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  1. Apart from the chick in the second last one, I whole-heartedly agree. It's like Tekken has gone down some Final Fantasy/anime path! Thank you, I thought it was a new kof for a second.
  2. maybe they were playing track and field. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/39328.html
  3. I'd buy it just to get rid of the level cap.
  4. Equilibrium Why didn't I see this sooner.
  5. Damn... should have released that game already.
  6. He needs more movies with John Travolta and him actually being a badass.
  7. If they took the same time as they did for HD Remix then no thanks. I'll take it the way it is. If anything I'll welcome balance changes, but new artwork? I'm fine without it.
  8. It's actually a dormant eagle on top of his head. Dark Days Documentary about people living under the NYC subway system, pretty interesting.
  9. This. As soon as I completed the game I never touched it again. Also getting flags is a joke.
  10. Far Cry 2 I'm forcing myself to beat it, why? I got too far before I pulled out, so screw it.
  11. I'm taking my time with it. I'm so glad they let you play mercenaries with a friend, getting those A's were less challenging thanks to another gun. Still gotta buy everything, get all the achievements, and beat the game on professional mode.
  12. Hey! that's my right as a gamer! anyways I gave up on Gears1 during the first underground mission, where it's all yellow goo everywhere. multiplayer was as I said, get killed right off the bat then wait forever to do it all again. I don't get how you are supposed to learn a game like that. Gears2 I never even tried MP since 1 left such a bad taste in my mouth, the single player seemed like more of the same. I'm not big on cover heavy games. I'm a run-n-gunner. Well the single player game is... whatever... I see it as more of a practice run to figure the game out. If I had a 360, Id MAKE you play with me. I guarantee you would like it... but actually I have no real idea of what you ultimately like. In multi, say you get a team of us in here from 1emu, and let everyone get good and warmed up, you would enjoy the game. Id have to agree as when you get a good feel for the game, when you pull something off, it does feel quite rewarding. I feel as if I am not doing the game justice in my discription. If only I can word it better. Depending on your team adds tremendous gameplay. Even if I fail... I'll come back the next round, and be quite motivated in sending some active reload up their nose. Watching your 6 as you go up the stairs or what-have-you. Posting up behind pillars and whatever. Calling out to you what I see... and formulateing a quick plan as the battle unfolds realtime. It is so tactical... I love the sh!t out of it. I like it that much more because I am so accustomed to Unreal Tournament and the like... 1 man army games. You know, alot of times in gears, there isnt enough time to really make up a plan like that. Games like Rainbow Six allow you to do that but not gears. Communication works best in gears to tell your teammates where the other guys are hiding, how many people are in that hidning place, what weapons they have, if they are paying attention to him or you for a suprise attack, and the most important thing to do is to watch behind your partner and let them know if someone is behind them. But on PC, thats rare since not alot of people use mics. Its kind of everyone goes in solo. That's how I feel about Cod4, no plan just go solo and you can practically win the match with a one man army. It's rare to see people working together for a common goal, usually you see more of those in Halo surprisingly. I've been trying to level up in Gears 2 and so far it's pretty fun. I agree that the kill satisfaction is there, but most of the time I still see some of the old Gears 1 exploits in multiplayer (usually dealing with the shotgun). These exploits aren't hard to counter, it's just that they still work. However Horde usually holds me over whenever I get on a losing streak hit me up whenever you guys are playing gears 2.
  13. My 360 gets daily play. The only systems that are collecting dust are my old ones. Although it's nice to break out the N64 to play starfox occasionally.
  14. Resident Evil 5 Got fed up with the ai partner and called up a friend to beat it. So glad you can start veteran mode with your existing equipment.
  15. I do. Love small things like that. It's rewarding because you as an individual, take the time to scour areas. I just think they over-simplified the whole system. I'll get over it soon enough, it's just little tidbits like combining treasure and buying items in chapter are things that I'm gonna miss.
  16. Finally got the game and played up to 2-2. Can't wait to unlock mercenaries though. Anyone miss combining treasures for more money? Everything seems so simple now. Hopefully I'll get over these small gripes before the game ends.
  17. It sounds really interesting. Honestly if this turns out to be a success, it'll be quite the surprise. Other than that I could smell the vapors already.
  18. There should be bells situated next to the door you came from. Also any grenade or flashbang should help. I'm planning to get RE5 once finals are done with. I'm kinda excited as I don't really get any new games anymore due to school work. Will probably beat it with a friend via split-screen on the first run through.
  19. The Boondock Saints It was uh interesting? Gotta love the Boston setting though.
  20. I thought it was good, it did it's job pretty well. The only gripe I got was the music choice and some pacing issues. Then again they couldn't cram everything into the movie.
  21. I'm just glad there's more sunlight in the day. I hate it when a day ends at around 5 pm.
  22. I'll watch it, I just don't want to see all the kids there that think they know everything just because they've read the comic a week before the movie came out.
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