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  1. Commericals. I don't know a damn thing about football lol.
  2. This might sound dumb, but can you have the game running at all times even if your not playing against someone else when playing on Kailara, and then they can just join right in? Just wanted to know cause KOF takes a little bit of time to load up on my computer in MAME.
  3. Thanx for your suggestions. I'll try them out to see if any of them work.
  4. No, there isn't anything running that would make that happen I dont think.
  5. Ok, well way back when I first had got NeoRageX the sound was fine, all of a sudden the sound started skipping. I mean the sound play it just keeps going in and out constantly. This happens in all my emulators with every game. I have no idea what could of happened to make the sounds skip, any help would be great (its finally getting annoying to me lol). THanx for any help.
  6. is there a SNK Vs. Capcom for NeoRageX that doesnt freeze when the match starts? (any links would be great as I have had no luck)
  7. Hey, this is my first post here. I've been visiting the boards recently and you guys are very helpful so I thought I'd give this a shot. I cannot find any info on what you need to do to get the emulator and the roms to your X-box. I have a feeling burning has something to do with it . I have a DC so I have played some games on that, that I have had to burn (but no emulators). I searched for a couple hours for any FAQS on this and I cannot seem to find any at all. Some questions are does the X-box have to be modded and also some of the stuff about the newer games not working correctly is kinda confusing to me. Any help would be extremely greatful, thanx a lot.
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