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  1. College is eating up my life which isn't a bad thing per se. Usually I find time to check on what's new here and there.
  2. Don't worry they came up with an excuse so everyone is capable of beating him.
  3. Street Fighter 3rd Strike. It's a fun party game for some reason.
  4. Dressed up as kids cartoon characters and partied. It went pretty well.
  5. Is it just me or did the Coen brothers didn't really go all out production wise for their movie this year?
  6. 50 bucks for L4D? I hope that's not the final price since imo the game doesn't have the content to warrant such a cost.
  7. I loved the comic series so I can't wait for this movie.
  8. I thought that Dead Space was coming to the ps3 also? It's EA after all.
  9. It's so cold up in Norcal. It's no place for a Socal kid.
  10. I thought he was great in The Departed.
  11. Insulting tattoos on ms13 isn't probably a good idea either.
  12. I was going to see it but I've heard some bad things about it. I'll probably check it out later.
  13. Awesome, SNK Playmore announced a remake a while ago so this was to be expected. Now all we need is a release date to torture us.
  14. People just don't know how to grow up. I can't wait for it.
  15. Is there a reason why pyramid head is in the game, or is he just there because the developers thought he was cool to put in?
  16. Outerspace - Living the Life Puerto Ricans know what's up.
  17. I try to go to the gym after classes, but what usually ends up is me being too tired to do anything after lecture.
  18. Reminds me of Kinetica. Hopefully this thing will go through drastic aesthetic designs in the future.
  19. I got it twice, but it seems to be dieing down a bit.
  20. I once had a book overdue for 3 years at a local library. It was a childrens book that I read when I was like 5 years old. Don't remember what we did to resolve the issue, but it was still pretty surprising.
  21. I'm glad they're implementing the music playback and camera into the games. Otherwise they're just a waste IMO.
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