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  1. Sorry to play the dickhead here, but our rules state: 2. DO NOT provide direct links to WAREZ, ROMs, ISOs, CHDs or BIOSes. and even this is an unlicensed and cracked game, it's still a ROM. You should know that fumanchu after nearly 4 years...
  2. It's a game, that really shows that games real purpose is and always should be joy. It's a shame, that most modern games seem to forget it and only present a mixture of gore, pseudo coolness and gray HD graphics. But it's a shame, that it's still kinda straight forward. I already found multiple little jokes and easter eggs, but the portal gun and the whole game has a lot more potential for free gameplay!
  3. I don't get it, why it's in the Xbox part of the board. General Handheld would make more sense.
  4. The first impact already happened, read more about it on Benjamin Arnauds website: Hope to get some more nice response here, aswell.
  5. In a Zelda Editor with up to date technic? let me guess: you don't like videogames? Great videogames? O.o the original can't be topped. there is no need for this. it's just gonna be crap made by the same losers who use gamemaker. Okay, I can see your point, but I think there are a lot great ideas out there and probably someone, who never was interested in shit like gamemaker, will pick up "Zelda 3 Classic" and create a great game. Who knows? We'll never know, when this project won't go live.
  6. Nope, sadly not. Just the tech demo was released, no community picked it up or decided to create something stunning, sadly. Till now. I see a lot potential in this project and posted at ubuntoforums as well. Thanks for this information, mate! Then write him a mail, mate! Beg the author, not me. I'm just the advertise director, so to say. xD Zelda Classic is still alive. For many, many, years! It's even a Wii port available! In a Zelda Editor with up to date technic? let me guess: you don't like videogames? Great videogames? O.o Because the author wanted to show, what's possible with his engine and show some humour.
  7. I really think, that an emulation related site, like 1Emu, is a proper place to advertise a project like glZelda(2) and I hope to get enough responses to show the project leader that a project like this is really appreciated. But let me start from the beginning: Most of you probably already know Zelda Classic, if not, you should really check it out, because it's a duty for every Retro, SNES and Zelda Fan to play it at least once. It's an engine recreation, to play and recreate the complete feeling and gameplay of the The Legend of Zelda NES game without an emulator on your PC and enhance it with new quests or items. Today it's an awesome editor with plenty of possibilities. You can create a completely new game and work with the original NES Sprites, but it also supports ALttP and the BS-SNES (and more!) sprites. But deep inside its core is still kinda old school, without enhanced gfx capilities and features. More than 4 years ago Benjamin Arnaud created glZelda to show an engine with editor which was build with up-to-date technic and other fine features and it really was and still is stunning. And the video presentation in HD with editor part for download: http://bunjeee.free.fr/Videos/glZelda.wmv And I really mean stunning, because if you think about, that all this had been done 4 years ago, than it's just too nice ending up as a mere tech-demo. As time goes by, the author already thought about a revive of the project and posted the following comment at his blog: Online features!! Yeah, but till the end of 2009 it was quietly and the project was dead before it really started. But 11/30/2009 the author came back and created a thread in the Zelda Classics board: Sadly, the project got nearly ignored and only a few answered. So I decided to write him via email, here's the conversationlog for you: Now you can see, there's still legitimate interest by the creator of glZelda, but he really want to see, that there is a community which is interested and would show support for him and his tool. If you are interested in this project and would like to see a Zelda 3 Classic engine with modern gfx support, write an email to bunjeee@gmail.com, reply here and tell your friends about this project! I'll post these information on other boards and try to spread the interest all over the net, but I will still need your support! Talk about it on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter and help me to advertise this great project! But most important: write him a mail! Thanks MasterPhW
  8. Yeah... a proper release will be available in XX years...
  9. You will get the beta releases of PJ64 as a "thank you" for donation, the alpha releases (like on this picture) are for contributors (bug finders, other contribution and sometimes even if you ask to... ).
  10. I need to update my "how I look into the head of some people and how I really do"-profile aswell, with my summer hairs (1mm): This time without my girls...
  11. In the long time betwen the first release and no new news to M.U.G.E.N. a lot mods and great projects for this interesting Engine appeared and now a few months after the 1.0 RC releases nobody cares anymore... What's wrong? Is this part of the board dead? Are there any new projects? I'm still waiting for Card Saga Wars, even I never used M.U.G.E.N. before.
  12. Just to let you know, that there's still some action going on.
  13. I should relive this thread: to much talk, to less photos. With a few comrades in the HofBräuHaus. Im on the left side No tits (gurls) this time.
  14. I never got into MUGEN, but it's nice to see a new version appear. I would like it mire, to see it going open source to get it portet to different consoles, but I don't think it will happen. But I wouldn't have thought, that a new version will appear, so we will see.
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