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  1. Oops.... Nevermind. The problem is my mistake..... It was just a wrong filename. FBA didn't load the S1 file (The FBA was looking for the extension.bin. Mine's on ROM)..... Thats why there were no fonts and stuff..... XD
  2. ForceX : Well, those half-circle motion problems happen if u use a keyboard, and WinKawaks or NeoRageX. Also, I've found another compile of FBA which worked on my system. I found it on http://www.neogeo-snk.com. The version compiled seems to be same as the latest official build. But there are minor problems in his build though, I can't see ANY system related stuff. I mean the credit stuff, fonts and ingame life and super meters.... Everything else runs fine..... Well, at least for me it's confirmed that the half-circle motion problems only happen when you use the emulators NeoRageX and WinKawaks. If u use MAME or Final Burn Alpha, it doesn't happen. Perhaps it's the way the emulators process keyboard commands?
  3. Anyone here tried Gunbound yet? http://www.gunbound.net It's free, but if u want equip, you could buy equips in the game for cash.
  4. Well, it is just a normal limit of keyboards. Unfortunately, the only solution is to either change the keyboard. (Get lucky to get a keyboard with less limit.) or to reconfigure the keys to other, err, keys.... XD Try the numpads. then the WSAD (HL / CS Standard) for the directional pad. ForceX : Unfortunately, it still doesn't load in my laptop. But the official build works on my laptop though. PS. Any report of half-circle motions in KOF2003 work in FBA? ^^ Here is the specs of my laptop. Via C3 733 (This is probably the cause of the problem) MMX/LongHaul/3DNow! 256MB SDRAM Windows 2000 SiS 630 Video Card
  5. really lame request but.... Do you have like, a compile for the 586/K6 version of FBA? Well, that version doesn't work on my laptop. But the i586/K6 version does...... >.<
  6. Hmmm... Old school gamer.... 1)When graphics didn't matter. 2)When beating those game feels like a huge accomplishment (Because the darn game is so friggin HARD. But most games today...... ) 3)Enjoys simple games. Games are supposed to be simple. Not 100% renditions of life.... XD 4)He/she cared about THE HIGHSCORE TABLE. 5)Doesn't care about the violence. Well the graphics are so different before they simply cannot be blamed for the violence in society.... XD
  7. KILL EVERYONE...... In Counter-Strike and Gunbound..... XD OK, for those depressed people, just think about this...... Valentines is designed to depress people who shouldn't be depressed, because, we are alone because we chose to be alone. ^^
  8. Of course there is, you just need to configure it correctly.... ^^
  9. Well, according to previous experience (And with help from the members of this forum.... ^^) Recent SNK Playmore fighting games starting from KOF2002 (SVC Chaos and KOF2003), has a different control scheme, making is impossible to do half-circle moves the normal way (I mean, if your right is D, S is down and A is left, pressing D,S,A fast will not register the half-circle.....) The only way is to wait for a P1 rom patch that will solve this. Problem is, until a proper ROM set is released, the one that works with normal Kawaks and NeoRage, chances are it is unlikely to happen... But I noticed that MAME does not have this problem.... Why?
  10. Well, I am..... Because probably it will mean that the keyboard fix for the game will come out shortly after that.... But part of me thinks it might not be that easy..... Well, I remember some people saying that the original KOF2003 ROM (Not the bootleg) has special stuff so it can't just be played on normal emulators (Reason for "specific" build of emulators)...... Is this true? Like what they're saying with the transparencies and stuff? (Which I don't believe, it's still wierd that the bootleg doesn't have the pseudo-transparency effect that the original has though.....)
  11. Neorage for me..... Because... Well, the laptop I'm using is pretty slow, so no choice, its the only Neo Geo emu that runs 100% on this laptop.... ^^
  12. Raiden II : I was pretty suprised at it's graphics when I first saw it, they are really smooth and when enemy units explode, then leave the ground with a hole as well..... ^^ Marvel VS Capcom : I basically ignored XvSF and MvSF because I wasn't really interested, same with X-Men COTD and MSH, but then, Megaman, Strider Hiryu, Captain Commando, in a fighting game! And look at all the cool effects! (Err, the super moves! XD) It's the only time I started playing the VS series..... ^^ Battle Arena Toshinden : It's smooth, has nice color, and didn't play like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, it played like Street Fighter! Also it has very nice backgrounds (Unlike Virtua Fighter/Tekken) and has extra details like people breathing when knocked down..... ^^ Tekken : I didn't really like Virtua Fighter when I first saw it because of it's flat shading and 30 FPS gameplay, but when I saw Tekken on it's texture mapped polygons and 60 FPS gameplay, and...... Law's kick grab.... It always grabbed people's attention..... XD
  13. Well, it's not a good idea to combine to combines those fixed...... Although applies less than 3 of them would be the best way...... ^^ The difference between the normal and plus versions of SVC is the enabling of the mid-bosses in the character select screen, namely, Dan, Demitri, Geese, Violent Ken, Orochi Iori, Goenitz, Mars People and Zero.
  14. Toughman Contest I think it was on Genesis, 32x and Super NES ?
  15. Well, in reality, the probable reason that there are few female gamers in the open is because it's like office or even politics, it is male dominated.......... Although some of them are in there to show ""they're here" but gaming (Especially arcade gaming) is usually a male hobby. =/ And in addition, since they don't have any exposure to arcade competition (They're kinda afraid of the male atmosphere... =P ), they won't be interested in fighting games most often....... But then, I remembered this girl who can beat me in MVC2, she was with someone else, probably her boyfriend...... And that guy is wiping the floor with us....... O_O XD If they would just have some proper "training" and exposure, they could be competetive and can even beat the best male on every game..... ^^
  16. AMD of course, in reality, if you will make it comparison, speed "per" Mhz (Err. bang per mhz... XD), then AMD's is definitely faster........ Because in reality AMD's processor's are a whole lot slower Mhz wise, but is still very competitive to Intel Processors. As for Cyrix.... After trying out the M3, bleh, a perfectly configured K6-3 processor is faster of exact clock speeds, believe it or not....... Anyway, whats the news on the current, fastest, latest processors?
  17. Err.... What? O_O Are you making an Arcade cabinet so that your emus will get that "Arcade" feeling (Along with joystick and stuff) ?
  18. Sorry man, you've got no choice. Gunbound needs a Direct-3D supporting card with at least 8MB of Video Card RAM. I remember that video card having only 4 I think.... I suggest either tinkering with the motherboard settings (Sometimes, most internal video cards can be changed memory) to see if u can up the v memory of that card.. PS. Sorry if that sounds too technical, but it's the only way.......
  19. Top to bottom : KOF 2003 SVC Plus Samurai Shodown 5 Metal Slug 5 Let's just say I LOVE riot games like MVC2, so I like the game's more frantic feeling...... ^^ SVC is a close second, because it's somewhat slower and slightly more traditional......
  20. I would vouch to that effect though, all the arcades (Local ones, not the ones on the big malls) that I know that is located 50 miles from my place are now ALL closed.
  21. As far as I know : Creating a "driver" is not simply, loading the contents of a ROM and then playing it, I think there are different rom loading techniques (That is specific to the ROM) that allows it to work on those "modified" MAME's and then not work (Since they "load" the standard way.) on standard Neo-Geo emulators. (This might be also caused by SNK's efforts to avoid bootlegging of their games.) Since the MAME's source was open sourcr before, and everything about is was released, including graphical, sound and other emulation stuff was released, it was the easiest. (Although not necessarily the fastest) Well, for the Kawaks, no, even if the 1.48 version was released, there would still be no support for this new games, as this emulator author does not like adding support games that are less than 1 year old. Their reasoning is because that arcade companies should at least get some income, if people are playing the ROM version on their homes, it would probably remove their intent to play it in the arcades, even fastening the eventual death of the arcade scene. And then why the loaders work only on 1.46? It's because the last source to be given/leaked out was 1.46, so loaders can be made to allow new games to be loaded. The emulator author has modified some stuff so those loaders will be ineffective. Ps. If my info is incorrect, feel free to correct me...... ^^
  22. boomBa : Bomba means "naked". Kill your Filipino friends.... NOW Or else I will kill them....... XD
  23. Hmm.... A possibility is that either your sound card drivers ain't compatible with Direct Sound. To verify, load up the Direct-X diagnostics by typing "dxdiag" on the start -> run menu. Then check your sound card there, is if says that the "type" of sound card driver is NOT WMD or VXD, then it could be the problem, and get either a newer direct-x or sound card driver.
  24. OK, they are actually very interesting questions, and I'll try to answer them as far as I can. For different emulators emulating only certain hardware, err, ask them. Really, since they are the ones who programmed them..... ^^ But if your question is like, why isn't Marvel VS Capcom 2 emulated or something like that, it is because that emulation is well, emulation, try to look up it's definition somewhere.... =P Also, since emulating another hardware is hard (The faster the hardware, the harder it is to emulate), and most often there are no released technical specifications of the hardware. (No hardware stuff to copy to, no emulator) Also, the consoles of today either use DVD or any similar stuff. They are actually relatively inexpensive to produce and copy. And since the aim for arcade machines is long life, they have to manufacture "cartridge" versions of these arcade games. (I'm talking about Soul Calibur 2, Tekken 4, because they run on similar hardware, the PS2) which can be a whole lot more expensive. Err... To make it short. Making games on old hardware is cheaper. Especially since most arcade games run on cartridge format (Or something like it) instead of cheaper but less reliable formats like CD or DVD.
  25. Probable. Dead Windows Reinstall is the only way. >.<
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