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  1. I'll play through the game as long as it keeps me interested. That being said I haven't completed an rpg in years. I sometimes play multiple games at the same time because I usually get too bored of just playing game straight through without breaks in the middle. Usually these breaks consist of short sessions of tf2, gow2, or even far cry 2.
  2. Termanology - It's Time Dude's as tall as Del, didn't realize that until I saw him live.
  3. My condolences man, it's tough but you'll get through it.
  4. I really tried hard getting into it, but because it was so buggy I couldn't .
  5. Dead Space I'm on the last level and overall it's been a fun ride. The whole game gave me a doom 3 vibe yet not quite, it still had that sense of ingenuity.
  6. 08 was just another year but with some unexpected events (as always). College had been going great and the classes were manageable. I met a lot of new people to hang out with since living in the dorms 3000 miles away from home you kind of have to meet new people. I basically stuck with the formula for daily routines and near the end of the year I've started to focus more on my major. The thing that really struck me was that a friend of mine passed away early in the year which really depressed me and all of the people close to him. However from that experience, I and everyone else grew from it and that life isn't always cut out the way it's suppose to be. I hope next year I'll be more productive in my studies and such, but I know it's still gonna be a long journey ahead.
  7. I finally finished Mass Effect on the pc. I didn't have much time dedicated to it over the weeks, but it's one of those games that I had to beat. Now that that's over I can finally start Fallout 3.
  8. Gears of War 2 Horde mode won it over for me as playing it with 4 other friends is just plain fun. I simply enjoyed this game the most this year over the other ones that came out.
  9. Those were the days, but they're long gone. I wouldn't mind if they came back
  10. In Bruges I always heard it was good and I finally got to see it. Really good, you can't help but like the characters, except for their accents.
  11. Fallout 3. I still have to finish Mass Effect but Fallout 3 was just too tempting.
  12. got Dead Space for 30 bucks and saw a 16 gig flash drive for 25 bucks but didn't end up getting that
  13. Eating with relatives in San Francisco. Hopefully I can grab Dead Space for 30 bucks on Friday.
  14. like what? Most of them don't know how to rent games. I like to play games after the story over again because I don't get bored that easily.
  15. I honestly just can't get into them, not my style of games.
  16. Check the official forums, right now EPIC is looking into the problem as many others are getting the same matchmaking loop problem.
  17. I liked that last one so I'll be seeing this one on Friday.
  18. You have made my mediocre day a little bit more exciting.
  19. Methodman & Redman LIVE They even did odb's brooklyn zoo and sugar hill gang's rapper's delight for the hell of it.
  20. Polls weren't that crowded this morning, especially for a university. Then again it was very early and I just had time to do it before class.
  21. Persepolis Pretty good. I liked the art style.
  22. I still see you online on Live a lot I have 3 other housemates living in the apartment and we share the same xbox and live account. Most of the time it's my other roommates trying to get a game of cod4 before studying again.
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