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  1. Hi all. What controllers do you guys use when playing on emulator? I figured keyboard has reached its limit and i need something better to play my games on....so I wanna ask you guys to see which ones are good and which are bad. Now. There is that famous X-Arcade...(very expensive..) However I thought it wasn't so good as I need to play KOF and the button layout does not favor SNK games. Saulabi SCS-2000 USB Arcade Joystick ->this is the one I am after. Quite cheap at playasia.com, I think it is worth it. It has a 4 button layout for SNK games. Anyway, tell me what you guys use eh?
  2. SO...What do I do with all this? I checked the romset with romcenter. It seems what I really need is the latest Neogeo bios from MAME. Just like you said.
  3. Hi all I recently downloaded a kof2k2 rom from ****** (was about 92megs i think). I am currently trying it out on MAME32plus 0.98 and I had a problem with the 265-m1_decrypted.bin file( said I didn't have it), but overcame that by renaming 265-m1d.bin into the above. I can now run the game on the emulator, but I cannot insert any coins! I can watch the opening but can't play the actual game itself. I checked 'audit' under the game, and this is what it said- kof2002 : sp-s2.sp1 131072 bytes INCORRECT CHECKSUM: EXPECTED: CRC(9036d879) SHA1(4f5ed7105b7128794654ce82b51723e16e389543) FOUND: CRC(698ebb7d) kof2002 : 265-m1_decrypted.bin 131072 bytes INCORRECT CHECKSUM: EXPECTED: CRC(1c661a4b) SHA1(4e5aa862a0a182a806d538996ddc68d9f2dffaf7) FOUND: CRC(ab9d360e) I am guessing I need those two files to run the game properly. Can you please help? Oh yeh, one more thing. I noticed Kof2k2 roms are only about 40megs. Why is the one I have twice that? Does it have anything to do with encryped and decrypted set? and what is the difference between them? Thanks alot guys. Mod's edit: Please do not mention romsites by name.
  4. English and Korean. Learned Japanese for 3 years and quit learning German after 5 months of it.
  5. You don't get it... Okay. It's like this. Since Hanzo's shadow replica was removed from SSVSP, it doesn't really matter but to do Galford's It is quite difficult. Get your Keyboard out right now. Okay. Select Hanzo in SSVSP, get into practice mode(can't do in NRX), then try doing Mozu Otoshi(f,d,df+Slash) or Bakuen Ryu(d,b+Any button). They come out in a flash! For instance, To do Bakuen Ryu, all you need to do is press DOWN, BACK buttons and Slash. If I try to do Shadow Replica with Galford in a exactly same manner, (f,hcf + A or I should press FORWARD, BACK, DOWN, FORWARD and A or B buttons right? well, it doesn't work. I have to press 5 buttons sequentially but it won't do the move. Explain this. The Same goes for Haohmaru's Huge Slash(f,hcf +slash) and just about any moves that involve f,hcf motion. EDIT- Also, Hanzo's hcb+AC move works for me but hcb+BD don't. WHY is that? By the way, which Patch shall I download? samsh5sp-p1_3e3961f5_to_079e5eca.zip samsh5sp-p1_4cc4bcae_to_c5158449.zip samsh5sp-p1_4cc4bcae_to_fd5d221c.zip samsh5sp-p1_SRAM-hack_by_creamymami.zip samsh5sp-p1d_4cc4bcae_to_24f2a6ab.zip samsh5sp-p1d_4cc4bcae_to_b07fa849.zip samsh5sp-p1d_4cc4bcae_to_c1ab7677.zip samsh5sp-p1d_4cc4bcae_to_c5158449.zip samsh5sp-p1d_4cc4bcae_to_fd5d221c.zip samsh5sp_p1d_4cc4bcae_p2d_7114a210.zip samsh5spbw-p1_4cc4bcae_to_b07fa849.zip samsh5spez-p1_4cc4bcae_to_c1ab7677.zip samsh5spez-p1_9291794d_to_deb7af05.zip samsh5sph-p1_3e3961f5_to_079e5eca.zip samsh5sphc-p1_d190102f_to_01e4b860.zip samsh5spkw-p1_4cc4bcae_to_24f2a6ab.zip
  6. Hey guys, where do I find the P rom or whatever? This is supposed to fix the Zetsumei Ougi in NRX right? (instead of issen animation...) Is there a way to make it work instead of downloading a patch for it?? (on NRX I mean..) I downloaded the S rom from Agozer's site and replaced it but it hasn't changed the look of the bars...?why? BTW I run SSVSP from NRX so there you have it.. Oh yeah, this is what I wanted to ask all of you ever since I began playing Samurai Shodown series... How on Earth do you do some of these moves????? For eg: Hanzo and Galford's Shadow Replica-f,hcf + A,B it will never work if I input normally...I have to do the input motion REALLY SLOWLY for it to work 6 out of 10 attempts... this makes it useless in battles and it's really sad cos Hanzo is my fav. character along with Sogetsu...... is there an emulator which enables all the moves to be done properly? NRX sure doesn't... ANYWAY, how do I fix the Z-Ougi in NRX?
  7. And. Black Clark, what the blue flocking hell where these guys thinking? Exactly my point!^-^ where can I get the pictures for this upcoming episode of KOF? I read that K' looks strange..?설마 나의 K'에게 무슨짓을?!
  8. I totally agree with you ^-^ I thought the most outrageous one was Clark's. The prettiest one was Leona's. It's a good thing she got an alternative too because she looks exactly the same as her 1994 self even in 2003....
  9. Bah..too bad you remained the same...so did I..I am kinda jealous too^-^ anyhow, so the KOF2K4(supposedly) is now KOF XI? personally, I am so~ sick of Iori Yagami. He's very cool, however he requires a new outfit...Even Kyo got a changeover twice... I don't know if anyone else played KOF MAX IMPACT, but Iori in that was so fresh-looking and I loved it!(a bit of resemblance to Shen woo though...the open shirt over his bare top and chains on trousers etc) Oh well, what are your opinions guys?
  10. so...it is a game?(when you said episode I thought like, maybe an anime?) Where can I get more information on this people?? (griff and agozer became a mod??.....) 조켔당...ㅋㅋ
  11. Kof 11? what is this about? What site are you talking about?
  12. I remember threads like this one....I am pretty sure it is not the first of its kind. Anyhow, I am 18, turning 19 on November. So many youngsters in this forum....heh.... and what is with the new smilies? There are so many new ones...this one being my favourite----->
  13. Okay, sorry about that. I breached a rule already...heh... I will not make another mistake!(or at least try not to... )
  14. The Korean Women's basketball team lost to NZ womens team... They never made it to the quarter finals....
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