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  1. I have well over 100 original DC games. I will try and post some pics here sometime if I can be bothered making this room look tidy
  2. I thought it was the other way around. Or at least I always thought Friends was a show that women loved but men generally disliked. I won't miss friends at all ( the last show airs here at the end of the month) but my gf will be totally devastated as she is addicted to the show.
  3. If George Lucas is doing the dialogue again then you know it's going to suck. But hey, at least it will look amazing.
  4. It's pretty funny and probably the best machinima I've seen so far. Check out http://www.machinima.com/films.php if you want to see more movies and shows made from game engines.
  5. K`dash was correct first so gets the points New image up
  6. The Atari ST was a good computer but the Amiga 500 was just an all round better machine with a far better selection of games(eg Monkey Island 2 wasn't on the Atari ST) IMO. I love Amigas almost as much as I love the Dreamcast hehe.
  7. Also try Fire Emblem, it rules. It's on the of the few handheld games where I felt like I got to know some likeable characters.
  8. The last game to really piss me off was Viewtiful Joe at the end bosses. Damn that made me so angry I'm pretty sure Ninja Gaiden will annoy me even more when it is released here in a couple of weeks.
  9. Some DC games look stunning with a VGA box. It is well worth the effort of getting one.
  10. Good luck to everyone who has exams coming up. I am so glad I am past that point in my life
  11. I think so, yes. Video games are not yet as accepted as other "adult" forms of entertainment like movies but the fact is they are a big part of my life and I can't see me ever giving them up. I was born into the video game generation man! I can't help it!
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