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  1. IMO the arcade was a place that I frequently visited very often when I came here. Still waiting for it to come back up, had lots of fun times. One of my friends also insanely loved it. Thats all he did was go to the arcade on this site... tried his very best to get 1st place on all the games he played. Will it ever come back up?
  2. Joust and DK should stay, as well as all other games that 'make sense', just get rid of the ones that are really pointless. like HOLD where you have to hold your mouse the longest for the highest score. its kinda lame getting rid of games like joust and dk and keeping in HOLD, eh?
  3. anything else but MvC. its gonna be a wolverine/strider fest. And im sure we all seen enough of those matches.
  4. i was joking, hence the wink smiley. get a grip man. lol
  5. the pacman score is def above 150k, thats for sure. i think im the one that got 2nd place. hehe stop it with the lies!
  6. the mode7 for the snes at that time was great. but the scaling (especially when the object got near you) was absolutely horrid. it was a total block fest.
  7. will the high scores still remain in intact?
  8. if this was already mentioned then i do apologize. Was the arcade section taken out? Or was it moved someplace else? If so will it come back? one of the best things about this sites was the great arcade section, they were alot of fun. thx for any replies.
  9. K' Dash: at least you manage to get 5 frags dash. GryphonKlaw: I guess practice makes perfect but at times it seems i feel like im not getting any better. even after all this time im STILL trying to find the right mouse sensitivity. man i suck lol
  10. we all know doing a 1vs1 is completely different then doing a regular dm match. you have to completely rely on yourself in fragging the other person. no stray bullet or rocket coming out of no where hitting your opponent. its all about to you. My question is how can i become a better 1vs1 in this game. I've done several 1vs1 and every single game i get completely wrecked/owned. were talking scores at 30-0 almost everytime. i can barely get a single frag off the person im doing a 1vs1 w/. it was just yesturday however i managed to get 1 frag off of a person but that was a lucky shot lol So any tips and thx.
  11. old topic back from the grave again. but i have yet another question lol. Do the mouse speed settings in mouse properities within Windows effect the mouse sensitivity within a game/some games? Surprisingly i get different answers from people and i just have to know. One person says just a little, another says yes, and another says not at all. Does anyone know for sure if it does? thx in advance.
  12. hey guys, just wanna get a rough idea on how fast your mouse senses are at... so how about it, lets start posting!
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