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  1. I admit, I lost track of this place. Probably because I was out of town for two weeks straight, following by many weekend trips. What can we do? What this place needs is a good multi-player game that we can all come-together to play like a guild or something.
  2. Personally I thought it tasteless of Americans to be out on the street chanting "USA". They looked mostly like college kids though so I guess its not surprising. Still... a victory for sure but classless behavior imo. Do I think this may double terrorist efforts against us? Replacing a dictator like Saddam or Gadhafi is one thing... but who's to stop them from taking up Bin Laden's mantle as the face of a religious terrorist regime?
  3. Well hopefully they will do some good for their country.
  4. So do English people have no pride in their monarchy? An interesting question would be, how would you feel if you were born into royalty? Being taught of the importance of carrying on a lineage and familial history that has endured for hundreds of years and the pride that comes with it (along with the backlash), the concerns of a country as well and then asking yourself if its as pointless to them as it is to you? What I know is, nobody asks to be born. There are worse things society's tax dollars have gone to...
  5. ^Abbie Cornish all the way. Justified, Camelot, The Borgias, Game of Thrones. Batman The Brave and the Bold Lol.
  6. ^A healthy dose of wife? Lol I apologize if that was too crude? Congratulations cinder, she is lovely.
  7. They're trying to use sea water to cool the reactors.
  8. Welcome back. Remember, no one can fight loneliness. As shitty as the world seems, there is good in it worth our attention.
  9. The posthumous and missing people notwithstanding, a very important question is how the world will deal with the fact that its third largest economy is going to deal with this disaster. Japan's economy was already doing badly before the tsunami, now they are officially fucked. Nuclear power plant problems on top of that. What's the ratio... like one in every six nuclear power plants are in Japan? Five of them are at critical levels... stocks all over the place are falling. Their situation is going to affect the world. I feel for their human losses. Tragic.
  10. Maybe when i'm done with ME2, i'm still playing through all the classes. Rolling an Adept right now, only have Engineer left. Insanity ftw. Do you think its required to play Dragon Age 1 first before 2?
  11. Whatup dudes, just wanted to share this with other gamers and garner support. So many of you have played Uncharted and Uncharted 2, and will probably play Uncharted 3. Some of you might have heard that the Uncharted movie is being made with David O. Russell who directed The Fighter, attached to direct and Mark Wahlberg starring as Drake. I told this news to a close friend of mine who is an actor when it was announced, showed him clips of the character and even played the game for him to know the story and details. For the last couple months we planned and plotted to bring this scene together and to promote his career, hopefully to land the part as Eddy Raja in the movie. Again, any support from you guys would be appreciated. Visit Scott Ly as Eddy Raja on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/eddyraja and http://www.scottly.com If you're down, like it. Spread the word, and thanks. There are also other small scenes from the shoot you can find in the suggestions for this video. Check them out!
  12. I cried like a child when my dog passed two years ago (which never happens), he was almost 20 yrs old. My condolences. I now have two cats of my own too. Do you have a picture of your cat to share?
  13. Thing is the games were like a melee Resident Evil type of game, but RE gameplay has changed since RE4 with the over the shoulder approach. I can't see a hack-n-slash (for what its worth) like Onimusha being played that way obviously, so are they going to revamp the engine to play like something else such as GoW and such? Then it would definitely stray from its roots but it might be worth it... jumping for a change? And they need to touch on the Oni race more this time around. No game has made being an "ogre" as cool as Onimusha lol.
  14. ^LOL. Underling, really? Is the underling hot?
  15. Come on buddy, you have to give me something. Can't say i've got experience trying to win a girl back but you might start out being honest. Tell her you fucked up and go from there?
  16. Lol too much to process. Good luck bro.
  17. I realize how overdue i am at this point but went through Mass Effect and am currently on Mass Effect 2, Thane's loyalty mission. Still need to do Samara's and get Legion, then do Tali's and Legion's loyalty mission before, hopefully, being attacked by the Collectors and having to go through the Omega 4 Relay. Honestly, i haven't been this engrossed in a game, much less an RPG, since my days as a pre-teen. Suprised that a game like this exists today and it has catapulted to become one of my top favorites of all-time. Cannot wait for part 3.
  18. The King's Speech. The first war-time speech Colin Firth makes as King, which is what the entirety of the film culminates toward, is thrilling to watch. I listened to the original recording of the real Bertie and Colin did a good job getting the subtle details of his voice. 8.5/10
  19. Taskmaster was recently involved in the Siege mini-series (most notable for the destruction of Thor's realm and the death of Robert Reybolds aka The Sentry) where he led the Thunderbolts in the invasion of Asgard under Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin aka Iron Patriot) as the new director of H.A.M.M.E.R. (reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. agency after the Secret Invasion mini-series). His ability I believe is muscle memory that allows him to copy the skills, abilities and moves of others including super heroes. I'm not sure if its a mutant gene or not but thats why he does the Spidey Swing move and Captain America's charge moves in-game.
  20. Yes, they're probably using the girls as a means to have Assange put on trial for more than just sexual escapades. I wouldn't be surprised if people even them off.
  21. Uncharted is happening. Only hitch imo is, its Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake... plus the director or writers are going for an extended "Drake family" situation who deal in the finer arts and shit like that. Nathan Fillion was supposedly up for the role but tbh I think he's too old and doesn't look the part, although his personality is right on. Mark Wahlberg on the other hand... dude doesn't smile.
  22. A great of example of american A.D.H.D. unchecked.
  23. Yeah I can't relate with that hipster stuff... maybe i'm getting old but I see shit like Scott Pilgrim and just see people fronting. Like where did reality go? Shrek Forever After... yeah.
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