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  1. I was in this computer games store and seeing a PC game named "Tekken Tag Tournament" , but I haven't bought it due to fear of "fraud" (Well, in Asian countries, its not wierd to see a PS1 game named Tekken 4 when it's actually a hacked Tekken 3 game.... >.< ) .... And now, a friend of mine is blabbering to me that a REAL Tekken Tag for the PC exists....... =/ Of course, I'd press for "evidence" and he still doesn't show me anything.... Should I kill him? XD I seriously don't believe this guy.... Or maybe there's some modified Zinc out there?
  2. Spiffy : English please....... Umm..... Spiffy's Post Translation : Try card games! Don't you have hands!? Hmm... Try Chaos Overlords, it's an old Windows 3.1 game that is pretty good. And it's abandonware and can be found at Home of the Underdogs site.
  3. Agozer : Umm..... Does that make a difference? (PS. I'm an idiot.... ... I don't get your point....) ...And how we're they able to extract the game graphics (For graphics) but can't do it in emulation/realtime? nezumi : Ahhh... Weaponlord..... Yeah, it was a groundbreaking game at it's time, sadly, the game system just couldn't handle it (So most people labeled it slow, horrible controls and lackign animation as well....)...... Someone should make a remake of it at some point..... But the fatality system would be problematic (Especially if done in 3D)
  4. Well, it's true anyway, I don't remember any console or portable emulation being perfect, then there will only be one emulator and no compability lists..... ^^ As for the SD-1 chip, what the guys at ZSNES are doing for now, cheating..... Graphics packs are used to replace the original graphics that as for now cannot be emulated properly..... The PSX? Heck no, just trying playing Valkyrie Profile..... =P
  5. It's an emulator for the X-Box............ probably a modified MAME or something.......... =/ Evidence : The cover is for the AES verison of METAL SLUG 4, which has Trevor and Nadia (They don't appear in MS5) It has SF Alpha and Final Fight as well. They're Capcom games, and also playable in MAME. =P
  6. Well, for me... Probably.... Yes.... But...... I think we are pretty close to having the same events as "The Video Game Industry Crash" of the early 80's.... We saw the PS1 3D graphics, PS2 more polygon count... X-Box, more polygon count... GC... I don't know..... XD But then after that...... What? Just a thought.... =P
  7. Hmmm... Try to SPECIFY the IP address for EACH computer.. For example, use the IP address "" for the first computer then "" for the 2nd computer. Then in those games, CHOOSE THE NETWORK/LAN Game, it should appear. One computer should host/create the game and the other can join after the 1st computer/host has finished loading.
  8. Well, basically because I wanna screenshot some PS1 game's... Gallery mode. Because simple that Bleem uses a resolution that the PS1 wants, unlike the other PS1 emus that set to only 1 resolution. Well, even the normal uncracked Bleem.exe doesn't even run on windows 2000. So any people know any workaround on this?
  9. Well, steam itself is not that big..... But I don't like steam because it is quite buggy (doesn't detect/load my games correctly), and spends huge bandwidth.... Kinda like spyware programs..... But you have no choice if you wanna play CS online.... Or the latest Sierra games now....
  10. (OT) MP3 stuff..... Well, I have been playing this Neo Geo game called Power Instinct Matrimelee in an emulator and I've noticed that nearly ALL of the BG music used in this game are PCM(!) It means it was recorded digitally, so they have vocals! Also upon reading stuff at GameFAQS, it seems the lyrics in those songs are parodies of popular music or just plain nonsense/funny. XD I've also ripped the music directly from (Hence the lousy quality) the Neo Geo game so people would hear the music in this game. So does anyone have the OST versions of these songs? Let's Go, Necromancer! (Chinnen's BG Music) - An upbeat euro style song about a monk/ghostbuster Chisana Shiawase (Clara & Anny's BG music) - A song about hm.... sliced potatoes (Or french fries... XD) I suggest everyone to download the MP3s and look for the song lyrics at GameFAQs.com, on Neo Geo > Matrimelee. PS. If you see a porn ad instead of the mp3 download, then it means the webhost doesn't like your connection..... Sorry if that happens.
  11. Well, in a basic sense, does anyone have any version of Bleem which works in Windows 2000?
  12. Yep.... They have it explained well.... A ROM is just well, a carbon copy of a game, except in data format..... =P And yes, arcade dumping is really expensive. But the catridge console emulation is fortunately less expensive, still expensive though, I remember the time I still saw them in "shops" they are usually twice the price of the console itself...... what GryphonKlaw said is usually the rom dumpers are usually the bootleggers itself, so that they can "return" the losses they get from trying to dump the darn thing.... XD Actually the biggest reason on why the new generation console systems and arcades are hard to emulate is not the rom, but more on the emulation itself, they simply are a whole lot more complicated than the old system. And a lack of documentation about the system. (No data to copy, they resort to trial and error, which might take forever and a day... =P ) The biggest exception to these rule that I saw was the N64 and the Gameboy Advance emulation.......
  13. Well, it might be the same case as mine. My case is that one of the ROM files that I used for FBA KOF2003 has in an incorrect file extension. You should check the rom file names.
  14. Well, for me, the NeoRageX version is kinda useless for me because I'm a keyboard user...... I need the keyboard fix.... I hope it can come someday...... >.< But I noticed that when I used a customized FBA for KOF2003, the keyboard problems doesn't happen. Then I guess it is related to the emulator itself.
  15. OK, this might be lame but........ Has anyone tried/downloaded the NeorageX version of KOF2003 and KOF2003 Plus and then trying to make them run on WinKawaks 1.46? Just curious.... ^^
  16. Hmmm... It's probable that it is installing some new drivers for.... something.... Did you get new hardware or something? ....And.... Do you have Norton Anti Virus on your system?
  17. Well, it depends on the card and manufacturer. Since you have a Athlon (Not XP right) processor, go to this website http://www.powertweak.com and download the program and the crack somewhere...... For your Radeon 9700... Try searching tweaks and stuff for your video card at www.tweak3d.com. Even though it's primarily Nvidia stuff you can get there, I remember some ATI Radeon tweaks there.
  18. Captain Commando's Captain Storm : I'm a sentai freak so..... ^^ Yamazaki's HSDM (And LDM in KOF2003) : The one where he repeteadly stabs the opponent (His pose before the stabbing was well... Priceless... XD) on the ground then in the end bites them and throws with his teeth...... Any of Hinako's special moves : Well, it kinda makes me wonder a petite schoolgirl like that can throw the likes of Chang just like that...... O_o Most of Lin's moves : For some reason, Duo Lon's specials don't impress me, but Lin does.....
  19. Well, here's my suggestion. It is true that the bottleneck of your CPU will affect the video card, so get those budget video cards... Like the GeForce4MX ? But..... Unfortunately... The most needed for 2D emulators is just an Nvidia TNT video card. And 2d emulators won't get any speed inscrease at all, and 3d emulators that support Direct3D will get less than 30% speed increase. The best speed improvement is on real Direct-3D compatible PC games. Oh yeah, have your tried tweaking your CPU / Video Card yet? GryphonKlaw : If that's the case your computer needs a serious tweaking.... I have a Pentium 3 = 650Mhz computer with a Geforce2MX and every 2D emulator (Including MAME) does not slow down. It only slows down with the dedicated 3D emulators such as Nebula Model 2 and Zinc. Perhaps your comp needs some extra RAM ?
  20. It's the same problem as mine I think. After loading the game and seeing the error, click yes on the prompt about giving advanted technical info. It should give the error. For me it was the a different CRC and filename extension of the ROM.
  21. So... Basically what you have is an Arcade game ISO? O_o I don't remember any DDR being emulated besides well, on the other consoles as well...... =/
  22. I thought it has "kinda" existed..... The system name is...... a Personal Computer And it's most popular moniker is.... EMULATION.......
  23. Well, the CRC is wrong.... OK... Sue me..... =P What I did is rename the extension to bin and load the ROM. FBA said CRC does not match, ignored it and it loaded the game fine... So its alright now.... =P
  24. It looks for "271-s1.bin" although the KOF2003 in MAME32K has "271-s1.rom". I ignored the errors (It said didn't find file.), so basically the romset loaded didn't have the S1 file.... O_o Nope, it didn't load. It specifically wants that filename..... =P
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