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  1. By AsimSaa China planted its flag on the U.S. soil and pronounced the action as foreclose on the United States.As Chinese President Hu Jintao marched proudly with victory in hand out of the White House along with President Obama and halted on the lawn, a soldier of the Red Army of China came forward and planted a Chinese flag into the ground. Hu Jintao saluted in honor of the Chinese flag as China flag was planted by the soldier. “It was only a matter of time, but after many years of patiently waiting for the right moment, we have, in effect, foreclosed on the United States. Using weapons against the American people such as Wal-Mart, where we steadily drained the wealth of your country by filling the store shelves with cheap trinkets made by our slave labor, and by constantly buying your debt to pay for your military adventurism and empire building; we have effectively bought out your country; lock, stock and barrel”, President Hu Jintao stated briefly after the China flag was planted by the soldier. Read complete at ALLVOICES
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