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  1. I think I get along well with anybody, and I am a pacifist so I wont be starting anything. The quiet type but I am a happy drunk lol.
  2. ^I meant wasting your time if you wanted a relationship with a fat girl, when you're not naturally attracted to them. One-night stands don't matter.
  3. All I know is, you really like large girls then you don't mind getting with one. Those who are only curious about being with a rotund girl but don't see themselves really dating her, don't do it. If there's any bit of doubt in the back of your head against dating a fat girl that you're not attracted to, and you try to date that girl, your doubt will win you over in the end and probably end up turning the fat girl into a psycho like the one Kro mentioned for hurting them. When looking for someone to be with, you should go for the one's that really attract you, and most of the time they are the thin women with nice figures. Else you just risk wasting your time and the fat girl's. ^Agreed with Gryph.
  4. I don't really meet people like that, and if I do I wouldn't want to be around them. What kind of places do you hang around?
  5. Like Kros said, infatuation and love are two different things. But if you find a girl beautiful through your feelings and objectively, even if others may not and it doesn't matter to you, i'd say you're on the right path. Why are you scared? Other then the obvious fact that you're in a different country with a foreign girl who's future with together seems all but certain lol. I don't know how you envision where it's going with her, to a fork in the road or a linear path but either way, it doesn't mean whatever does happen there can't be a meaningful experience. Personally, I know I love my gf because despite the hardship i'll face with my own family dating a girl outside of the race, it doesn't matter to me and losing her outweighs the hardship. And I need that to love someone, a girl who makes me feel like the rest doesn't matter, I won't give her up. It's like an important choice you have to make for yourself that defines who you are. Maybe in this case its the fact that your "life" is thousands of miles away and there's this girl who might compel you take a road you've never considered. I dunno, but you get what I mean. It might be too soon to go there but something to think about. Meanwhile, yes, try to enjoy your time with her, however long that may be. Don't use sex to define your relationship. I'm assuming you already slept with her right? Define it with who you really are, don't be impersonal, showing that side of you who can sleep with a broad, be totally empty or apathetic and smile. Be vulnerable, be happy, be pure. Don't lie to yourself or her. K that's all I got.
  6. Lol I meant more along what Fatal said, and that those who feel alone or are alone because they don't have anybody in their lives need it SOMETIMES. I would think most if not all have felt alone at some point. Hey, why you made it I can't say for sure, you just wanted to get it out there maybe. You who says you don't care what people think or engage with but you clearly care about your own feelings and thoughts, its natural. So despite not caring about anything or anyone you gotta share what you do care about, which is yourself. That's fine, better than doing something crazy bottling shit up at least. And this place should be where you can feel comfortable to do that, don't let some harsh critics make it worse for you, your opinion of others I mean. I would work on how you get your messages across though lol.
  7. ^Lol I heard the exact same thing today from someone else. Karate Kid, not bad. Kid's got talent.
  8. New Tekken X Street Fighter Images: Ryu prototype. + New Street Fighter X Tekken Video (like old clip, plays out differently).
  9. Ok. I'll remember that when the next guy looks like watermelon on pavement without one.
  10. Wtf... Fameville? Not Farmville? or Frontierville? How many damn -ville games are there!?
  11. Looks fun. I hope you have a helmet dude.
  12. Centurion. Decent filler film, lots of grit and blood and death, and a hermit babe any man would want the hospitality of.
  13. Find a job? Kinda forces you to expose yourself to humans and the daily grind. Unless you already have one and am not content still. Or find a girl you really like, if she doesn't motivate you I don't know what will, aside from death itself. I'm sure any man can feel inadequate around the right girl, but if you really want to keep one, you'll have to get off your ass and work toward it.
  14. No. I refuse to let my family try and set me up. Not that there's nothing to gain from it, I just dont want people trying to influence and control me and who I want to date. If you like her, you like her. You say she's cute, make her change her frames. Lol and its good that the parents are on your side because dealing with her family is a pain in the ass altogether, whether they like you or not. Just easier with their support.
  15. Been watching Mad Men, halfway into season 2. It's a very different show, since there's no action or suspense of any sort but still grabs your attention, mine anyway. Does it very subtle. What's most interesting is seeing how people, especially men, were like in the 60's. Chain-smoking, sexually harassing chauvinists who always drink on the job, its pretty awesome.
  16. DOA graphics look like shit. Always have. I feel bad for Samus.
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