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  1. To clarify- 1) id Tech 5 is being developed multiplatform because that is where the market dollars are. That much was stated at its unveiling. 2) RAGE is announced for PC, PS3, and 360, although no one knows who is porting what. 3) Doom 4 is announced for PC, Xbox 360- again no one knows who is porting what yet, but that will be announced at E3. 4) The PS3 has 7/8 SPUs enabled. That is essentially 7/8 cores to program to. Given market share and what not, why the flock would you bother jumping through the hoops required to cater to that sh!t if you didn't need to? The PS3 Quake Wars debacle comes to mind straight away...
  2. As soon as you put any 3D game into the PSP, you should know it doesn't have a prayer against the Dreamcast. As Cinder said- no comparison at all.
  3. Setup a static IP for the 360 in your router settings, and make sure you enter that same IP, subnet mask and gateway IP on the 360. Alternatively, if you have a router that supports DCHP or whatever you can leave it blank. However, always remember that Xbox Live needs certain ports opened to run. Chekc portforward.com for the details. Sorry I'm being vague but I'm halfdead. IO hope that makes sense.
  4. The ice could be a reference to 'Hell freezing over' or just to Blizzard. The pentagram arrangement hints strongly toward Diablo though.
  5. As for the penguin, who knows. But to the Lich King part, this is a bit extreme of a tease to simply be for a Wrath release date isn't it?
  6. Yeh but like I said someone must have defined these forum names manually- if it was an automatic thing, they wouldn't use 'III', for instance, it would use '3'. Also, it only works upto 6, and not on the Warcraft or Starcraft boards.
  7. Diablo III General Discussion forum on Battle.net; http://www.battle.net/forums/thread-search...Name=d3-general Diablo IV General Discussion forum on Battle.net; http://www.battle.net/forums/thread-search...Name=d4-general Diablo V General Discussion forum on Battle.net; http://www.battle.net/forums/thread-search...Name=d5-general Diablo VI General Discussion forum on Battle.net; http://www.battle.net/forums/thread-search...Name=d6-general Glitch or Easter Egg? Look at the URLs, but consider that you cannot do this to access Warcraft 4 or Starcraft 3 General Discussion forums- it only works for Diablo. And not beyond Diablo VI either. Finally, the Diablo III, IV, V and VI forums have page titles and headings that use the Roman numerals- not the same Arabic ones in the URLs. This was obviously set up deliberately.
  8. Day 5 A new snowflake rune has appeared in the top of the ice. The runes now mark out a pentagram. A big WTF goes out to the penguin whose filename is 'harbinger';
  9. Well, I did end up beating him over a year ago so...
  10. Wrong. id's new tech engine is called id Tech 5. id's new game in development is RAGE. The id Tech 5 engine is being built for both RAGE and Doom 4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id_Tech_5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rage_(video_game)
  11. Massive bump. The official Dissidia: Final Fantasy site has been updated to include story and character details. Not much of an update though- we knew most of this info a year ago. The site is also designed like ass... in other words terribly. Anyway, the official roster currently stands at; Final Fantasy I - Warrior of Light, Garland Final Fantasy II - Frioniel, Emperor Final Fantasy VIII - Squall, Ultimicia Final Fantasy IX - Zidane, Kuja However, official Dissidia art also exists depicting; Final Fantasy VI - Terra, Kefka Final Fantasy VII - Cloud, Sephiroth Final Fantasy X - Tidus, Jecht http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dissidia/
  12. Actually, all attack motions are going to be handled by the Wii-mote
  13. Doom 3 had a lot of problems, but it was admirable at least for what they were trying to do, even if it came off a bit too unintuitive. Hopefully they will pick up the pace in Doom 4 and kind of make it like the old games, but with the bitchin' graphics.
  14. Don't think so. But then again that guy is crazy so who knows.
  15. Sengoku Basara X - the 2d fighting game. Which is a spinoff from the Sengoku Basara series, the first game of which was localised as Devil Kings in the US. So yeh, that same series, but the fighting game spinoff that was just released for PS2.
  16. I've just been messing around with Sengoku Basara X thanks to the Koei Samurai Warriors games. I never followed the development of Basara X and so know none of the systems or anything like that. That said... I quite like it. I'm not the biggest Guilty Gear fan and I thrashed Hokuto no Ken last year when that came out. However Sengoku Basara X is different. Somehow. You don't feel so light, hits actually feel a bit more substantial than in those other games and overall it feels fun to play. I'm going to read up on the technics now, but so far I'm enjoying it. My one beef with the PS2 version is the the audio quality is terrible, and I'm talking worse than HnK terrible. It sounds like it was re-encoded at a low bitrate several times over... Anyway is anyone else playing around with this and what do you think?
  17. E3.net has Doom 4 listed as one of the games on show this year, except its platforms are listed as PC and Xbox 360 only... No PS3 love at id? I'm more excited about RAGE than Doom 4 but hey, it's all good, right? Source: http://e3.net/games/?game_id=37
  18. New gameplay videos from the recent VF5R loketest featuring newcomer Jean Kujo and returning sumo Taka-Arashi from VF3. These are for you, Fatal Jean Kujo vs. Brad Burns Sarah Bryant vs. Taka-Arashi
  19. WTF. Wii-exclusive Castlevania fighter? You gotta be kidding me... Source: http://gonintendo.com/?p=47669
  20. Killer Instinct III for Xbox 360 before the end of this year. You heard it from me first.
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