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  1. Just finished Just Cause 2(the story, that is. Don't have time to get 100% - too much other games to play).
  2. Typo LOL... could be a cool game though...
  3. LG R590 U38, with Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, and GeForce GT 355M. Oh, and it has a 15.6 widescreen. I'm gonna use it to play Fameville!
  4. Gamecop doesn't join Facebook. Facebook joins 1Emulation!
  5. While I usually approve hijacking threads with Dudu Zar, this thread is dedicated to hot chicks, and therefore should be off limit. If you want, you can start a new Dudu Zar thread, or hijack on of Fatal Rose's threads, but this is the hot chicks thread and the hot chicks thread it shall remain!
  6. Now, if this was a fan-made joke, it was awesome... like Street Fighter Legacy...
  7. Unrelated story? Ruined character backgrounds? Any resemblance to the actual franchise is purely coincidental? Yup, sounds legit to me. And no, I'm not sarcastic - sadly that's the way video games based movies are made nowdays...
  8. I got A free one year Kaspersky license from my ISP, and it's about to expire. Since my ass is not tight enough to actually pay for an anti virus, I was wondering what free software you guys recommend? I used Avast before I got my free Kaspersky, but I know the AV market is very fluid so something that was good a year ago isn't necessarily good now...
  9. You, sir, are a douche. Keep up the good work!
  10. So... you have time-control powers... that let you control bullets and use telekinesis?
  11. I just watched Clash of the Titans yesterday, and it was a fun movie, but I got disappointed by the fact it did not contain a single titan!
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