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  1. Droid does. Speaking of which, my homescreen.
  2. Not bad. Not my type but not bad.
  3. Lol emsley, it almost sounds like you've grown up around some psychologically abusive women or something.
  4. Ip Man was Bruce Lee's Wing-Chun master, so it is biographical but highly dramatized.
  5. Damn, that gweilo Ryan went kung-fu on them Chinese lol. Were they angry their women were flirting with a whiteboy from the states?
  6. The Walking Dead. Nothing like a good on-going zombie show. Is it the first of its kind? The graphic novels are great... fun to see it on-screen.
  7. ^Lol i turn the opposite when drinking hard liquor.
  8. Yeah dry gin is yuck for me. Ketel One vodka is cool... Crown Royal whiskey too.
  9. I got honked and naysayed at a drive-thru atm the other day. Was depositing some cash and I can't say for sure if the dude was talking to me but he was clearly irritated, if directed at me, that I was depositing some cash there. Saying shit like "hurry up wtf" etc. It hadn't even taken me five minutes to pull up, deposit and drive off and he was like "go see a teller" at fucking 7pm at night? Why do the atm's have options and equipment to take deposits if they didn't want me to use it? Am I wrong for using a drive-thru atm to deposit? Some nerve people have.
  10. Where is it bending? just in the middle? I used to use a glass plate on top of my desk when i used to use my heavy crt monitor, took some of the load off.
  11. Prolly cause older moms don't have time to waste playing a game when all they want is to get off eh.
  12. You have any pets? Walking your dog in a dog park or something you can approach a nice lady walking her pooch, strike up a convo, ask for her #?
  13. I'm interested as to how you came about to that conclusion? Every evil ex that shows up is a parody of some form of music or sub-culture, with the last one being essentially the "establishment" or "the man" and R&R overcoming it. You didn't get that from watching it? Maybe i'm just reading too far into it but it was pretty clear by the end of the movie for me.
  14. Scott Pilgrim. Didn't like it, as I expected. I can understand why people find it appealing, though I didn't like the obvious point the movie tried to make that rock & roll > other forms of popular music and culture. Musical arrogance, any kind of arrogance really, is lame.
  15. i5? What do you have trouble putting together? And I too am an AMD/ATI man.
  16. Unrelated but iOS 4.1 has a security bug where if you go to an iphone's security lock screen, go to the emergency call mode, dial any number and then immediately hit the sleep button and you can access that phone's entire call history, voice mails and address book. Try it out!
  17. Same, my best friend got himself a Rolex when his ex-gf didn't take his marriage proposal. Sold the engagement ring for the watch lol. I've tried wearing watches but never really enjoyed it, and jewelry for that matter. I haven't worn a watch since I was like 14. If I had to though for the outdoors i'd probably just get a useful G-Shock or something.
  18. This strictly junk food or... ? If so I really like jerky, of any kind really.
  19. ^Yeah I liked Pandorum. Need to see more of that german girl in films.
  20. Mmmm habaneros. I like the occasional Jalapeno but prefer just having a bottle of hot sauce with me. I wonder if you guys would like kimchi if you enjoy spicy food? lol
  21. Yeah Predators was great. The first one is still the ultimate guy movie imo. Not sure if I liked there being a "Big" predator and a "Small" predator business. Maybe I was just disappointed they off'ed the one modeled after the original Predator so easily (he was the one that was cut down by Adrien Brody). The reason why Predators and Aliens remain such classics is because they weren't just sci-fi movies, but injected with elements of horror and thriller + action. They need to make more stuff like that. The same reason why Pitch Black was such a cult hit and why the Riddick movies aren't as good.
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