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  1. The game is okay but i didn't really like it that much. My friend rented it and in a week he finished it. Also I hate Snoop Dogg
  2. Painkiller looks like a promising game
  3. They said that you can't get to the secret boss because, well, you just can't for some reason. They left out a lot of stuff in Metal Slug 5 like the boss you are talking about, and other things.
  4. You're right Spiffy, these cheats and hacks are for noobs. Also they take the fun out of the game.
  5. I cant believe this is actually on tv. Although its pretty funny...and wierd.
  6. The zombie boss that u fight in the train in FFVIII. Just give him phoenix down and he dies.
  7. In the arcades, The last boss in House of the Dead 2. He really pissed me off.
  8. Sup everyone? I've been in emulation for a couple of years. Im a Metal Slug freak so Metal Slug is mostly what I play. I come from California. I like to draw, listen to music, play games, and hang out with u guys
  9. they are in xxx_xx.rom format errgh. EGCG NRX still won't recognize mslug5, i needed mslug5.zip with the p1 file and that's all right?
  10. It's not at the bottom of the list, I have version.6b, 1999 is the date.
  11. OK i did what u said agozer, but Neoragex still can't detect it.
  12. Hello first time here. I'm having trouble running MS5 so can anyone guide to the process of making it work on NeoRagex? I got the files and everything even the hacked NRx and mslug5_p1 file. sorry but im new at this, thanks.
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