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  1. Looking sharp man! Are you in university? Thanks! Nah, I never had the nerve to amass the amount of debt I would have needed to attend university. Right now i'm taking continuing education for a Health Science program. No, its not nursing, dental or radiography etc. lol
  2. hmm never heard of gumtree before. I tend to collect and don't like selling my possessions lol.
  3. dressed up for school accreditation board. if I look tired I was having a shitty week.
  4. Chrome is has multi-threading, not sure if Firefox has picked that up yet or not but it made me jump ship.
  5. Total Rekall. It was decent. You really ask yourself throughout the movie (if you're hetero)... Jessica Biel or Kate Beckinsale? lol
  6. Hi Bambi! Wow, that's a provocative photo—you've got some nice hair. Not that anyone cares but yeah I haven't been logging in much, i'm into my 4th week of school, second semester. Taking 18 units full-time at the moment. You can always try Google Translate or something on your phone lol.
  7. ? Am I the only Korean on this forum? I haven't been on in a minute though... do you guys still need help translating?
  8. Being humble isn't one of America's best qualities i'll say that much, where entertainment is predominant anyway. Our women are no exception.
  9. Name's Tanit Phoenix. She hosts Femme Fatales on Showtime atm.
  10. Porn's gotten boring tbh. I hardly pay for actual entertainment... let alone pornography lol. It's actually a fact that there's so much free porn out there nowadays that its killing the industry so Bambi, YOU GO GIRL.
  11. Well I think every woman from any walk of life wants a 6ft guy. They get all the tail. *glares at Fatal* But anyway, I suppose those kinds of women are more abundant along the coasts where 'liberalism' is predominant. Though it may be that feminism is a lot more apparent in America and by American women themselves. Emasculating men is a common practice today compared to yester-year. Before men believed spoiling women was an act of luxary only the elite could practice and they did it for good reason... to keep them happy while men cheated on them. But I suppose as modernity happened and the modern woman along with it, while men became more accepting of feminist ideals, women started to believe that their materialistic treatment became a standard as opposed to the placating practice it was meant for. Media also probably doesn't help considering shit like Sex & The City and The Real Housewive of some shit exists.
  12. I like the spiderman movies - but is it only me that finds a remake thats already been done so soon after a trilogy a tad odd? It seems to be a superhero trend, they are cashing in big time on this audience. I can't complain about the recent Batman movies though. Yeah i def get what you're saying. So I really think Marvel felt like they could improve on the first set of films because at that time they were all made by Sony and let's face it... part 2 and 3 weren't very good. And with the success of Iron Man, Cap and Thor which were all made by Marvel Studios that lead up to Avengers, I really think they're doing it to have their hand in what they feel is a more properly done version of their character and to have him cast in the next Avengers movie. As for Batman... no superhero movie in the next decade will come close to the quality of Chris Nolan's films. I mean when does a comic-book movie ever get nominated for Best Film at the Oscars? But that's Batman dude he's the best superhero among superheros. It's as if his character and portrayal is so specific and unique to be able to maintain this position that the best example I could compare it to would be our third rock from the sun in a galaxy filled with hundreds of millions of stars that is situated at the perfect distance to sustain life. That said however... The Dark Knight trilogy may be TOO good in that we may never see a Justice League film come to fruition because Superman and Wonder Woman will have a hard enough time competing with the success of Marvel's recent films, let alone Batman's. And if they do decide to make a Justice League film anyway... I fear they may end up going ahead without Christian Bale's Batman because Nolan's films are more like work's of cinematic art and not just box-office blockbusters. But i'm reserving my assumptions for how the new Superman turns out and if Joss Whedon and co. will ever get Wonder Woman off the ground so we'll see untll then. And you brits take two of the most iconic roles in all of pop-culture history too lol that has to be a win for you guys as it is.
  13. The Amazing Spiderman. They got his character done more properly than the first trilogy. Not sure if they set the cinematography apart enough from the first set of movies but it was pretty good. I suspect he'll have a role in Avengers 2.
  14. I suppose what happened is better than the possibility of it mauling another person, or a child by accident.
  15. What kind of dog was it btw? Different breeds require different needs after all.
  16. Sorry about your dog ems. But you made the right choice. Dogs are a lot of responsibility and many pet owners don't understand what it takes to keep one. Bad pet owners are everywhere. Especially those owners who think their dogs are their 'children' and treat them like humans, coddling them. Dogs are dogs, they are not humans at all and you're right, the pack mentality and behavioral conduct is how they function. They need a good pet owner to follow and guide them and treat them properly as indicative of their species. This is why i'm a cat person. I'm not active enough to take dogs out on walks two to three times daily, bathe and deal with their barking and whining. Cats are just easier to take care of. They clean themselves, they go do their business in one place. They don't make crazy screeching noises and bark at all times of the day. Most people don't know this but the total population of cats outnumbers dogs in this country... while the population of dogs outnumbers cats that have homes and owners. It's a sad reality as a pet lover. So next time you guys consider adopting (never buy pets from pet kennels or stores), consider giving a cat a home. They make great companions.
  17. The Foot Fist Way. If you like Danny McBride and low budget indie films its not terrible.
  18. Played it for a while. I was a pretty avid SSF4 player online and no slouch either. I've had my share of shittalking thrown at me for 'abusing' characters like Yun when he was first released by sore-losers. Coming from that into SFxT I can say it was different enough to pose a challenge for me who has played fighting games a lot. The Tekken side seemed to be more popular since their combo strings added more top-downs and high-low combinations that needed to be blocked accordingly. The one thing I couldn't get passed though is the netcode had a bug where the lag would cause the sound to simply not play out when hits would land for you or the opponant and it threw off my game with the slight latency and no hit confirm sounds... then I just got caught up doing other things. Figuring out complex tag juggles was pretty fun though.
  19. 60 Monk 60 Witch Doctor 60 Barbarian 53 Wizard 02 Demon Hunter It's a dungeon crawler. The complexity isn't in the controls, but the skill + rune combinations with items and how you fare in Inferno, cuz no amount of rabid mouse-clicking is going to save you in that difficulty without a good combination of those things. I myself came from D2 when I was in highschool and I played a lot of that. I stopped around the time Runewords came out and were being abused by pretty much everyone. I didn't advance inasfar as being a 'hardcore' pro because that game wasn't as leniant in terms of messing up stats and skills since they didn't let people simply pay to reset them like WoW or in D3 where you can change your skills + runes at any time (until a later patch after I stopped playing). I had about three 90's characters that were done 'right' -- A trap assassin, an elemental druid and a MF sorceress but still nowhere near as geared out and strong as some players who had mercenaries that could solo Diablo in Hell difficulty (other games took up my time too). I waited a long time for D3 and when it finally released, yeah I read a lot of the complaints and to be frank, most of it sounded like the 'veterans' piling on the hate because it wasn't a completely revamped version of their glory days in D2 that they had fond memories of. I mean seriously... why would Blizzard make a Diablo 2.5? Things that I really like about D3 is the fact that items are no longer categorized by type, such as cloth, leather, mail, plate etc. so any item can be used by any class (aside from the class specific items). Also how they made runes into altered skill modifications and not just a bunch of overpowered legendaries and rares that we could horde in our character inventories to boost ourselves to ridiculous levels, while pumping a few overpowered skills to max level and spamming those as opposed to what Blizzard wants us to do now, which is use a combination of all the skills assigned to hotkeys we have available. No more mana-leaching to infinitely spam skills. And with Inferno as difficult as it is... the creativity of skill + rune combinations is pretty important to help you survive while keeping things interesting and less stagnant as it was in D2 where I mentioned above... lots of maxing out the overpowered skills and spamming. Fact is, D2 by the time Runewords came out and after was just a broken game. Some people just have a hard time with change. Anybody who didn't let the haters dictate their choice in playing hit me up, veristic#1399.
  20. http://youtu.be/BSa0Xg-YadY http://assassinscree...n-US/index.aspx Announcement trailer just launched. Having played all four games (the last three back to back), I can honestly say this is a pretty noticeable departure. Gone are the regal and elegant facades of Renaissance Venice and Roma. Gone is the exotic and colorful bazaars of Constantinople. Now we get a revolutionary era, tomahawk wielding Native-American badass who hops around tree branches and logs instead of roofs and shingles in a heavily snowed in North-Eastern America. I hope he has at least a single hidden-blade... the artwork has him with two straps holding the Assassin Order emblem on his left forearm makes me believe he does. Hopefully. Read and discuss!
  21. Don't think i've ever seriously contemplated suicide.
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