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  1. Never smoked in my life, besides second-hand. My best friend smokes Mavericks though. Do you guys smack the bottom of the pack into your palm to compact the tobacco inside the filter? Sometimes I envy smokers cuz like Kro said, its something to do when taking a break just to go outside and do it. When I go outside for some air I just take my water bottle and drink...
  2. Adopted a second cat. She and my first cat don't seem to be getting on so i'll have to find her a new home cuz I dont want to return her to the city shelter. Bought some Feliway to try and help the situation, should come Friday off amazon. Thinking it may be an issue cuz they're both female, so I might try a male cat next time. Otherwise working, aaaaaand more working. Got an iPad for $400.
  3. Granny banger? lol I have a women's foot fetish, in a non-sexual way.
  4. X-23 is Wolverine's clone, and I think originally created to kill him. He also has a son, Daken... though I don't know if he'll be included in the game.
  5. Yeah, can totally tell its being done by new developer team. I'm assuming its set in the future, and Dante's soul or whatever is inside a new body. I'm liking the grittiness.
  6. Yeah and there was that recent case where a man called the cops because his wife was missing, only to find her feet poking out from under a pile of rubbish in the home three weeks later, dead. How can people live in such squalor? It must be a very subtle form of O.C.D.
  7. Cars was ok, not as interesting in concept as the other titles.
  8. Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall•E.
  9. The Last Exorcism. It was pretty good, the only hiccup is the ending where it kinda ends a bit too abruptly. But leading up to it from the beginning its pretty funny, Wish it had some scarier moments though.
  10. Well, you're talking about a cultural region that has existed for centuries, and although they aren't a 1st-world collective compared to the young U.S., they do believe that they shouldn't be told how to live and much less by invasion from westerners. Its a difficult topic, when we see and hear of women being stoned for adultery (even when they're widows), being forced to cover their entire bodies in sheets, having to deal with laws that require them to sexually please their husbands at least twice a week and being beaten for disobeying them. Of course Americans see that and we feel like we should stop their archaic ways, but would any country like the idea of foreigners coming to their land and telling them how they should and shouldn't behave? Right or wrong notwithstanding. Why we went to war is a matter of contention, but the cultural differences are only dissimilar in that they have profound religious correlations with how they behave as a society and that many cultures were that way at some point in time (including us), so you could say they are "behind" in the sense of modernity and treating women with certain rights. The problem is when its religiously influenced, a lot of the women themselves believe and adhere to the customs. The Middle-East right now is like Vietnam in the 60's, they don't want outsiders coming in telling them what to do and they'll do anything they can to stop it.
  11. Literature is a powerful device, isn't it? Lol
  12. OF COURSE. Leave it those Westboro Baptist psychos to pickup the slack. Someone should burn their church down.
  13. Rosemary's Baby. Not as scary as I had hoped, nope.
  14. The fun is in playing against people, not the arcade demo.
  15. For me, i'm interested in seeing A.I. also. It's almost like a race to see which will surface first as a practical application, since computational efficiency and power doubles at an exponential rate every two years. We may see thinking machines before we see a ginger kid being treated for his freckles and red hair. I know scientists are trying to re-engineer the likes of Dinosaurian features in modern day birds by altering their genes during the growth stage, so an example would be like using the embryo of an Emu which has very close, if not the closest, genetic base to those of say some species of raptor. They've already found ways to alter genes in the growth stage to have the Emu fetus' retain teeth (which apparently all birds have during development, it is a gene that controls its disappearance during) and to grow a longer tail instead of a short stub. Obviously we'll see advances like this in animals before humans. Hell, it'll be interesting to see if we can isolate Mammoth DNA and impregnate a modern Elephant to give birth to one (they say its possible, we just don't have the DNA from any frozen carcasses). And if we're cloning, we should put it towards the revitalization of many dying species throughout the world as a result of human encroachment. Tigers, whales, fish, frogs, the whole lot.
  16. Yeah, its called China. Well... I don't think they have real licenses for children but yeah. As for 'dumb" people breeding children, we all have the capacity to be intelligent, thats why educating one's self is important. But beyond that I think cultivating ethics and virtue are more important than education in itself. You can teach subjects, but you can't train a person to be humane, show reciprocity and respect in a conventional mean. On the notion of gene alteration as a commodity practice, its difficult to say whether or not society will allow that to become a standard. Different nations and countries will adopt different perspectives but what will be absolute should the procedure to alter our genes become conventional, is that there will be outcry's of inhumanity and ungodliness. Perhaps there will be a forum for its practical purpose in the medical field to prevent sickness and chronic ailments of the malign unfortunate, such as physically disabled persons from birth or those who are born with debilitating sicknesses such as leukemia. At any rate, it'll be a long time from now and much after our lifetime that such theories might become practical applications in society.
  17. Hey, handicapped people want to be treated equal? They can take a joke. Unless you're talking about mentally underdeveloped folk, thats different. They can't handle much of anything besides masturbating to the point of a genital indian burn. People who are normal except for a disabling injury or some shit are fine to make fun of, and they should laugh too.
  18. What if the old lady never dumped the cat in the bin? Then we'd never have the amazing Whack-Cat-Woman game!!
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