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  1. I hit 51 then logged off. I believe when I started I was 47 or 48. I'm still trying/wanting to get a decent headset. Unfortunately I didn't raise shit worth of money for the fundraiser.
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/m00nninjaskythe Currently playing/leveling in Marvel Heroes. Doing a fundraiser called Extra Life.
  3. YES! I lost my pants in the process of watching this.
  4. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/career/checklist I'm at 79%.
  5. I have to acquire the dead presidents first. I'm currently playing a lot of Marvel Heroes at the moment. Going back and forth between Captain America and Deadpool.
  6. I have my Demon Hunter at 30. It gets boring having to do everything all over again since I did a lot on the PC version but all those spam accounts sending friend requests turned me away from it. In other news, I'm planning on getting a game capture device so that I can record console games some day.
  7. To create a private session, be in Story Mode/Offline. Go to the online section of the pause menu. Select play GTA Online then you'll see the option. I mostly use this to work on my stats, money and awards.
  8. I've learned a few tricks to ignore most of the problems in this. First thing is to create a private session. No more douche rockets. You can do some missions by yourself or only people you invite. Though I've lately been raging on the missions. Second thing is to sell luxury SUVs to Customs. Instant $9000 (you'll have to wait a full in game day to do it again). To rob stores better use a helicopter as a getaway vehicle. Most of the time when you take off the cops won't notice you. Third, use your phone's Internet to deposit money.
  9. Took an entire week to log in. Sessions ending while robbing a store. High level gangsters hunting you down. Can't find a fucking helicopter. The best way to make money is to sell cars to Los Santos Customs every 24 minutes (1 game day). Anybody got any rage inducing stories.
  10. And buggy as fuck. This one ain't that great. 3 was the best of all the Saint Rows.
  11. The first time they were televised here where I live I made a poster that said "Skythe will turn you wicked gay". You briefly saw it then security took it from me. I later stole it back and got John Cena to sign it.
  12. I think because I have a free account that my videos don't save so I'm gonna probably save my videos to YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDl2A7OoAQ2pc0cpyjuvQQ
  13. At least it ain't dead bodies.
  14. That link gives a completely white page. This is what you should be seeing.
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