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  1. I definitely recommend to get Dead Rising if you're into that free-roaming aspect or if you just like to kill zombies plain and simple. Crackdown kept me entertained for quite a while. I only restarted my character a couple of times to level him up again since having max stats gets tedious after a while. The world is pretty huge and you can do quite a bit of stuff in the game. The enemies are pretty bland and the boss battles aren't that good though. Since it's cheap, I would say just get it.
  2. I'll be down as well, hopefully we can get this started before late fall.
  3. Oh man that looks sweet, here's hoping for a u.s. release.
  4. More Diablo 2 and COD4. I play on us west realm if you wanna go play.
  5. That's what I also hate. You have to have the earphones or the cords in a certain position to get the full output or else it you'll be spending most of the time fidgeting with them trying to get them to work.
  6. I always dread the day my earphones stop working, or when one of them ceases to function and the other one works. It's like a cruel joke.
  7. Even though I didn't like him that much, he was still very recognizable in various movies. RIP
  8. Blizzard claims that the new change won't impact the game, but who knows since Brian left. Even though they are pretty far from releasing the game, changing the art style would probably have a dramatic setback to their schedule.
  9. Yeah that was fun. Kinda hard to shoot other people when your bullets come out a second after you fire! haha. If you guys are making a COD4 clan or group, count me in.
  10. http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2008/08/04/...r-turns-tables/ For all of you guys complaining about the art direction in Diablo 3, see what this man has to say.
  11. Cl Smooth - I Can't Help It (Shin-ski remix)
  12. You can propose your major and change it later, I think you have to declare yours by your third year. I would say do what cinder suggests since you're still confused on what you want to do. Do plenty of research on that field and decide for yourself if you're up for it and if you're ready.
  13. Man you guys are half-way around the world, I need to get up really early or stay up really late just to be able to play.
  14. They may be similar in looks, yet that's just id's style I guess. The thing it's just way too early to tell if it's going to be another generic fps, there's not even any proper gameplay footage out yet.
  15. It's not just Marvel movies, it happens to most comic book movies. The thing is they don't want to alienate the general audience which they're targeting with these movies. They dumb it down for the general audience to make it easier to understand and cut out some stuff so it will seem somewhat appropriate for them. WANTED for example went through something like this.
  16. Beyond the fact that there are some mutants in Rage there is almost NO resemblance to any of those games you mentioned. It also has guns... Do you normally attack people by calling them cock suckers when they challenge your (weak) claims? What I mean by hating gamers is gamers who post drivel on internet forums with little to no substance or backing. The kind of people who post at GameFAQs and Gamespot. Having an opinion means nothing if it is not backed by something objective or a personal preference. Otherwise it is a worthless statement. But this is not an argument I have time or am in the mood for right now. But I have a feeling we will spar in the future so I look forward to those as good sport. You mean fanboys? Everyone hates them, they just can't be avoided.
  17. This looks far from generic to me. It doesn't look like Haze, WW2, any army shooter or even a sci-fi shooter. It looks very interesting right now since we don't know that much about it.
  18. Tokyo Police Club - Baskervilles (Amplive remix ft. Aesop Rock & Yak Ballz)
  19. lol at backyard wrestling. It's about half and half really. Some of the japanese box art just looks plain better than their american counterpart and vice versa. The japanese psy-ops box art seems vaguely familiar.
  20. Ikaruga XBLA. Really fun, too bad i'm terrible at it.
  21. I voted for summer, winter is quite boring in California.
  22. Eh, out of all the games that I've played there, I enjoyed GOW2 the most.
  23. Good music. Indeed, I love everything Stones Throw puts out.
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