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  1. Indeed I will own and play both. They had an interview about MK vs SF and that the game was in talks many years ago but nothing came of it at the time. They said the issue about the "blood" isn't a big deal because MK characters can retain animations for fatalities while not actually killing the opponents. Just adding blood instead of dismembered bodies. I'm glad its SF vs Tekken and not SNK again as thats been done already.
  2. Well from the gameplay cam video it looked like Kazuya was dashing under the hadoukens lol. Who knows, maybe they'll give some of the Tekken guys projectiles?
  3. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/jul/24/...comic-con-2010/ So two games are being developed: Street Fighter X Tekken (lead by Capcom, SFIV engine) Tekken X Street Fighter (lead by Namco, Tekken 6 engine) I have long waited for this day. I think for me its better to see new crossovers than old ones such as SNK (as much as Terry is the best). I will be thrilled to witness King and Zangief go at it (King ftw). Heihachi and Akuma brawling it out, Hwoarang and Juri kicking it up, Yoshimitsu and Vega etc. Woohoo!
  4. HTC phone manufacturer and Android, google's smartphone os? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tX-fdoG6e8
  5. Welp, looks like I was wrong and Thor is confirmed early. Along with Amaterasu. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/jul/21/...el-vs-capcom-3/
  6. Yes but even if the third one didn't lower the quality, the fact that the Matrix was in a way more sci-fantasy than anything makes Inception seem better, to me at least. I don't want to spoil too much for you but being in a dream, some director's (like the Wachowsky's) might see that as incentive to get very other-worldly and alien, which they did with the Matrix but Inception has to me a fine balance between abstract and realistic, the same way Nolan treated Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He didn't go over the top like some director's choose to but treated it cleverly abstract enough with other methods not relying on intense computer effects that made it flashy. This one movie was better than all three Matrix movies and it didn't need super kung-fu to do it. If you disagree with me though I think I can understand why, because its a very complex movie.
  7. $10 is cheap compared to where I live lol.
  8. Inception. I'm surprised nobody else has talked about this movie yet, because if you haven't seen it, you need to. Arguably the best movie of the year so far. For some people it might be a brainfart and be too complex/out there to be enjoyable but if you're the type of person to enjoy mind-bending, reality-twisting action-dramas like The Matrix trilogy, this is the movie to watch (because its better). 9/10 for me. I take a point off because I found Ellen Page annoying. You're gonna watch the hallway fight scene and speak out "what the fuck..." lol.
  9. I bet Thor is gonna be announced as one of the last characters unveiled, and it will be glorious. Who could be his Capcom counterpart? Pyron perhaps? I'm still waiting for Dr. Strange and Jedah to surface.
  10. I owned MK1 for snes and got kicked out of game stores for beating the employees at MK2 on arcade, after that the titles as we all know were not the cult-hits they used to be and I played them here and there, including the first 3D one on xbox or whatever and from then til now the game looks the same which is another way of saying it needs to look better.
  11. I didn't get into detail about what should change and what shouldn't. They don't have to have their outfits taken away but altered to be different/better designed and overall more appealing. You're taking it into the gay places your imagination seems to like wandering. I said in general it needs an upgrade in its look and be given a better quality makeover than the shit we've been seeing for the past decade, just with more polygons and pixels. But whatever, you want to rage a hardon over a game thats probably still gonna suck anyway be my guest because thats how retarded YOU sound.
  12. The animations looked more fluid than Street Fighter 4, and the characters and their respective moves looked absolutely brutal. That vid looked completely badass. 100% disagree.
  13. Thats like saying SF isn't SF because it went 3D. Quit defending the obvious.
  14. Well... whats the history between you two? Some details might help. And with people who say "just as friends" they either mean it or want to mean it but don't. Either way, for me personally, i'd stick to their request as an unsure person is not worth the effort.
  15. I'm just glad its not Japan he's thinking of going to.
  16. Still can't get over it. Still can't get over the crappy character designs (stiff animations included) and lame moves they thought up for those characters. Fix those two things and the game will be solid.
  17. Its like Half-Life, Bioshock, Crysis, Left 4 Dead all rolled into one lol.
  18. Kung-fu is Chinese martial arts. Karate is a form of Japanese martial arts.
  19. Ahhh Four Rooms, that movie is funny. The girl who plays Antonio Banderas' daughter was an ex-gf of one of my former friends. It was funny watching it and then like be like... wtf? Is that you Lana? Lol.
  20. I'd have to agree with Inky. A flat-ass is like a girl with cankles.
  21. Are they your cup of tea? There are a lot of hot asian girls, but its odd for me being Asian-American. I recognize pretty asian girls but they don't turn me on. Maybe because they all seem to try and have a "sweetheart" type of look to them and it bores me to death. Always trying to look big-eyed and carrying a look of surprise/shock/cute, not workin' for me. That and a lot of them are just too skinny lol. I'm also not into the clicks and isolationist behavior most Asian kids perpetuate, I prefer diversity with those I hangout with. I guess thats why my gf is white. But every once in a while I meet an asian girl that does it for me.
  22. Yeah bro, the environments are stellar. The gameplay and scene transitions/dialogue are like watching a movie. Even if you find something wrong with it that you don't like in particular, just watching the game is absorbing in itself.
  23. Indeed, the both of you as ladies men deserve recognition. I am very much not the ladies man lol.
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