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  1. Not so of a perfect choice,but its time for us to catch up his posts.XP
  2. XD Sony want Big N to earn more money!XDXDXD
  3. Wow,English..... [bTW] Where Do U get those skins?
  4. yes! and there gonna add characters from MAXIMUM IMPACT but damn!!! im gonna Miss Ralph! he kicks some serious ass, not to mention the best competition usually use Ralph i coudnt care about the other 2 because the deadliest Iraki solders were Hiedern and Ralph oh yes, i didnt see Chang or Choi on the current list either WTF?!?! Who is Miss Ralph? Ralf? Or Ruff! He miss ralf,not Miss.Ralf.lol
  5. Yeah.Think Of the old good Leona.
  6. Make Sure You really Kill Someone,lol.
  7. HOW DO YOU USE COMMAND PROMPT?I Wanna try using MAME,but it says use it by using command prompt.I dragged MAME to Documents And Settings,and Somehow I can't seem to use it?ANy Pro can gimme a FAQ here to let me know how to use it? Cheers
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