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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Last Action Hero

Richie Rich


Last Action Hero - Great fun film. Kinda outdated, but if you where alive during the hole "Arnold Schwarzenegger" era of movies you'll get it all.


Richie Rich - Great kid film, explaining the importance of friends over riches. If you've seen Home Alone it feels as if the main character is the same at parts, but with money.


Both worth rents, but I wouldn't buy either film, I honestly won't watch them again for at least another year.

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Batman Forever


Watched it simply to laugh at it. The final scene with Jim made me throw my soda at the monitor.


Don't buy this unless you NEED every Batman film ever made it, rent it knowing that you're going to go "wtf" every now and then (This one scene had Robin saying the classic "Holy Batman" line). Although if you rent it for that reason you're much better off getting Batman & Robin, Arnold makes that movie gold.

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