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  1. Since most DSL providers will give you a DSL/Router combo device, you could try port-forwarding. http://www.portforward.com has instructions for common routers on how to enable port forwarding on those routers. Also, your firewall might also be the culprit by always-yellow bittorent connections, try changing it's settings to allow bittorent to use any port it desires.
  2. This might be considered straying away from the real topic and the problem was already solved but I need a clarification on K'Dash's reply...... Then what would I call it then? Isn't that a Windows feature? I don't know what to call it then....
  3. Maybe the original file you have has the problem. And what file type and/or extension is the movie you're trying to convert?
  4. Maybe your problem is NOT a problem, but A WINDOWS FEATURE. It is called hibernation. Basically hibernation is like shutting down your PC but all the memory and actual loaded programs will still be there when the computer is turned back on. To disable hibernation, go to Control Panel and go to Power Options, choose the hibernate tab and uncheck enable hibernation. Also there are hibernation shortcuts when you press sleep in your keyboard and/or motherboard. Although I forgot how to disable them.... ^^
  5. Well, first you need to "audit" your files, it's for the emulator to recognize the games that it has support for high score posting. It works just like your typical emulator except you can upload your scores on their website. It's kinda neat to compete for high scores on old games. Gives it a little point.
  6. It is probably your copy.... My version of Warcraft 3 is warezed as well and it works perfectly. PS, My Windows XP is warezed but my SP2 is original..... =P
  7. The Super Robot Wars/Taisen series are Strategy games, ala Front Mission.... So I don't think it counts.... I'd classify it as "fan-fodder" games though... Like Gran Turismo... (In a sense..) Hey!? Where's the Shin Megami Tensei series!!!!??? Err.... The game is about the "end of the world".... And of course the two sides will battle it out, and the world is their battleground, and the hero gets a devil summoning program to enable him to umm... Recruit Gods, demons, spirits... And other stuff.... A game where you have the choice to oppose Lucifer, YHWH, OR BOTH.... Its like the wierdest taboo.... But if you understand the logic of Law VS Chaos in the game.... You'd understand..... And it's like a Atheists view of the end of the world.... O.o Of couse if you are a Christian the endgame might offend you......
  8. I suggest getting those really cheap IDE to USB converters (I got one for like 5 bucks... O.o) and get a Hard Disk..... =P Second solution is something like Norton Ghost , or set your Compression program (ie. WinRAR) to split the files into a size that would fit a CD-ROM (ie Less than 700/640MB)
  9. River City Ransom EX Yu-Gi-Oh : Reshef of Destruction Lufia : Ruins of Lore Samurai Jack : The Amulet of Time ANY Super Robot Wars/Taisen game.... ^^ River City Ransom : I know this a an "improved" port.... But any Double Dragon type game with RPG elements/stats thrown in is tops in my book... Yu-Gi-Oh : Reshef of Destruction : It's an RPG with Yu-Gi-Oh card game battle rules..... It's bizarre enough to try... Lufie : Ruins of Lore : Well, it's just another RPG.... Samurai Jack : The Amulet of Time : It's a bit Metroid esque..... But its fine, not exceptional, but heck it's loads better than ANY of the Cartoon Network games I've seen so far..... Super Robot Wars Games : Hey, I'm a SRW game fan... And always a fan of crossovers... It's a Front Mission type game with crossovers of Mecha anime. ie. Gundams, Mazinger Z's... Those types of animation.... With a mishmash of story.... ^^
  10. Well, in computer terms.... 8 Bit is equals 1 Megabyte.... So..... in case of 1 GigaBit of data (1028 Probably)...... In megabytes it's 128MB..... It's not that bad.... You can fit like 4 huge GBA games. Those 256 Megabit ones.......
  11. Well, it's like this... In a basic sense, Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Collection is a fighting game, so which the fighting is most important (Story is second.). So when a game made in Japan boots in all X-Box hardware, there a chance a lot of people will import a the Japanese version since, it is already available and playable regardless of the region of your console. And because of that... The localization of the game will suffer because of less sales, because a lot of people bought the Japanese version already. That is company logic.... ^^
  12. Of course, EVERYTHING. Err... Don't you have any copies (CD) of the programs you installed?
  13. OK, since you have the cable and since it's just two computers.... Here's what you gotta do... 1)Set an IP address for both of those computers. (The first one can be, then the 2nd one is 2)Have the first computer ( connect to the internet. 3)If you have Windows XP. Enable internet sharing for that Internet connection. 4)Then in the 2nd computer, change the settings as follows : DNS SERVER : Gateway : I think that's it..... ^^
  14. Hmm... These things come in my mind.... Try a different driver..... Try finding a lower version, a higher version, just try a different driver. Secondly, is your computer overclocked? Overclocked computers also overclock their PCI/AGP hardware as well (They're related). Third, what Windows are you using? If You're using Windows 98 or above use the drivers that have WDM over them.
  15. Well, I can suggest somrthing (This applies to Quake 3 primarily, although I think it can also work to UT2K3. In 1 vs 1 matches, it is suggested NOT TO RUN. Why? Any kind of sound you will make will make your opponent aware that you are close. Remember the respawn points for players as well. When you just killed another player, it is a good thing to walk when you're near a player respawn point, because most players will immediately try to find a good weapon as you sure have the upper hand and will run. So you will hear footsteps, when you hear the footsteps, you know they're there..... Thats all I remember for now..... >.<
  16. Our country is the Philippines so, it's kinda slightly different. The are literally too much internet cafes in this country today, more than 90% of them have programs and stuff unlicensed to be used on an internet cafe (Well, besides being pirated... hehehe).... Currently the boom with the net cafes here are MMORPGs, besides limiting the space requirements (As MMORPG are too addicting) , it gives them extra income by being middlemen in game to real money transactions (hehe) and selling prepaid card needed to play on the pay to play MMORPG... The current obsession of net cafe players is Ragnarok Online. CS? It died when Ragnarok Online came along.
  17. Well, in reality ALL GAMES are released ahead of schedule, it's to make sure they reach the sellers in time for release, so it probably means the piraters have got the game from the suppliers who got it way ahead of schedule or there's really a leak, I think the first 1 is more plausible, since the most hyped games usually ship 1 month ahead of schedule, ample time for pirates to get it from the sources......
  18. Oh, that... Go back to the "Hotel, and talk to the attendant there" you can save your game there.... ^^
  19. Hmmm... My way.... (I'm a simpleton.... =P ) Install Daemon Tools Install a BIN/ISO Creation program (Alcohol) Load the NRG file in Daemon Tools Copy the "loaded" CD with the BIN'/ISO creation program.
  20. 1)Defrag program. 2)Change your device drivers. 3)Check your BIOS settings, sometimes, a wierd BIOS configuration can cause slowdowns..... 4)FORMAT EVERYTHING.... Works everytime.....
  21. Yeah, although I'll never be able to do what he's able to do but.... I've actually seen someone do better than that guy.......... O_o
  22. Umm.. Excuse me for the noobness... But... Whats ROTT? >.<
  23. Wait... I've watched all of those! Except Magnos...... O_o Mecha addict? =P Episodes..... Hmmm.... Wait.... http://www.animesuki.com Search and you shall receive.... =P
  24. Agozer : Nope, a Pentium 3 uses a socket 370 motherboard while a Pentium 4 uses a Socket 478, which is a whole lot smaller then the socket 370....... K`dash : Well, ever since the Celeron's core has been replaced by one similar to a Pentium 4, changed sockets to 478 as well and then upped the main bus to 150. (I think, but still too low compared to the P4's 300+ Mhz main bus...) random guy : Yep, it will.... ^^ Umm... Wait.... There's an integrated VGA for that motherboard!!!?? O_O
  25. Hmmm... Might be an erroneous hard disk info.... Try Scandisk (On Windows 9X/Me) or chkdsk (Win2K,XP) Or a signal for a dying hard disk...... >.<
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