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  1. Well I just read it all gain and yes, in does, in fact, make sense. So what do you not understand?Boils down to this, my child: *Running 3.90 is no problem at all. Not even ISOs, as another member mentioned. *Running PS1 games under 3.90 may have compatibility issues, since many "out there" are built to run under 3.71. If you use Popsloader, you can run the PS1 game using 3.71, even if you in fact have a 3.90 CFW. *Custom XMBs (Sony's Cross Media Bar / navigation system) are more plentiful to download for 3.71 systems -vs- 3.90 systems. But the better looking / functioning ones have been updated to run on 3.90 as well. Yeah, still makes sense to me. Perhaps you didn't catch some of the terminology? I'm not smoking anything so what doesn't make sense to you?
  2. I just purchased a Pandora battery bundled with a mem stick that had cfw 3.90 m33-3 on it. No problems at all with ISOs or anything else as described above. Works so easily it's ridiculous. You are fortunate in that you have an original 1.5. I had bough a slim with a very recent firmware and wanted an easy way to get CFW on it. Anyway, I've noticed that tons of stuff out there for CFW was made to run on 3.71, so I would suggest that if you didn't upgrade to the latest firmware, I'd definitely go with that one. Lots of eboots and homebrew are built around that one. And if you decide to put a custom XMB on your PSP, there are way more built for 3.71 than 3.90, although most of the better ones have been updated to 3.90 also. Personally, I'd go ahead and go with 3.90, as there are apps out there that would allow you to boot 3.71 if you chose (Popsloader, etc). Then you could have a 3.90 PSP with the option to boot an older firmware with ease. As is, I've only had to enable 3.71 loading to get several PSX eboots to work. I run 3.90 but load, say, Final Fantasy vii eboot with 3.71 in the options of popsloader. Hope this all made sense. I just woke up so it prob doesnt haha.
  3. Another Jason here. Used to shroud myself in my handle. At this point I could give a crap haha
  4. Ok thanks, will post results soon. Basic question here but I've learned that simple solutions are often overlooked. As for the 'Run with VDMSOUND' option in the context menu, did you reboot? Most often a reboot is required to add an item to the context menu since they tie in with the registry. Also, have you tried executing the program using Windows 95 compatibility mode? EDIT- Also here's a thread with the same problem/ game as you: http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/arch...x.php/t-13.html Posted by Twiki in that thread. Too long for me to read but maybe an answer in there. EXACT issue. And they did try compat. mode too. Also a google search reveals lots of issues running on XP. Tried this patch yet? http://hopkinsfbi.com/patches_win.htm Here's my google: getting Hopkins FBI xp
  5. gameyeeaah has a US store as well. Have ordered over a dozen R4s from them. Great to deal with. Seems like they and everyone else is backordered on R4s right now though Had to order in 3 CycloDS Evolution cards for people since I couldn't find any R4s. Great card too... but mSD card is a biatch to get out of them. Looks like som backorders are finally coming in for R4s now so I can go back to those beauties!
  6. Agreed. Nearly fell asleep time after time in the theater watching this piece of crap. And could that ending have angered me a little more? Doubt it.
  7. haha that reminds me of this really crappy episode of Facts of Life where Natalie or Tootie was smoking weed and writing poetry that turned out horrible despite her thinking it was brilliant. Sorry... damn retro flashbacks.
  8. Correct game, but pic properties lend a hint on the system: http://www.jitway.net/3do.jpg hehe
  9. Love law/attorney movies for some reason. This one gets 8/10. Really good flick.
  10. Cuz I have bragging rights being in the startup crew hehe I've always appreciated how there are actually topics relating to the subject matter. Unlike so many other emu boards /gaming boards that have 99.9% posts in 'current affairs' or off-topic sections. I like boards that actually contribute something to the scene.
  11. Tight? You mean their pants were tight, right? Tight as in 'the sh1t'/awesome/uber/smoking hot.... not 'physically tight.'
  12. You said everything I wanted to, but I just didn't have that kind of dedication to the thread haha. Check out Monoprice.com I got 3 HDMI cables for less than one at Walmart. Fantastic company, great product. I've watched mini-documentary videos on cables such as Monster and other pricey ones. You are not paying for anything extra. Yes there are cheap cables, but expensive ones do not mean better quality. The cables that I ordered are fantastic. Great construction, sturdy. Nothing cheap about them but the cost. If you are looking for any type of cable, give them a shot. I wish I would have got my DVI-HDMI cable from there before paying 30+$ at walmart for it. Oh, monoprice also has very cheap component / HD cables for next gen consoles. way cheaper than elsewhere. highly recommended.
  13. Do you mean motherboard instead of CPU? The MB MAY have an HDMI slot, but I doubt it seriously. Are you sure the cable you are talking about isn't a SATA cable? The end, if drunk enough, could resemble an HDMI cable end. Take a pic or give more info (MB model, etc) Also, does the parts list SAY it's an HDMI cable??? EDIT- ok I just read your post again and it's killing me. Did you buy a MB, Cpu OR Video Card? If you bought a video card, then I could see maybe having those items. I've built lots of rigs and have never seen a MB come with a video cable of any sort. but if you had onboard HDMI, then it would make a little sense. Anyway, let us know more please.
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