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  1. Yeah that movie failed hard. I watched the entire series and am sad it turned out so badly. Visually it was nice, thats about the only thing Shyamallama got right. The sets and locations and costumes all seemed pretty accurate. But the rest was terrible. I liked the kid who played Aang, and the rest were being relative newcomers should've been given better direction by the director for playing their roles. I read Shyamallama got the idea for writing the script when his daughter asked to be Katara for Halloween several years ago, after which the family watched the entire series together... and he STILL butchered the movie after watching all the material. Sigh. He needs to let someone else direct the sequals. AAAND, he decides to show the Fire Lord in the first movie... DUDE DOESN'T SHOW UP UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE SHOW WTF.
  2. Thing I really hate at the dentist's is the smell, especially when they're drilling tooth enamel. That particular burning odor is not cool.
  3. Problem is who would make the game? You might think Capcom naturally because of MvC but DC has no incentive to follow that trend.
  4. Exactly, so why throw the book so soon? Lol
  5. I have a hard time understanding how a game like MvC2 is considered better than MvC3 when more than half the game in MvC2 was composed of re-used sprites from previous games, whereas in this 3, all the characters have been rebuilt from the ground up?
  6. I find it interesting that some of you are heated over the fact that this is happening. And if not heated then genuinely perturbed by it. I mean was there this much concern when Square decided to dive into the world of Disney?
  7. Hi, don't think I know you but i'm sure you're well-known throughout. Welcome back? Lol
  8. Nobody ever said that family doesn't come with a price. Thats the sad truth. Hell, just last night during my dad's birthday dinner, I get a bunch of relatives telling me about how they know this nice Korean girl they could introduce me to, knowing full-well I am in a committed relationship (she isn't Korean). My mom even goes so far to say "you can just spend time together as friends, you know, hang-out, have lunch together) and I have another cousin who openly asks to see a picture of my girlfriend and then say "well she's not very pretty is she" (they say that about every non-Korean who isn't a movie star) out loud. And you know, thats the type of shit i've come to expect from my family because thats how they are. Her husband was like "hey... don't say that" and she goes "we're family, it's ok being honest around family" to which I replied "well she's entitled to her opinion, not that it changes anything". I've learned not to care and let people's pov's matter because in the end, people will always believe what they choose to believe. It goes just the same here when we get into our discussions. People will believe what they want to and say what they want to. I find that tact is a less common trait in society now-a-days while I try to observe and practice it as best I can. But you can't expect it from other people, thats what i've come to learn. Not even from family. And they can continue to behave that way, the consequences they don't realize being that it just pushes me further away from them. Lol and I have no problem with that.
  9. Weeell I dunno about you guys but i'll be playing both. I, too, have been waiting for a crossover like this for years and to see it come to fruition is more than I could imagine. Deriving fun from the fact alone that these characters are coming together in a game is enough for me.
  10. I don't know why its such a big issue. Obviously Tekken characters can't have all their moves turned into specials for SFxTekken, but their most recognizable and useful ones i'm sure. For that matter, Tekken does have input moves like SF, they just don't visually and technically maneuver the same way because of their different engines. Paul Phoenix's QCF + P move is a good example. Kazuya's electric uppercut move itself is inputted much like a shoryuken, albeit a little slower inputting. Clearly the Tekken side will need refining to match their animations to fit in the SF4 world but its not like that would ruin the game imo. Hardly. If any number of these characters were invented before being labeled a "Tekken" character or a "Street Fighter" character they could be created for either series, programmed to work either way and none would be the wiser, they would just be another character in this or that game.
  11. Then she's just guilty of whoring the cock lol.
  12. Its also politics. Who gets to be the one that designs the game? Why should it look like one company's style over the others? Or if they try to blend the two, who owns the property? They do versions of each so that these aren't an issue and both get to "own" the idea of the crossover and to maintain the play styles of each without trying to blend the two for balance. Because there are fans on both sides who will hate on the other's style of gameplay.
  13. Because the play-styles are different for both titles.
  14. KoF's story is pretty decent too I guess. SF's story would be great but they hardly ever touch on it even though there are bits of it involved in most of the characters, and how it links back to the older characters and so forth. Even with SF4 and Seth being basically Gill and Urien's predecessor but never touching on it. I wonder if SFxTekken will be an alternate reality situation or a canon type of story, because I don't see why the two tournaments can't co-exist. Hwoarang will say towards Juri "You're only the Korean TKD champ because I was off chasing my bromance Jin around the world in the Tekken Tournament" etc lol
  15. Bro get tested, like right now. Lol.
  16. Welp i'm glad its Tekken instead of DOA, or even Virtua Fighter. I know ppl scream Virtua Fighter is the pinnacle of technical 3D fighters but Tekken has the better story and characters imo.
  17. I kinda feel like it should be Craig vs Sagat, just because of the size similarity. I hope Ganryu isn't in it though as he just a clone of Honda, though that will leave for not enough large grappler characters on Tekken side. Lol Devi, and ppl thought I was being picky with my MK rants.
  18. I kinda wish it was Jin instead of Kazuya being paired. But it'll be cool to see all the incarnations of Tekken guys in SF4 style. Steve Fox, Bryan Fury, Paul Phoenix, Eddy Gordo/Christie. Lol are they gonna include Marshall Law and we have two Bruce Lee clones? Def. looking forward to Sergei, Hwoarang, Feng Wei, Raven and Asuka. They'll even have their own fat guy vs Rufus lol.
  19. See, with that I can say they tried to design him more interestingly but fell short. This is why I think Ed Boon needs to step down or hire better creative/art direction.
  20. Bad. I've played Deception and I see Deadly Alliance but neither of them have made me say "wow they look cool." I'm not a picky person normally and i'm not trying to hate on MK for any reason, because i'd like to see it make a glorious return as much as the next person. I just look at it from then til now and feel like after MK2 its been a sub-par game in terms of visuals.
  21. Not everything. What I want is to maintain the core element design aspects of characters while making them more appealing. I mean take Johnny Cage for example, he's simply shirtless, with tight tron looking spandex pants and sunglasses. I guess thats unique for his character and he owns that "look" but the look itself isn't very good. How could they better it? There are ways to maintain the design but make it more appealing such as designing his pants/boots to look more appealing/sleeker with perhaps more interesting patterns. As for my comments about "better moves", I don't quite mean giving them new moves to change the character's gameplay but to make their existing moves look more flashy/better animated. I don't know if its motion-capture that they're using or animators behind the moves but they look very rigid and stiff, not fluid. Combined with the lacking costumes they've been given I just feel like the game's presentation is at a 6.5 when it could be at a 9. Look at the sprite transition from SFA to SF3. Character designers for Ryu/Ken have little to work with when their looks can't change dramatically so how do they improve the look of characters like that without changing their core elements? Well besides improving the art for the sprite, they played up on the sprite animations to be a lot more fluid from SFA to SF3. Everything from the move animations to their special moves and more. I hope this helps give an understanding of where i'm coming from, but I understand if you don't.
  22. I realize Reptile looks different, more like a reptile. But he looks dumb in his latest incarnation, thats just my opinion and you can refute it as you prefer. I mean I look at other reptilian 3D fighting game characters like Lizardman in Soul Calibur and the Reptile in this trailer is put to shame in my mind. Maybe i'm just being picky because I work in a professional art field, but i'm not gonna say otherwise when to me the characters in MK as it is could look a lot better in their design.
  23. I'm towards making Mortal Kombat better than what it is. To me its at like Round 3 of completion when it should be at Round 6, visually speaking. I want it to look better. If I was manager of directing the art i'd say it wasn't good enough keep working on it, is how I feel when I see the MK's since MK3 to current. And anyway, for you I suppose the blood and fatalities make MK, MK. To me its the characters and whether there's gore or not i'm indifferent towards. But its obviously not something the makers can ignore and nor would the fans so just like with SFxTekken there will be a TekkenxSF. If there was a SFvsMK with little to no blood they could just as well make a MKvsSF and have gore and death in it. Aside from getting off-topic, this is Capcom we're talking about. I might be ok with having let Midway publish MK the way it has been which to me is not very good, but Capcom has rarely disappointed me and especially not with fighters. I see Kazuya in SF4 style and it makes me excited that we're in this golden age of fighters making a comeback (yes, even MK included for what its worth), crossing divisions and if we could get a game like MK done by Capcom for a crossover, shit... i'd just be happy at the fact that they're even trying to do these things for gamers and i'm damn glad that they're expanding beyond Marvel and SNK into familiar favorites like Tekken and who knows what else in the next decade. MK perhaps? We'll need games like SFxTekken for progress to be made with a game like MK to be crossed with.
  24. Sprites? SF x Tekken uses SF4 gameplay style and engine. Tekken x SF will look like Tekken 6. I would be tired of SF if it was a sub-par fighting game but as it stands its still the dominant fighter in the genre, not to mention the fact that SSF4 for arcade will have two new characters revealed in September and possibly more for the PC version. I'd like a SF vs MK if Capcom got to design the MK characters. I know some of you think MK is all about the blood and death but the fatalities strictly speaking aren't that amazing, you like MK just because of the fatalities or for the rest? Anyway, looks like MvC3 won't be the only big crossover fighter to come and i'm glad that its SF x Tekken and not Capcom x Namco. No bizarre, ridiculous characters on both sides, some that players might not recognize at all. That means there might actually be a decent storyline, and not some alternate dimension craziness with a giant orb as the final boss.
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