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  1. Agreed 100%. Was it the time slowing thing? Or the horror? I don't know where all the hype came from but seriously why. It wasn't the most innovative or and by far was not the scariest game out at the time.
  2. Who knows what the PC version requirements would be. They might be unfairly high if its a shoddy port and even if you have sufficient hardware it might chug sometimes and be of generally inconsistent performance. For games like this where you need to know both you and your opponent are getting a consistent framerate I think the optimised console versions would be the safer choice.
  3. Just on the topic of UT3, it is one of those games that probably should be better on the PC, but isn't. The PC version gets mods, but 3 patches later it is still buggy and crashy as hell, and it is about 10 times easier to find a stable multiplayer game on Live than on the PC.
  4. Thanks for the gameplay vid but there's already a Dissidia thread; http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...amp;hl=Dissidia Merged with the existing thread.
  5. CoD4 is a really great game. I hate realistic shooters though and I'd take Unreal Tournament and Quake over CoD anyday. UT3 has more maps, more weapons, heaps of vehicles and more gametypes. I like it a lot more than CoD4 but most people will say CoD4 is a better game overall. Get it if you have a chance and see for yourself.
  6. Epic has decided to put up a bunch of dedicated servers on Live for UT3. You can find servers for East and West (presumably US East coast / West coast) in the server browser now. All servers I've tried so far have been great, despite me being halfway across the world from the US. Anyone been playing this online recently?
  7. I would like to see FFVII remade for 2 reasons. 1) It has aged terribly, in terms of graphics, load times and other things. 2) Square can't make original games anymore to save their own ass. And btw, the MGS remake was pretty bad...
  8. Remember guys, SoulCalibur for XBLA doesn't have an online vs mode. Slipped my mind until after I dled it :/
  9. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...4&st=0& Thread closed.
  10. SoulCalibur (XBLA) now on Live. Only 188MB too :S
  11. A clock...? The DS...? Square...? What could it mean?? Actually the DS has been a bloody good excuse to play old RPGs on the train lately and I never played this one. Sounds good to me.
  12. The 360 price has already been cut here. Our PS3 price has not been cut yet since release.
  13. So far I'm thinking I'll try Killzone... I don't like Socom or Resistance. Is Disgaea on for this year? Never liked Bioshock either. Trying to think if it'll be worth getting one this year or not.
  14. What's coming out for the PS3 in the next 12 months?
  15. Oh, the HDD Required criterion for the 360 has been removed from the official site. Seems like that was just an clerical error.
  16. The original SKUs upto mid/late 2007 were 20Gb and 60Gb. The current SKUs are 40Gb and 80Gb.
  17. Truly epic fails. Almost 9Gb just for SoulCalibur IV? People with 20Gb PS3s might as well shoot themselves now. This is for the PS3 btw- the Xbox 360 version also requires an install but its size is unknown. Source: http://global.yesasia.com/b5/PrdDept.aspx/...pid-1011073438/
  18. Cosplay the Prince from Odin Sphere.
  19. I just got Unreal Tournament III. I am putting it in my Xbox now. Join me on Live y'all
  20. He wasn't so bad- I guess I can kinda see how it would seem to him. I just wish he would take a step back and see how things are, and not how they could be if things were different.
  21. So those are just alts, not customisation? I know it's been denied before but damn it would be nice.
  22. Unfortunately the layout on all Hori 360 sticks is ass stupid. The EX2 / VF5 / DoA4 in particular.
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