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  1. thank you so much, I do it with chankast all the time but didn't think about doing it on this, lol!
  2. I just got Onimusha 3 for PC, although it runs in window mode, I can't seem to chane the video mode of it as is in game and can't seem to make any changes. Please help for anyone who has it.
  3. I win, I have the NTSC version. Plus, no need for DT3.29 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, what do ya know, something new everyday!!!
  4. AHAHAHAHA Newbish? Tell me what experienced is then. Again it was just a question, I mean, that would be great, it makes it better cuz I'm used to it. Don't be black and white guys, be sympathetic.
  5. Streetfighter 3rd Strike, works perfect on my computer. Lets see, use Daemon Tools 3.29, and get the "Dreamcast Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (Pal Fixed).cdi" version. In Chankast I use Z write and Alpha Z write ". Have it 640 X 480 video mode with VGA cable type.
  6. Just a question, whenever I play emulated games, I have scanlines, this fixes up a lot of that "everywhere pixels" type of thing. You know what I'm talking about, is there a way to do that with Chankast? any separate programs that whenever you run puts scanlines on the monitor or something. It would really help.
  7. there are rumors of a 2.5 downgrade, with a quick google search.
  8. well, I know that sony screwed me with their crap. I was trying to play GTA. I can only wait with my hands squeezed, for a 2.6 downgrader.
  9. I just upgraded my psp to 1.5 to 2.6, now.....I'm screwed if you know what I'm talking about. I can't run homebrews and all the good stuff. Shoot, I'm screwed now, my PSP is worthless, so, please do not upgrade.
  10. Well, I borrowed my cousins ps2 but I don't know if its mod chipped or not. He doesn't know either. It does play burned music cds though. I don't know if thats enough. I know I should try a burned game but that would require a lot of process. Is there any other way I can find out?
  11. .sfv files I have for this game. But I can't open them or extract them. They're in different volumes.
  12. Around Aug-4 or 5th, I found the patch. I've been playing it since, but didn't get time to post it on the forums. One time I tried but my internet got screwed up. So yeah, I didn't find the patch yesterday. I've been playing it for a while now. If you really knew that patch existed before me Agozer, why didn't you even tell me?
  13. Damn man, why do mods sound so straightforward and monotonous. Heres a patch for english story mode. First change in main GGXX folder in Program files from "the square looking character before reload" to "#" now put the patch in there and install it. Tadaaaaaaaaa! That character is "#" in japanese. Come on Agozer, a quick search on Google and looking around found me the patch. U didn't know it existed? ggxx_epatch.zip
  14. Hey, is there any way to play PC Guilty Gear XX in English. I don't play the game at all now because I don't even know whats going on. Theres so much talking in the game but its all japanese. Please tell me theres a way to play it in English!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the music guide. I'm gonna add my own music in it.
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