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  1. Street Fighter 4 Finally got the chance to play this extensively. Just copped it for 20 bucks.
  2. Bladerunner is a really good movie, a true classic. I might watch it again tonight. Bladerunner IS great. Although last time I seen it I missed most of it, and I had the feeling I was too young when I saw it before that to appreciate it. Smilee... have you seen Dune? I've seen parts of Dune, but not the whole movie. I've read the book though.
  3. answer 1 Well this IS definite cover based. You can move a bit, but you gotta be good, but still even then you gotta cover. I like it, its a good Yang to my Unreal Tournament Yin. I love UT. answer 2 It is... but I like it Answer 3 Sounds like Warzone gametype, or maybe Wingman. You should try Annex or King of the hill. But, since the game is cover style... you wont like it anyway. But yea, warzone and wingman are the only pvp one life modes. Save Horde mode. It's too bad. I love the game. Which brings me to this. I don't have gold, so I didn't know. Apparently there is alot of complaints about the lagg in public multiplayer. I know hpw people bitch about anything, but there are ALOT of complaints. There also seem to be a few bugs that have yet to be worked out... (if they get worked out) I'm kinda scared to see what comes of my gameplay when I go gold. No one here likes GOW except Smilee, and none of my friends really play, If im forced to go private matches to have consistent gameplay, but no friends to play with... wtf will I do!? lol Well you could always go by that Top Gun quote for that wingman gametype lol. There's plenty of lag in multiplayer no doubt, but that was about 2 months ago before I played with the latest patch. It's been a while since I played online, but the last time went pretty smoothly. However some matches were just terrible with extreme lag spikes. You just have to be lucky and not get frustrated. If you get a good game running then you're all set.
  4. Looks sweet. 150 bucks? ehh i'll get the regular edition.
  5. Hit me up on live man. Me wants to get back into horde and Execution.
  6. Bladerunner Haven't seen it before, but I love noir.
  7. Prototype It's ridiculously chaotic but it's fun nonetheless. I think the trick is to play in short bursts or else you just get dulled by everything.
  8. All hail Cardiel. Ratatouille Saw it last year with my sister and she liked it. Showed it to gf and she liked it as well, too bad Up! was better.
  9. Its good to have you back. We need more people back now.
  10. Taken It was good, a little too much action though. There really wasn't much of an ending.
  11. Good job man. The first jump is the hardest, but it gets easier from there.
  12. RIP MJ, always loved your songs as a kid.
  13. I am very sorry to hear that. My prayers are in you and your daughter, I know you can muster the courage to move on. Please keep your daughter in good hands.
  14. I miss that game, old school gaming never gets old.
  15. I had a blast with the GoW 1 multiplayer. Honestly my friends and I just play the Horde mode in GoW2. It's where you hold off against waves and waves of oncoming locusts. In my opinion Horde mode in Gow2 > All Multiplayer modes in GoW1. GoW1 multiplayer got too repetitive with the abuse of the broken shotgun.
  16. Started summer school and lab work at the university. I started buying new parts for my board even though all I needed was wheels. It's good to live in Santa Cruz, so many places to go skating with friends.
  17. No parallel parking for me on my test. Waiting in the DMV was a biatch but at least I won't have to renew it... until next year.
  18. SLICK http://www.dissizit.com/ Mr. Cartoon http://www.mistercartoon.com/ Estevan Oriol http://www.estevanoriol.com/ TWIST http://www.pbs.org/art21/artists/mcgee/index.html TOTEM2 http://www.mr-totem.com/totem2.html
  19. Is it on the X360? It turned out to be We Love Katamari on the ps2. Sumo katamari ftw.
  20. Some Katamari game Dunno which one I played, but it's awesome. I'm proud of myself for finally getting to play one.
  21. It was really good on the first playthrough. After that it was hard to keep interest for more runs.
  22. Did it rape the book like Da Vinci Code? There where so many out of place scenes in there...and the ending... Thankfully, the movie follows quite closely to the book except some changes to some parts which i think for better since they take out some unbelievable part of the book (you know which part if you read the book). I was nerding out about how wrong they were about the LHC. Overall pretty entertaining though. No romance is always a plus in these movies.
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