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  1. does anyone have the cheat codes to remove the censoring from kof 2k and 2k1? kof 2k2 has such a code, so i assume such a thing does (or could) exist for 2k and 2k1.
  2. anyone have a Kawaks transparency/blend file for Metal Slug 4?
  3. ok, thanks for clearing that up. it seems to me that these hoarders are taking the microsoft mentality to heart pretty bad. hoard stuff until it's absolutely necessary to give it up (or get it stolen/leaked from them), and hiss and spit at anyone who attempts to get them to give stuff up. hopefully this sort of thing won't be repeated with any of the next-gen arcade emulators and roms when they're released (cps3, atomiswave, etc.). just my humble opinion.
  4. admittedly i've only been really following the hard-core emulation scene for about 6 months or so, but there are a few things i still wonder about. lately we've had a bunch of major rom releases (svc chaos, samsho5, mslug5, kof2k3). each of these releases has been plagued with problems that stem from p roms needing hacking. that is to say, to get these roms to work in kawaks/nebula, the p rom hacks are needed. this is because the current versions of those programs don't know how to properly decrypt the p roms. my lack of understanding of the internal workings of these sorts of things irritates me, as it does others, no doubt. i would therefore kindly ask that some who are in the know enlighten us as to what's up. some people create their own compiles of mame (james comes to mind; keep at it, man, great job) that are able to run the latest roms without hacks, which is fine for them. i, however, really do prefer kawaks to mame, which means i have to wait at least a week after the rom is released for someone to come up with a hacked p rom. what i don't understand is why that process takes so long. to create a compile of mame that runs a new rom, you need a specific driver for the rom. once this is known, is it really so hard to create a tiny little program that applies the routines in the driver to the rom so that it becomes playable in kawaks/nebula? like i said, i know nothing about the technicalities involved; i'm merely curious about it, is all. speaking of kawaks, i have seen a winkawaks romcenter dat file whose header includes a reference to kawaks 1.48; anyone know if this version will be released soon? should be pretty nice, includes drivers for some of the latest roms. and on a related note, why is that the loaders that are needed to enable the running of the latest roms on kawaks are limited to kawaks 1.46? kawaks is closed-source, but it seems to me that since we have loaders someone out there should be able to create a loader that can run with 1.47b, which is the latest version that's actually obtainable.
  5. Anyone have a Kawaks/Nebula cheat file for Metal Slug 2? I've looked around and haven't been able to find one. Trying to actually make some cheats with Kawaks' cheat search function didn't help much either....
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