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  1. I'm anticipating The Secret World myself. Not religiously, still holding my breath but the idea of playing an MMO without hours and days and months of grinding character levels, and the occult settings with a bit of paranormal atmosphere drew me in.
  2. Anyone know from experience if The Witcher is worth playing?
  3. Just beat Revelations 100% sync. On to... something else!
  4. Just beat Brotherhood 100% sync. Why do I bother? Lol... On to Revelations!
  5. I've seen her nude in an episode of Master's Of Horror, they're not fake for sure. They do look fake in that photo but yeah prob has extensions in. I don't think she's done anything to her face cuz tbh that photo makes her look better than she really does lol. I just like her personally.
  6. She's not a teenager obviously but they're definitely not fake.
  7. Have not played it meself. Isn't it mathematical or something? I'm terrible at math...
  8. They do annoy me but they don't drag me down, fortunately. You know we don't ask to be born, or get to choose who our parents are so that can't change. Only thing we can change is how to deal with family, and if that means going your own way then by all means, for your betterment.
  9. That sucks Ken about the CBR. Nice bike ems lol it would fit right in where i'm at right now. Currently been stuck in Compton for 3 days repairing the power steering pressure line hose at my friend's place... ordered the wrong part from autozone. Anyway, if I had the funds i'd like to cop these wald s13's for my sc. Also looking at these: My friend thinks I should paint my car white and get these gold rims: Not a big fan of gold rims for some reason... like gold teeth or something.
  10. can't remember if I drove it out there or not, it was only for taking the pictures lol
  11. Its great, good job guys, whoever worked on revamping the site.
  12. What do you guys and girls drive? What's your daily commuter, those of you who are fortunate enough to have a vehicle of your own? Mine is a 1996 Lexus SC400. Some of you may know of its popularity. 8-cylinder 275hp, 4-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive. I took it off my sister's hands since she can no longer keep up with its maintanence and she took the family car I was driving (06 Honda Pilot) for her use. I just put in new tires a few months back, Hankook Ventus V4 ES tires, along with new organic brake pads. Did some manual cleaning of the headlight and foglight oxidation so its a lot clearer now. It's got some clear coating coming off, mostly on the hood and various sections all around. I intend to give it a paintjob eventually but not sure if I will keep the color or go with something else. Multiple dents and scrapes throughout, it is a 16 yr old car afterall. Also plan on some new rims, nothing crazy... 18" or 19" at most. Maybe some wheel-spacers. It currently has some power steering pressure line hose leakage which i'm trying to fix, along with the power steering return hose that is very soft and can be squeezed with your bare hand. Needs new tinting in the rear windshield and doors as the film has peeled off a lot inside. The passenger side door doesn't open from the outside because the metal bar that screws in to the door handle from inside the door panel broke off where the nut screws in, friend welded some silver to it to remake the hole for the nut. The passenger side power window also doesn't work from the driver side control. A work-in-progress. Here are some photos: So, what do you guys drive?
  13. Staying up late, sleeping in all day. Mixed in with games and other shit to keep me entertained.
  14. Dead Island. I wish they spent a little more time on npc facial animations. They're all so stone-faced and emotionless... and the women are ugly too. My only other gripe is how easy durability on your weapons goes from like... 15 minutes of playing. Otherwise an amusing and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Who do you voodoo bitch?!
  15. So what do the British call their version of "white-collar criminals", i'm curious?
  16. Age of Zombies. Just upgraded my Droid Inc. to an Xperia Play, was a hassle finding the emulator apps since they've been removed from android market. So far i've played Super Punch-Out! and Some Pokemon Emerald on Snesoid and Gameboid and I must say, the upgrade was well worth it. I paid all of $0.01 for this phone.
  17. yo Ems, no offense I know he's your boy and all... but you should just avoid that guy, cuz he sounds like bad business.
  18. Oh well. So much for G4's Proving Ground. Maybe they'll find another co-star for Jessica Chobot to star with in the second season?
  19. Yeah I don't like games that require you to play co-op to get more out of the game either. I was gonna try Hunted: The Demon's Forge but yeah... Maybe when RAGE is out we should clan it up like I used to in the old Quake 2/Quake 3 Arena days. Thoughts?
  20. Bioshock 2 It was fun. Nothing like using a drill to smash people. Though you really need to play the first game to get a grip on the story, and not a long time ago, cuz you forget a lot and then get thrust into a lot of details in part two. Lol Ems we said to play Mass Effect 2 a while ago. I beat the game with all five classes minus Engineer, which i'm picking up again since ME3 was shown off at E3. I want my save-game to be ready by the time its out... plus I had no idea Arrival DLC was out in March.
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