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  1. hehe, its xp. I just like the simple look.
  2. Good stuff, heres mine. Nice n clean.
  3. I am definetely gettin one. Hell, its cheap, adds different gameplay, and i can play the current games that i have and go back to the retro stuff. Gotta love the virtual console service, cmon, Sin and Punishment?!!! Oh Hell Yes! Plus the other consoles would break my piggybank 3 times over.lol
  4. Who knows, maybe someday on the Revolution system....
  5. I would like seattle to win as well. Although except that because pittsburgh would tie in with san francisco in superbowl wins Cmon 49ers....lol
  6. Whoa... I did not realize that its the same director who did Brotherhood of the Wolf. sweeeeet This may be a worthy horror game to horror film adaptation.
  7. Not in order, so here goes: 1: RE 4 (gc)- Just simply bad ass. Non-stop action plus some freaky ass moments, man...... OH and mercenaries mode...oh man. 2: King Kong (ps2)- In my opinion....its one hell of a ride. It really makes u feel like ur in hell, lol. It's short, but sweet. 3: Maro Kart DS- Simply put, its addicting as hell. With more people, its even more so.
  8. It all really depends. Is there anything you really want to do/play with the PSP? Not many good games out on it yet. Or do you want a PSP just for the sake of having a new handheld/multimedia device. As for the Xbox 360 or PS3. If you can, just get both. If you got the greens, i say go for it. If not, just wait it out and preorder a PS3 like in the middle of Jan.
  9. I would then recommend a DS It basically has what you want to do, for homebrew not too sure Mario Kart DS just around the corner.....
  10. Hello there Just tried out the Lost Coast level for Half Life 2 Its really pretty, luckily my system can handle it. This is just a sample of what games can look like for future consoles, which is sweet.
  11. Hiya pple. Just wanted to give my 2 cents on the movie. It was good. The FPS part was freekin awsome, and i wanted more.....plus i felt i needed my controller at the time as well....lol It was not craptastic as many would say. If you watch it and just take it as it is...its a sweet movie IT WOULD HAVE been better if they would of used the Demons From Hell story, instead of the genetics crap. If they would have gone that way...more like doom3.....oh man
  12. Thats the thing, there isnt any good games "currently" for the PSP. Check out the DS. Castlevania is coming out, once Mario Kart comes out that will really sell some more DS's, and then there is metroid and all those good games. Point being, there are more "addicting" games on the DS than on PSP, and that's the difference.
  13. I dont own one, but im not a nintenFanboy. When it comes to handhelds, i need something that when im done playing i can just turn it off, close it(if it has a clamshell), and just throw it in my pocket, or backpack. I just dont agree on also waiting for a few seconds for a game to load up. To me the DS solves these problems. Its rugged, durable, and all that good stuff, and can play both my advance and ds games. The PSP is just too pretty for me to just carry around, i might break it, and no i dont want to buy a frekin case to put it in.
  14. People should not get too negative towards the new control. People should realize that its "another" way to play games. People can still play using the conventional controller, but there will be certain titles that will use the new function. Remember, this is for the developers, to use their creativity and do what they want with it. Most games that will probably make good use of it will be like certain sport games and fps. Most likely not for platforming, but who knows. Basically next year will be interesting. There is something for everybody, and not just graphics. Peace.
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