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  1. If I had something intresting to show on it I would! You can stream whatever PC games you play, but I suppose multi-player games are the most popular.
  2. ^ Most likely the case. Can use Acronis True Image to clone the drive to a new one if you have a second HD, or just plug it into an external enclosure and load it on a different PC, save the files you want to keep.
  3. Um, maybe the master/slave configuration is mixed up?
  4. Cool. Was gonna say you could just invest in an AMD APU that has the graphics built in to the CPU, giving you some time cushion to save up for a new graphics card.
  5. I purchased a used 32gb Samsung Galaxy Nexus in like... June. Does the job for an outdated device. Running Paranoid Android atm. On the real tho, for an upgrade I'd look at the Moto X. It's specs aren't flagship standard right now but they're better than sufficient, and the features it comes with are sweet which is why it tops the list as it provides a better, more advanced smartphone user experience than the other devices listed. You might have to wait for the "Moto Maker" customization site as I think its only available for AT&T atm. It is also slated to be released as a Google Play Edition soon for the stock android experience. The HTC One for its all aluminum unibody chassis and dual front-facing beats audio speakers (among other flagship specs). Definitely go for the Google Play Edition though for stock android experience. The Nokia Lumia 1020 for its 41 megapixel camera which is insane, that also comes with a snap-on camera grip. The best camera smartphone as opposed to a smartphone camera, forsure. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also a solid alternative, can't go wrong. Again, go for the Google Play Edition. The Nexus 4 is also still one of the top ranking smartphones out there. iOS7 is a blatant rip of Android and Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean. They just announced the 5S and 5C that is a cheaper plastic version coming variant colors.
  6. Admittedly, I once met a girl who just by her physical attributes made me question her gender. I looked for obvious signs like how large her hands were (she had man-hands) and her adam's apple, her tone of voice which was very high (that I thought strange if she was really a guy), etc. to determine if she was a transgender or not. She didn't have a large chest or a big ass/hips and always wore sweaters, so you couldn't see her figure. She also wore a lot of makeup and dyed hair so that added to the confusion. I was like... damn, this might be the first time I'm attracted to a guy cuz she was pretty, I just wasn't sure what her gender was. She turned out to be a woman, but I conceded that I was attracted to this person that I believed could potentially be the same sex as myself.. I mean, in her alternative guise as a woman. Not sure if that counts tho.
  7. I second Under The Dome. It's bizarre enough to get your attention. Game of Thrones - two thumbs way way up The Killing - two thumbs way way up Mad Men - two thumbs way way up The Walking Dead - two thumbs way way up Breaking Bad - two thumbs way up The Borgias - two thumbs way up Homeland - two thumbs way up Downton Abbey - two thumbs up Hell On Wheels - two thumbs up Longmire - two thumbs up American Horror Story - two thumbs up Hannibal - thumbs up Bates Motel - thumbs up Falling Skies - thumbs up Once Upon A Time - thumbs up Grimm - thumbs up Person Of Interest - thumbs up Blue Bloods - thumbs up Shows nearing their end that are good are Dexter, True Blood, Breaking Bad I already mentioned--amazing drama. I just started Vikings and it looks pretty good as well. I know it holds a record for topping all networks among 18-49 year olds. Also started The Bridge about the U.S./Mexican border detectives w/ Diane Kruger (she hot). Anyone know if Copper is worth watching? And they need to bring back Stargate... I need my sci-fi.
  8. Just be honest and tell you're not ready for that sort of responsibility. No matter how you look at it, kids require it. You're looking to live your young adult life, not settle into an adult one. Lol and its a good thing you're not in my area cuz these L.A. broads... they are not cheap.
  9. Too much french-kissing is unappealing for me. When you're in the throws of passion sure, but on dates? If its a serious relationship maybe a little, but for a first kiss I'd rather not lol. Lol Bambi, I remember playing spin the bottle in Junior High and I had to kiss this girl I knew... she could not for the life of her keep her lips together and had this grin on her face so I got a mouthful of teeth.
  10. Sigh... when I started my program, I made a variety of new friends. Some that may be life-long friends given the nature of our intended profession being such a niche, small industry. Among the friends I made was a tall glass of goth girl who I shall not name out of respect. I am about 5'8 and she's a bit taller than me, 5'9 I guess. We never dated but over two full-time semesters of seeing each other 5 days a week and mutual attraction, things got really complicated after a while and I am saddened to admit, I did some things I shouldn't have. I had a girlfriend at the time and we are in a long-distance relationship. No, I didn't cheat on her. Not physically anyway... though it was the first time my heart wandered. Where my fidelity was my strength given our distance, while we were together for going on 5+ years, I ended up breaking up with her because I could not concentrate in school at the height of that situation—I felt like I was betraying my girlfriend every time I was near the other. It was torture. I could not afford to fail a single class in my program, and on top of all the weekly exams I had... it was such a relief to not feel as guilty when I became single. Ironically, I mustered the nerve to approach the other girl after about a month and confess how I felt. It was a pretty pathetic thing to behold in hindsight—I lost my train of thought as it was happening and blacked out... and as a result I forgot to mention that I had ended my relationship. She rejected me in a manner that made it seem like she only saw me as a "friend" on the spot. I know this may sound like it was one-sided but I assure you, it wasn't. There were others who bore witness to our interaction throughout its tenure. Another lesson learned was not to use the internet to communicate indirectly, as things become misinterpreted. She misunderstood a post I made on my social networking site and responded harshly. Harshly but indirectly, as in indirect communication through posts. So harshly that it burnt me, resulting in a conscious avoidance of her. She eventually called me out on my behavior and I wanted to confront her so badly about our lack of communication; how she wanted to be "friends" and yet was incapable of being honest with me. Still, I chose to let it go and told her that I had broken up with my girlfriend a month prior (for obvious reasons) and that I simply needed time. She avoided me the next day. I'll be seeing her again come our final semester in... two days. It has been and remains to be an awkward situation. Maybe things will be different this time. Fortunately, after some serious pleading... my girlfriend took me back. That was/is my experience with a tall woman.
  11. Coffee doesn't work for me for some reason. First time I drank a 5-hour energy though I was having tachycardia and my hands were shaking... Some of the coolest dudes I've met recently were in the military; one dude from Manchester England I met in stats class over the summer at UCLA, the other a marine from Missouri in my program. Never really got to know any ladies from the armed services though. When I'm in school I tend to run on 4-5 hrs of sleep a night, and nap at least two hours in the day. Then again, I rarely ever feel "fully awake" for some reason... must be a vitamin deficiency or something.
  12. There are so many gamer girls for WoW on Twitch.tv. Very attractive too—clearly streaming themselves to earn $ through donations. I just started using twitch.tv to stream my single player games in private to my friends... I thought, gee wouldn't it be cool if the people here at 1emu played some online game together and we streamed that shit? Indeed. Is there any online game some of us could grind on together? Oh, and I vote Bambi stream on Twitch.tv! lol
  13. 'Grats on the Jeep dude! I really wanted a wrangler out of high school myself. My car still has a cigarette lighter, my 17 yr old baby... Anyway... beer. I like beer although I prefer hard liquor. Not very picky but I like dark beers > lights. Been diggin' some Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat lately:
  14. @ San Diego Comic-Con. Way too many Finn/Fiona cosplays from Adventure Time...
  15. Iron Man 3 What the fuck did they do with the Mandarin? I don't understand what Shane Black was thinking... such a great opportunity to cast an awesome villain. Is Hollywood really still that allergic to casting a high-profile asian character/role? Fucking prejudice. I rolled my eyes when they gave the role to Ben Kingsley but figured he's a good actor at least. I mean, Guy Pierce's character even had dragon tattoo's on his chest/shoulders and he screamed "I AM THE MANDARIN" before getting blown away by Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh and Ben Affleck as Batman? FFS...
  16. Assassin's Creed III Gearing up for Black Flag; won't have much time once classes start again next week. Going for that 100% sync yo.
  17. Damn I'd be so pissed if anyone messed with my PC.
  18. Yeah i'm getting Financial Aid for my studies now. The funny thing is my program is short but intensive and compacted, and a lot harder than undergraduate and graduate college courses.
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