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  1. Um... how do I get this new neogeo.zip bios with the Bosses selectable to work??
  2. She isn't playable without unlocking her. She is a boss also however, along with her twin sister Maki, rite before u fight the final boss. You can't get the 3 Sacred Treasures Team ending without her. I'm wondering if Andy is really in this game or not...
  3. I don't know where to get the a working mame version for KoF2K3 cuz mine came with both. Maybe u should make a rom folder n set the Mame u have to read the folder u made. Also, u don't unzip the actual rom itself. Just place it in the proper directory n that's all.
  4. Man o man I can't BELIEVE they got rid of Gato's 'Rai-Ga'!!!! WTF was Playmore thinking!?!!?!?!! He doesn't even have his 'Hou-zan Sai Heki-Ga'!!! *dies*
  5. Will this work for WinKawaks through a loader on the asr.dat???
  6. Dude... learn to use commas and periods. Proper punctuation please.
  7. But this thread is dedicated to KOF2003. Well... I suppose talks of it's release can be ignored. For now. How's Gato? I did like him in MotW.
  8. GASP! When was the slated release for this rom? If it's today or whatever... it's delayed!?!?
  9. Ahhh... Damn. I hope it looks good... like SF3 good.
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