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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Iron man was great.


Im downloading three movies now, Resdient evil degeneration, burn after reading and no country for old men. All DVD rips in Divx.

At least ill have something to do on the run up to xmas without the aid of a beer.

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dark knight blu ray i got it as a present.

Its 30 pound its such a con.


Resident evil degeneration


That's right hoe's I downloaded a copy.

It's crap. Early on I kept expecting to go back "in game" Leon S kennedy rocks the house, it picks up near the end but i cant believe people actually made that movie. I could write a better script infact i think i will then mail it to capcom.


Where was barry burton - here take this Jill seeing as you are the master of locks!



Burn after reading

I reccomend it to all, brad pitt plays a goofy as hell guy, its a funny movie, with a shock or two in there for ya.

Well written and makes you think about so called intelligence.


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