinions of very few select people (2 or 3 that I can think of) represent the opinion of many (TONS of people read this forum, and quite a few post on it, there is no way to count but it is A LOT) basically don't let the trolls ruin it for everyone else. I wouldn't recommend leaving either because every website is going to have trolls. In fact the trolls are probably going to deliberately follow you and the more you move around the easier it makes it for them to bother you. It's just something your going to have to learn to deal with. Every project ever has had people who thought it was stupid, every project ever also has people who think it's great.
  17. I guess Britney is moving on to do an XBMC remake with built in emus/new skin/a bunch of other stuff, The new version of CoinOPS is still waiting to be uploaded somewhere, and he is leaving the site now? That thread is a fucking mess. I can't even read through it with all the bitching and moaning going on inside of it. Since no one else wants to do it apparently I'll upload it to newsgroups. It's going to take a long ass time though. It might be easier to use openbittorrent or something, we can all jump on it so it goes faster and someone with a faster upload can put it on newsgroups. Or I guess the torrent could go where it usually goes too. Another question I have, A lot of people seem to dislike coinops for some reason or another, What do you use instead then?
  18. I think ace said something earlier about putting it on "the torrent site"
  19. Everclear punch fuck yeah! Make it with blue raspberry kool aide + crush up so no doz in it. You'll keep getting drunker and you can't pass out! Vodka is probably my favorite. Lately depending on what I have to spend I have been sticking mainly to two brands because they are amazing quality for the price. The cheaper shit is called Red Star and the more expensive is Tito's Handmade. You should give them both a shot if you like vodka. I agree with you too Smirnoff/Grey Goose is shit. If I'm at a bar and all they have are these common shit brands everyone drinks I'd rather have Absolut/Skyy although they aren't much better. To be fair though the actual smirnoff from Russia (says smirnoffe on the bottle if I remember right) is a lot better. It's also a lot stronger. Maybe the alcohol was masking the taste more though. To this day I think Tonic Water is probably the most disgusting shit I have ever put in my mouth.
  20. ha wow I would sit there for as long as possible making it obvious I was doing so. When the receipt prints out lean out the window and appear to be reading over it very carefully and whatnot.
  21. And again I'm gonna call you an idiot. My first comment to you was what you said about 1 not 2. The 2nd reason you're an idiot is for assuming. I didn't buy the game and I don't read reviews. I form my own opinions. I'm not arguing that 2 was bad. I agree with my original statement that it was annoyingly short. Plus the fact that the game caused more questions asked to the story as opposed to the extremely few that were answered. Anywho. I reactivated my Gamefly account and I should be getting Rock Band 3 soon. I unfortunately won't get to play with the keyboard or pro guitar. Okay well your the idiot then. The first one is even worse than the second one. At least they showed some minor improvement with the gameplay - the part that matters because the story is beyond hope. I also didn't assume anything and I even said "not that reviews matter" or something along those lines and then I went on to say I was mainly bringing them up to show that even video game critics where whining about the story. It was bad for more reasons than you state as well. I still don't understand why you expected anything from the story though. You don't really play a game like this for the story. Its extremely bad and nothing suggested it was going to be anything otherwise. I guess it figures though - Likes bad stories and doesn't understand posts. I think someone may have a reading disability. I will try and be more straightforward and use smaller words from now on. Can I ask you something though? Why do you get so offended when I say this game sucks? Does it hold a special place in your heart? Did you help make it? Do you make money off it? Are you afraid that because of my forum post it will change opinions everywhere and it will sell less copies? I just don't understand why you care so much. Oh yeah...and you have a Gamefly account. HA. What would be even more retarded is if you actually re-activated a gamefly account JUST for rock band 3.
  22. Vodka is also awesome, so is tequila. I hate gin though. Its fucking nasty. I have a friend who drinks it all the time. He drinks that Gin and Tonic shit too. Lately it's been Gin and sprite. Blech.
  23. Im leaning towards rum as well. But if you can get some quality whisky its close. Lately I've been drinking the cheap ass castillo rum. Its not very good rum but if your mixing it with coke anyway well, what does it matter?
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