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  1. Gadzooks!

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      glad to see you back!!

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  2. Source: Pretty much the entire internet, every TV news channel, and Obama himself. Looks like a CIA team hunted bin Laden down and killed him in Pakistan. Lots of people going on about how this is one of those days when "you'll always remember where you were when you heard," and plenty of tweets and status updates about "REVENGE after nearly a decade." Honestly, I'll only really care about this if gas prices go down. Thoughts on the event or Obama's "FUCK YEAH 'MURRICA" speech?
  3. I'll join, at least until Diso propositions me for sex via Facebook. Then I'm out.
  4. Time to bring some pure fuckin' metal back into this thread. Polyrhythms!
  5. A Magic Memory Stick is the counterpart to the Pandora's Battery. You make a MMS and a PB on a PSP that already has a custom firmware, then you put them both into a PSP that does net yet have a CFW in order to downgrade it to a firmware (usually 1.50) you can easily upgrade to a CFW. But, depending on your current firmware, all that might not be necessary. There are much less complicated methods of downgrading for older firmwares. I'm not entirely sure if this is true for the PSP-1000... The Half Byte loader was recently released, too, but with minimal homebrew support and don't even think about ISOs yet. Still, there's hope it'll lead to a downgrader or some such.
  6. It would've been a more metal birthday if I had some money... Coulda gone to see Overkill, Vader, God Dethroned, Evile, and Lazarus A.D. Thanks for the wishes, though
  7. Cut that hair hillbilly! I can practically see the jealousy dripping from your words
  8. I'm not sure where they might sell $50 PSN cards around where I live... we only have Walgreens and one small Blockbuster (the nearest Best Buy is a good bit away and I don't always have a car available) but I'll check 'em and get back to you.
  9. For the sake of convenience for everyone involved, couldn't you just buy said card from Amazon or eBay or somewhere? Seems like having one person buy it then take time and money to ship it would be a bit of a hassle...
  10. Time to once again put all your ugly asses to shame. Got rid of my neck beard, left a little bit of soul on mah chin. Not too long yet, but it'll get there.
  11. I remember PocketNES for GBA had a multiplayer function that I could never get to work, but I don't think I've seen any NES emulators for DS that had such a feature, let alone download play.
  12. No DSL flash cards will work on any model of DSi, and not every DSi flash card will work on the DSi XL because of firmware and hardware updates and whatnot. In other words: You're gonna need a new card. I've heard that the newest R4i SDHC and Acekard 2i both work on the DSi XL.
  13. I'm guessing your problem has something to do with the fact that this app hasn't been updated in 3 years, but Winamp itself has. Next time, please just make a new thread instead of resurrecting a long dead one. Closed.
  14. The DLC they recently announced. "Dr. Zed's Zombie Island" or some such.
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