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  1. I wouldn't hold my breath for it.
  2. Into the Wild. I liked it, I didn't read the book or anything, but I enjoyed it a lot.
  3. Hung out with friends as we tried desperately to do something before first classes started today.
  4. I saw Tropic Thunder a while ago and it was alright. Ben wan't really that funny but RDJr. made it somewhat worthwhile. Jack Black was just there for comic relief for some reason.
  5. I like them, some of it's a hit or miss though.
  6. This may be an opportunity to put something new from them. When they're considering a remake I just hope it's not synonymous with port.
  7. I doubt they're just going upscale a metal slug game to HD. Most likely they're going to remake it from the ground up a la Bionic Commando. At least that's what I hope they're doing.
  8. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/09/18/snk-cons...ug-hd-makeover/ Man this better be true.
  9. I enjoyed both. The vehicles in QW:ET are the best part since they're so cheap. I remember in the demo that some of the classes were broken and you can be a real asshole with spawn killing.
  10. Around 35 bookmarks. Majority dealing with music or games.
  11. Eternal Sonata The further I get into the game, the more reluctant I get to complete it. The story and level designs leave something to be desired.
  12. I loved the first game, it's too bad that CS has a lot of bugs in it. I thought they would learn from most of their mistakes with this expansion. I'll still play it though, the setting is too good to pass up.
  13. Usually 7-8 hours. No matter how much sleep I get, some classes still make me sleep.
  14. I'll enjoy any type as they're all tasty. It's just that using utensils for deep dish pizza kinda weirds me out, then again most people outside of America eat theirs with forks and knives so whatever.
  15. Well Gatorade doesn't contain any caffeine or guarana so it won't make you excited or anything. All it does is supply spent electrodes. I don't drink them, but I know a few people and even professors that drink them before doing work or teaching.
  16. Sounds good to me, I like hard games to the point of breaking something in frustration. The last time I played such a game was CoD4 veteran mode.
  17. I've always wanted to play that game ever since I saw it in a gaming magazine way back then. More Castle Crashers and Mass Effect. Killer Beekeeper is awesome.
  18. My friend dragged me into it and after a few plays I didn't really like it. He also stopped playing due to equipment expiring or something like that.
  19. Are you going to color it? It looks like it healed already.
  20. I love how people keep arguing after that last post. Gotta love Poe's Law.
  21. Damn I just had around 400 points leftover from buying Castle Crashers and SamSho seemed like a good choice.
  22. Power Stone, didn't play 2. Shenmue Crazy Taxi Typing of the Dead Yeah that's pretty much it, didn't get a chance to play with the DC that often.
  23. More Castle Crashers. For 15 bucks you get a lot more than what you payed for with all types of stuff to unlock. Dan and Tom sure have improved over their last game, but it took a damn long time to finish this one (3 years).
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