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  1. i was talkin to my girl one day and she said that most guys shes been with had hairy asses. is that even possible? ive seen movies with asses all over the place and ive never seen any guy with even a single hair on his ass. you guys got a hairy ass? i got hair on my legs but i got almost nothing on my cheecks. i hope you guys dont shave your ass cheeks. growing stubble on the ass cheeks is not going to be good. and waxing must be painful if you do that.
  2. u guys on crack or somethin? this place hasnt changed. i see all the same faces.
  3. the first time i got drunk was a near death experience. i almost died right there. i went to this party and this motherflocka wanted to play a game of shots. i was young so i didnt know what i was doing. we both got drunk out of our minds and i was throwing up all over the place. nobody won but i got to hang out with the hottest chick in school. it was one of the greatest day in my life. i didnt have a car but i did have a bike and i maybe fell off about twenty times. until finally i fell at an intersection. a car ran over the tire on my bike and sped off. i had to walk home and i felt like crap. i later found out i dreamed that i was with the pretty girl. damn booz i swear it can kill ya.
  4. i will pray for you and for my dong tonight. hopefully both will get better. sorry i must put you in the same group as my dong but i only pray for so much. i will stand by you and we will talk together and get you that job. have you thought about being a jiggalo? you see that movie with richard gere? how about male modeling? you can try being a professional body builder?
  5. i think the wii is the best. it tells people what the 21st century is about. you know how many videos ive seen with girls and their titties and booty bouncing on that wii fit? its the greatest invention made by the japanese. its unfortunate that japanese women dont have as big boobs as the blacks and whites. or do they? maybe i need to get some more of them. but id still hit it. the 360 is good crap too. ive been playing so much halo that im seeing halos. gears of war is even better. i play with t-smallz and we go all night. ps3 is fun but i only like blu-ray. is there going to be blu-ray porn? whats takin them so long? does sony not want to allow it? ive been doing some reading.
  6. gay karaoke game? what happened to the lesbian karaoke game. i would like to participate in that. this is discrimination.
  7. the 21 first century is the best damn century. women are sexually deprived animals and i am the lion who will please them all. enough sex talk. how about the music? we got the best rap ever. the heck with 2pac he was good but he was not great. overrated. the only thing i dont like is all these boys dressed like they got wedgies at the mall. stupid blink 343 punk crap. and movies, did you see iron man? that crap was wicked. they make iron man in the 90s and his suit would look like playdo. and games, you play that new game for playstation? you got an old fart smoking ciggs during loading screen? you dont have that in the 90s. we got it all. i got friends too.
  8. flock college. be like me and you can pimp it out with the babes. after this vasectomy there will be no stopping the supersoaka. i dont have to worry about makin any babies like they said in sex ed. flock that. i can have sex with all the women and the booties will be all mine. who reads books these days? if i had to go to college, id make a major. it would be the pusssy major. whats that called? thatd be the best damn major. get to work with pusssys. ill have a sign in my office that i can only work on women who are 20-30 years of age. be greatest day of my life. although i dont want to see no diseased crap, you know what im saying? and i got to help them so i got to tell my dong to hold tight until i get home. what the flock is an IT boy? i told you, you want to be a boy you go for the girls. screw college. all that studying. youll get pusssy by the time your 30 or forced pusssy from your parents. the hell wit that.
  9. he needed to check my bladder first so it hink thats why i got the burnin. then he did the vasectomy. i was out of it. i had some tequila the night before since i was flocking scared. my father which i dont like to talk about argued with me sayin that i no longer will have the family jewels. i was an only child so it really hurt when he said that.
  10. reminds me when me and my buddy t-smallz once dried farting near a candle. no matter wha, i could not get the flame out until i was ready to blow a load on the table. t-smallz did it the first time. one fart and he was able to blow the candle out. why?
  11. i have not had any pusssy action in two weeks now. been stuck in my room with a fan and i cant stop sweating. i dont know why i let my girl talk me into getting any vasectomy. god knows how many mini supersoaks are running around. i am forgiven for my sins. i had to sell a lot of my bling bling for that motherflocking hor. it burns when i want to piss like somebody stuck a needle in there. can it get even badder? i got all these bookmarks to the best porno sites and theyr teasing me with some delicious tits. i cant taste them without my dong having a heart attack. the doc says i got to wait another 2 weeks before i can get any action. i think he flocked up the surgery. i cant even move my ass from this chair without limping. my dong is broken. if your woman said to you to have a vasectomy would you listen to her and do it? i think i made the worst mistake in my life.
  12. WHAT THE FLOCK? MOTHERFLOCKA YOU GOT TO BE KIDDIN ME. sorry dude, but if my math is right, thats 7 hours. my buddy t-smallz has 8 hours as his record, but holy flock, i only was able to hit 6 hours in my life. i thought i was good in bed but you got to TELL ME how you were able to go that long without maxing out. please tell me the goods man. Haha well it was not 7 hours straight, she asked for a few breaks. Um sometimes I have trouble finishing to be honest, I get to worried about pleasuring the girl and focus to much on them sometimes. Not always the case though, sometimes I can finish in an hour or two, depends on how talented the girl is. nothing to be worried about. if anything, just ask the girl if shes having a good time or not. tell me about the talents your girls have? most of my girls have no talents in bed and im doing all the work. all they can do is put their hands on my bed rail and jump and down to the beat of my 70's soul music playing on my sony boombox.
  13. if i saw that motherflocking illegal immigrant ... i would have tied his legs to my car and drove him for a mile. these kind of people dont give a flying flock about us. who do they think they are? at least follow the laws in our flocking country if you want to be here. i got no problem with illegal immigrants, but they got to at least respect the innocent people that made the country what it is. once the cop told me he didnt have a license or registration, i would have been all over his ass. they would have needed an entire police batallion to keep me from punching the guy out. of course, i would be in church the next day asking for forgiveness. remember dudes, my buddy t-smallz taught me most of the stuff i know in life and what goes around comes around.
  14. WHAT THE FLOCK? MOTHERFLOCKA YOU GOT TO BE KIDDIN ME. sorry dude, but if my math is right, thats 7 hours. my buddy t-smallz has 8 hours as his record, but holy flock, i only was able to hit 6 hours in my life. i thought i was good in bed but you got to TELL ME how you were able to go that long without maxing out. please tell me the goods man.
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