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  1. I leave all settings on the default and start a new game with 5 credits, which would be the usual spend at an arcade on a new game. Thereafter, unless it is a shooter, I use my own discretion, but never feed more than 5 credits in a single session.
  2. Get Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for XBLA . It's a really good port.
  3. Yeh it was good. I'm just glad I got to hit you with the Raging Storm at least once Looking forward to getting SoulCalibur and Unreal Tournament III this week.
  4. SoulCalibur is out this week. GGX2 #Reload is out, but only in America and Asia. I cannot download it from my Live account, and can't get any MSP in my dupe accounts either. :/ We should all get SoulCalibur and play it. I likely won't get SC4 for a while... no way I'm going to pay the new release price for that.
  5. Yeh you can- you can use the 'Other Multiplayer' option to set up private games. Other than that, I don't know :S
  6. The gameplay looks so good that I'm seriously feeling dizzy thinking about how long it will be before I can play it. I just wish those things the Barb hacks through didn't look and sound like Murlocs. On Necs that was my first class. 20/20/20 in Skels + Enigma = PvM ownage. PvP ownage too for that matter.
  7. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting Fatal Fury Special 800MSP each. Apart from those and VF5 I can't think of any fighters atm :/
  8. Yes, the 10 or so million others must just not be as sensible as you are.
  9. Summary of that Q&A video since the site is taking a beating right now; http://www.videogaming247.com/2008/06/28/l...ess-conference/
  10. It's by process of elimination. There are only 5 classes, so there isn't really room to overlap anything, especially when 1 Bow user (most likely an Amazon / Assassin hybrid) and 1 Healer class (Paladin / Monk) are almost obligatory. And then if they go and include a Mage / Sorcerer for pure a pure magic class they've already made up the 5. It just seems very unlikely that when there are so many types of classes available they would double up on the Witch Doctor. He practically has the Necromancer's Summoning and Curses trees already, and has just traded Poison & Bone for Fire Magic. A Druid / Necromancer hybrid, if you wanna think about it that way. This came up in Warcraft where WoW let you make Male Night Elf Hunters and Rogues and Female Druids. Those were, lore-wise, single sex only classes. It didn't stop them then though. So yeh, there is no saying Necs won't be in D3 or an expansion, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  11. Unless he personally wrote the text on that site I'm not blaming him. Who knows what the story arc is? It's too late to make a call on that- I was just complaining about the quality of the writing on the site. And you would know, huh? And if you think I'm the pickiest it sounds like you've never been to boards on any Diablo site. Or the Battle.net forums either.
  12. I added the link. Please refer to my last post. If you greenskin that guy, he will be an Orc.
  13. Do you happen to be a WoW player, Mondo? I am referring to this Barbarian's threads btw; http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/characters/barbarian.xml
  14. Diabloii.net has uploaded video of a 1-hour Q&A session about the game. It answers some of the questions you might have that aren't covered by the official FAQ. http://www.incgamers.com/Videos/42/Diablo-3-Developer-Panel
  15. Ahhk Well the HRAPs for the PS2 and 360 are a hell of a lot cheaper than this thing. I'm getting the 360 HRAP EX next month, despite the odd button layout.
  16. Updated the first post, embedded the released Teaser and Gameplay videos and changed the name of the thread.
  17. So they should've gone into the graphics options and turned down the gamma a little? My god, how did they screw up so badly? The contrast and gamma just hide the problems with the current approach. Too few polygons, and textures that are not made to look real. Compare that Barbarian's shoulders with anything from WoW. It's the same style. There is no texture to them, no aging, no stains or battle wear. They are just bright yellow and bright orange- that sort of contrast you only get in a cartoon, not in real life and certainly not in the kind of gothic art direction the previous Diablo games went for.
  18. Let me just also get on my box and whine about the creative direction for Diablo III for 1 second. -All the lore text on the site looks like it was thrown to some hack writer when you compare it to any of the eloquent narrative in the D1 and 2 manuals. -The art style seems... uneven. Does the mild Oriental influence in the logo and SFX seem a bit out of place to anyone else? They take a tiny bit of unmarked land from the original Sanctuary map, make it bigger and call it Xiansai. Great flocking idea, morons. This isn't WoW- Diablo's world would benefit more from consistency than having every culture on Earth thrown in. Sanctuary was a mix of the European and middle eastern dark ages with the exception of the Aztec-inspired Travincal City. Now we are going to have the Asian flavour to things- something that's all too trendy today. Need to add exotics to something? Copy-Paste generic Asian faction in. Just seems like a very typical, almost cliched design choice. -Witch Doctors, for that matter... what's up there? Every Diablo fan on this planet wants the Necromancer back. It is the favourite class in Diablo II- no questions. Replacing him with this cheap imitation is a kick in the face to every fan out there. Let's just hope there is a really, really good lore rationale for having Necs as an unplayable class... -Also on the one hand you have all the ancient-to-middle ages locales of the previous games but now the new city Caldeum looks like it was taken straight from LotR or something. Huge towers, bright green domes? Seems like they threw the Diablo series' gritty realism out the window when they designed that place. -Speaking of realism, what is with their post-Warcraft III style anyway? This set of designers does a good job with so few polygons but damn, if there was even one series that should have been spared the Saturday morning-treatment it should have been Diablo. Looking at the gameplay vid now in HD, I know it is Diablo. I know that is a Barbarian using Shout, and Whirlwind... but honestly I have a tough time convincing myself this isn't DotA or a custom hero map from WCIII. The style worked there. But WCIII came out in 2002, an expansion, an MMO and Starcraft II ago. It's old now. I'm probably the biggest Diablo fan here. So expect more bitchin' from me in the coming day or so . None of these are major gripes- Blizzard, in a few key ways, just seems to have forgotten what made the Diablo atmosphere so special at some point in the last 10 years. Here's hoping they remember before release time. So if you agree on any points just raise your hands and let me know
  19. It will take a long time to get out- Starcraft II looks likely to be released 18 months after its announcement, and it has been in production about as long as Diablo III. The thing is, the next year is going to be tied up with Blizzard releases- Starcraft II and Wrath of the Lich King. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to saturate the market with anymore than 1 title a year at the minimum. And as the pecking order goes, D3 will likely come out last. So yeh 18 months at least, more likely 2 years from now.
  20. If you were thinking about getting a Hori why would you even consider getting this one?
  21. Cartoony Warcraft-style graphics = fail.
  22. See you 2011~ 15 months? Hahahahaa- we will be waiting years for this man.
  23. It can be found here; http://eu.blizzard.com/wwi08/index2.xml It goes live at 11.45 CEST.
  24. Day 6 The pentagram is marked out, and quite frankly reminds me of the portal to Tristram, although I'm not terribly convinced the announcement will be related to Diablo anymore... Check the glyph in the top of the ice. In any case the WWI Opening Ceremony will be streamed live from Paris in 3 hours- we should have an answer one way or another soon. For reference, Starcraft II was announced at 3pm at the last WWI, after the Opening Ceremony began at 2pm.
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