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  1. Mass Effect for PC I was kinda lost at what to do initially once I got to the citadel but once you get the hang of everything the game proves itself to be very massive (heh) in terms of info and universe. It's too bad there are some framerate problems and the combat can be somewhat frustrating, but it does the job.
  2. The Bank Job It sucks in the beginning, but then it manages to really pull you in after that.
  3. FEAR Extraction Point Slo-mo never gets old.
  4. Apparently FEMA is claiming to be on top of this time around so aid will be available to those really in need.
  5. Alright i'll just back all the data up and I still don't know why they put FAT on the hd, I'm just glad there's a fix to it.
  6. Well I recently bought an 500 gig external hard drive as I've been running out of space from my old drive. Recently I learned that my external hd is using the FAT32 file system and that I can't transfer single files that exceed 4 gigs. I also learned that I can convert the file system to NTFS which can support files more than 4 gigs. I'm using windows vista which uses the NTFS system, so converting my external hd to NTFS would be alright? Also would it be safe if I converted the drive even though it still has files in it? thanks.
  7. 120 gigs? Sheesh my 30gig still functions at least, but it's running out of space.
  8. WANTED again. I like movie plot better than the comics.
  9. Devil May Cry 4 I wish there were more varied bosses.
  10. I can't really see the need for wifi on a console unless a wired connection isn't really an option. I know some people don't have any problems with their wifi, yet I've had some bad experiences with it dealing with online games. If wifi came with the 360 that'd be great, but since a wired connection is preferred by most then i don't really see the need. I also don't really care if MGS4 is being ported over or not. I want to play the game and all, so i'll just find someone with a ps3.
  11. I'm on Comcast and honestly I've never downloaded that much in a month. I wish I could switch ISP's however Comcast is the only provider here so far.
  12. All types of art can be appreciated, even the terrible ones. http://www.museumofbadart.org/
  13. hmm Halo type buzz then. What? The hype about this game is that it's a co-op zombie shooting game where you play with 3 other people and survive a zombie onslaught. It looks flocking amazing. And it wouldn't be a Valve game without a last minute delay or some sort! Got to love valve time.
  14. After all the gameplay vids and trailers, I can't wait for this game to come out.
  15. I'll be getting it. I enjoyed their last game, alien hominid, and Dan Paladin's art style is always a plus as it has so much character to it. Oh and it looks fun too.
  16. Red Alert 3 beta. I can't run it really well and they made a lot of tweaks to the gameplay and overall strategy. They made the units a lot more flexible and so far added a point system like company of heroes. If anyone is still playing it let me know because I need more practice
  17. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/38956.html New Joker fatality at the end.
  18. I just finished playing it and I enjoyed it a bit. The force grip power is kinda clunky and takes time to getting used to yet the combat is pretty fluid. The other force powers are pretty useful depending on the situation as well. Too bad the demo is kind of short, but it was fun overall. I'll give it a rent.
  19. I'm surprised they even have a sense of humor, well played.
  20. They claim it to be a limited edition for now, hopefully it will be widely available in time for SFIV.
  21. GG with LSD on COD4. I'm terrible on search and destroy.
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