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  1. Did anybody else besides me import this title back in the day? It was sort of cheesy, but I thought it was really fun! I would be playing it righ now if it didn't grow legs and walk away (if you know what I mean). If anybody else who played the game, do you remember the one robot who was armed with two guns and his special he would go across the screen with a flaming fist? What anime did he come from?
  2. Is there a website out there which is similar to the late mame.dk? A website that listed the games mame supported and also told you it's parent rom if it had one?
  3. I see alot of people have icons and animted gifs they made from various arcade roms. Is there a program that extracts these sprites from roms (I want to extract some CPS2 sprites) or are you guys pretty much playing a game on an emulator, pausing it, then taking a screen capture to get the sprite? I'm just curious.
  4. Capcom should have really regulated the usage of the Street Fighter name. They shouldn't have allowed Street Fighter The Movie (live action) to come out or that bad anime series Street Fighter:V (I think I just watched that anime for the kick ass intro song, hehe). Then there was also crappy Street Fighter Alpha the movie (anime). Grrr.
  5. I actually never liked Paper Mario, it seemed too slow paced for me. I was all about Super Mario RPG though, but I didn't like Paper Mario. I tried playing it on my Xbox a few days back and I quickly lost interest with the game after like the first hour.
  6. I lord, I hated Fighting Vipers 2. That game's programming was a total mess. It had a ton of glitches in it. I couldn't tell you all of them off hand since it's been such a long time ago, but I remember some of the stage finishers were broken. One thing I just wanted to add is that Sparkstar on SNES owned Rocket Knight Adventure for Genesis. When I had that game I used to play it like CRAZY! I must of beaten it like twenty times. The good old days of gaming when you actually had the patience to beat the game more then once. Does Gundam Wing:Endless Duel for SNES count as an underground game? That's one my most favorite fighting games ever.
  7. Yeah, Street Fighter Ex was Takara, ya know, the guys who used to port mad NeoGeo games to the SNES and Genesis back in the day. I'm going to stay optimistic about this game. I'm not going to flip out already and be like "WOW! I WANT THIS GAME NOW!" The more hype you build up for a game the more you wind up being disappointed in the end. I just pray it works! Actually, I'm pretty sure it'll work, I just hope there's balance. I doubt there will be any 100% combo in this game though. The only thing I can say I don't like about the game so far is the arenas. I don't like the incage thing that seems to be apart of every stage. All the previous King of Fighters games stages have pretty much been them fighting in the streets of various locations or at places setup for them to fight with a crowd cheering all around them except for the boss stages.
  8. Yeah, I wonder how much it actually sold.
  9. So, is the high quality game The Matrix going to win any awards for how fast that POS sold?
  10. I was just taken a guess off the top of my head, but like I said, developers who make 3D fighters have gotten lazy now a days. 10-14 characters and they're good to go. The more fighters you add into a game the harder it is to keep them all interesting and balanced (well, some companies now a days don't even try for balance) so I guess I can see there are less characters in games now a days. Then you got games like Dead or Alive which is have like 5+ different costumes for each character. Then there was that strange anomolity called Tobal 2. I wonder would happen if KOF:Maximum Impact had 200 characters, I think the casual gamer's head would explode.
  11. Ahh, recent? Fighting companies have gotten lazy. Probably Tekken 4, I remember them having alot.
  12. The Dreamcast has probably been emulated before, but everybody who figures out how to do it The Matrix sends agents after them.
  13. Xbox Next doesn't have a HDD, it's gonna have a Flash Drive (like did you ever see in the stores those flash sticks that hold 256MB of memory? Yeah, that's them). Which is a solid form of HDD without moving parts. It's supposedly cheaper to make Flash Drives and they're going to replace HDDs, but we'll see if that happens. I just hope Xbox Next has alot of system memory. That is what really hurts consoles, they want to be skimpy with system memory. That's why most Xbox games can't go beyond 16-player games and they're laggy because there isn't enough memory.
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